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Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:15 PM
Seascape Golf and Country Club
610 Club House Drive
Aptos, CA  95003-4868
United States
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Announcements and Reminders
Today’s Rotarian of the Week was Laura  who got a $5000 grant for RotaCare from the Palo Alto Medical Foundation. Congratulations to her and the rest of the RotaCare team!
Saturday Oct 1st between 8 and 8:30 is the annual holiday barrel wrap at the food bank benefitting Second Harvest.
Avenue of Service is Oct 22nd. Board members are encouraged to attend.
Oct 13th we are meeting at Digital Nest on Union Street in Watsonville. Sign up for your lunch choice if you are planning to come.
Dr. Susan Hughmanick and her team spoke today about Karimu (meaning generous or willing in Swahili) established in 2008 to renovate the Ufani Primary School in a subsistence farming village in Tanzania There is now not only a a new toilet with sinks but a new school with 350 students. They became a nonprofit in 2008. Since then Karimu has grown to offer many other services to meet local needs.
Sept 22nd
Announcements and Reminders
The Second Harvest Barrel wrap is on Sat Oct 1st 7:30 at the Food Bank.
Sandra announced that Soquel Interact has 35 kids in the club.  She may come back to the club and ask for some financial help to get the kids to the Fall Leadership Conference in San Jose.
Santa Cruz Office of Education has the S4C forum here at 5:30 Monday night.  All of the Districts and Cabrillo are working together to improve math /science education.
Al mentioned that an art auction fundraiser needs a contact person. Laura agreed to be that person.
Oct 13th we will be meeting at Digital Nest in Watsonville on Main St.
Bee announced that Bob Curtis donated his lottery winnings to the Elkhorn Slough and that they will be used to help low income children be transported to the Slough educational programs.
Pam Goodman introduced Dr. Strayer who is a history professor but spoke to us about climate change with a particular focus on a proposal for addressing this issue.
September 15, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
Rachel Ann Goodman spoke to us about a new community radio station to replace KUSP which went bankrupt.  The new station would have public service as its core.  The current effort is to get the license and transmitters for our community before they are bought by an outside company. For more information or to make a financial contribution contact  or 831 call 419-9047.
Doug Deaver was Rotarian of the week.
Win shared info from a membership meeting in Milpedes. We need to reconfigure our club to look like the community it serves (blend of age gender and ethnicity) and consider creating interest groups.
Doug announced Second Harvest Barrel Wrap is Saturday Oct 1st.  It starts at 7:30 AM.
Dr. Art is offering flu shots today and in two weeks.
This Saturday will be Beach Clean-up at Sumner and Dolphin at 9:00. Look for a red Prius with tailgate up. Gloves,bags and tally sheets will be there.
Our speaker today was Virginia Goulin, a coastal and marine scientist. She is a UCSC graduate and then went to San Jose State. She came to speak to us about Elkhorn Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve which is owned and managed by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. They work with two partners: The Elkhorn Slough Foundation, whose mission is to conserve and interpret the national resources at the reserve (they are also a land trust) and  NOAA, which  is the federal partner. Elkhorn is one of their 28 reserves.
Announcements and Reminders
Rotarian of the week was Pam Goodman.
Dr. Art will begin to offer flu shots next week.
John Fisher passed out pledge cards for the foundation. They need to be in by November 3rd.
Pam Goodman announced that there are baskets to raffle for the benefit of the Alzheimer’s Memory Walk which will be on September 24th.
Rich announced beach clean-up will be September 17th at Beer Can Beach. Meet there at 9:00.
      Dr. Aaron Morse, Medical Director of Sleep Health MD, was our speaker today. He spoke on Sleep and Wellness. He has been in Santa Cruz since 1981, practicing pulmonary and critical care medicine. He began by stressing that sleep is a detoxifying process that purges us of neurochemicals that build up during  the day.
Sleep duration recommendations  go down over time. Adults need 7-9 hrs and the elderly may need a bit less. The risks of insufficient sleep are major. It doubles the risk for breast cancer and heart disease. In addition, weight gain and obesity are both correlated with less sleep. It is also a mortality risk. An increase in one hr of sleep per day is associated with a 14 lb weight loss per year. Sleep deprivation is of concern because we are all getting on average an hour less sleep than we were around 50 yrs ago (in the 70’s).
September 1, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
This week’s Rotarian of the Week is Michele Bassi nominated for woman of the year by the Aptos Chamber of Commerce.
We are looking for a 2019-2020 District Governor.
A fund development training will be held in Los Gatos September 24th 8:30-12:00.
Michelle announced that a luncheon is coming up for the scholarship program for emergency grants to benefit  the Cabrillo College Foundation WES Women Education Success program. It is $100 a ticket for the luncheon which will be held Friday September 30th at the Cabrillo College Horticultural Center.
         Kendra Cleary introduced our speaker Lynne Grossi who spoke about the upcoming attractions at the Santa Cruz County Fair. This year the fair is September 14-18th.
August 25, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
Today’s Rotarian of the week was Rich Hamlin for handling the finances as treasurer… truly our unsung hero!
Next Monday Aug 29th there a mixer at Bruno’s in Scotts Valley. You can sign up with Al.
John Fisher announced that the Rotary Foundation will be soliciting the membership for their annual donation next month!
Sept 17th is the Beer Can Beach Clean-up. Meet at 9:00 AM.
Kendra introduced the speaker today, Cathy Conway, the Chief Communication Officer from Hospice.
August  18, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
Doug Deaver introduced one of our scholarship recipients from Aptos High, who took a gap year but now is going on to Fordham University. Congratulations Sarah and good luck!
We would like to welcome Scott Gillette who was inducted today as a new member.  He is actually a return member! So welcome back Scott!
Ken Gorman, a local attorney , was also inducted as a new member. Scott is also a gymnast! Welcome Ken!
Richard announced that the sign-up is available for beach cleanup at Beer Can Beach on Saturday Sept 17th  at  9:00 AM. Save Our Shores is the sponsor. If you don’t feel like bending over and picking up trash you can be the person who keeps the tally.
Win mentioned a program on membership a week from Saturday in Milpedes. Let Win know if you wish to go. You will need to sign up by the 20th.
Today Capitola Aptos Rotary joined in a group assembly led to discuss club membership and promotion. It is a follow-up to a meeting we had in March. The assembly was led by our President  Al de Camara and our President elect, Win Fernald ( see photo below).
Announcements and Reminders
Rotarian of the week was Doug Deaver for his preparation for the governor’s visit.
President Al welcomed our District Governor with his usual dignity. (See photo below).
Kelly announced that Al’s faux debunking is Thursday August 11th at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club. Please sign up if you haven’t yet.
Jeff Orth, District Governor, was here today to speak to us along with Donna Maurello, Assistant District Governor for the Santa Cruz area.
July 21, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
Doug  Deaver announced: (1) That we have two articles in this week’s Aptos Times; (2) The  faux debunking for Al is on Aug 11th at the Yacht Club; (3) Next Thursday the district governor will be here with his wife. They will be the program next week.
Keith announced that we received thank you notes from several of our community grant recipients  including the Volunteer Center, Save our Shores, and the Kids Foundation.
Pam Goodman introduced Sam Bishop our speaker for the day, pictured above with his wife, Elena. He is a member of the Santa Cruz Rotary Club, an adventurer, and a world traveler.  He presented a slide show about  Monsters of Guyana or rescuing the world’s largest scaled freshwater fish.
Announcements and Reminders
Michelle Averill was welcomed as a new member.
July 28th the District Governor will be here. Board members should be here at 10:30.
On Aug 11th in the evening at the we’ll non-debunk Al (as he is staying on for another year). Pass on any information on Al to Doug. Pam Goodman announced we will be dark that day.
 Doug shared a photo of the sign thanking the Club for the money we donated for the new mural under the Aptos trestle
The speakers today were Allison Cruz from Estate Planning services, (, Jen Walker, Programs and Development Manager from the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter (SCAS) (, and Renee M. Snow, PhD from ASL Financial ( The topic was planning for your beloved pet as part of your estate planning or  what happens to them if something happens to you 
Announcements and Reminders
Tim Powell, Rotarian of the Week, announced that the 4th of July event was a success.
Doug Deaver announced that we are non-debunking Al on Thursday night Aug 11th. It is at the yacht club and is $35 per person. See Doug to sign up.
Richard said our next beach cleanup is on Sept 17th.
        Jerry Pettibone the incoming governor and John Fisher brought RYLA  (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) to our club in 1983-1984. RYLA started in Camp Harmon and now it is in Mission Springs.  Today Sandra introduced our RYLA recipients (pictured above with her) . They are both from Soquel High and involved in Interact.  Alyssa and Hyunkyung will be president and vice president of the club. They did a powerpoint narrated presentation about their time at RYLA camp.
Announcements and Reminders
The District Governor visit is on July 28th.  Board members need to be here at 10:30.
Tim announced that 4th of July will be our day to provide beer at the Aptos Park after the parade. Doug will send around an e-mail reminding volunteers of their time slots.
Doug read thank you notes from two students who have been awarded Rotary scholarships.
Heather Moffat was our speaker today from the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History where she has been director since 2015. Her degree is in geology and she has two master’s degrees. She came to us from the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.
June 23rd Meeting
Today’s club meeting was devoted to awarding our annual community service grants.  Awardees and the awards committee are pictured in the photo above along with President Al.  Twenty-three agencies, all non-profit 501C3 organizations, were awarded grants ranging from $500-$1500.  Rotary fundraising throughout the year is the source of funding for these grants. A wide variety of populations are served by these organizations from the homeless to the elderly to the environment to children.  The following is a list of the organizations that received awards and a brief description of the  purpose of their award (if available) :
June 16th
Announcements and Reminders
Toast and Toast will be at Gilroy next Thursday. The 23rd. If you signed up you  are welcome to go.
Keith announced that he still needs a hula dancer for his party at 4:00 on Sunday, June 26th but that the party will be fun anyway. Come and join in!
Tim needs beer servers on the 4th of July. Sign up with him for a 2 hour shift.
Sandra introduced our speakers today from the Regional Occupational Program (ROP), Sheri Williams, Program Coordinator, Mark Hodges, Director of ROP and Jim Howes Assistant Director of the ROP.
Announcements and Reminders
The Toast and Roast is at Gilroy Gardens on June 23rd. Deadline to sign up is on the 15th. To sign up, see Al.
Michelle announced that the American Red Cross Heroes breakfast is on the 17th at 8:00 AM at Twin lakes Church. They will be honoring 11 local people. She is putting tables together. Let her know if you would like to go as her guest.
Keith’s party is on the 26th. If you haven’t signed up yet and are coming let him know.
Tim announced that as usual on the 4th of July we’ll be pouring the beer at Aptos Park. 11-4 will be the pouring time. Volunteer for a two hour shift.
Doug introduced our Interact scholarship students. They were a distinguished group including the valedictorian at Soquel High, a competitive dancer, a water polo player winning the coach’s award, a winner of all conference honors in various sports and is a  CSF president and life member. They discussed their community service projects including restoring a trading post for the Nez Pierce Indians, doing a child care project in Guatemala, volunteering  for Helping Hands which partners with people with disabilities to assist with household tasks and at Camp Hammer. Doug noted that all the students have had life challenges and have used them as motivation for their lives.
Karen Calcagno  was our speaker today. The topic was “Your legacy have it your way”. She is the founder of Advantage Business Center, helping with estate planning  and other issues. She is credentialed in coaching and mediation and focuses on financial and inheritance issues and helps people with the hard conversations.
June 2nd 2016 meeting
Announcements and Reminders
Three Rotarians of the Week include Doug, Karen and Sandra for working so hard at the music festival!
On July 28th the District Board Governor is coming here. Board members should be here at 11:00.
Roast and Toast is on June 23rd. Sign up on the website ( It’s $37 and it’s an open bar!
Keith’s party will be Sunday June 26th.
Claire McAdams announced the list of grantees. Grants will awarded on June 23rd at a luncheon will be in the big room. $18,450 in total will be awarded.
Doug Deaver announced that we made $1535 in tips for a net of $6200 at the Aptos Music Festival. Also he said we gave four scholarships each to Aptos and Soquel high graduating students.
Our speaker today was Hamutahl Cohen  a PhD candidate from UC Santa Cruz. She spoke to us about wild and native pollinators (bees!).  She is currently conducting research in bee/microbe interactions in gardens along the coast, focusing on the problem of bee decline.
May 25th Rotary Meeting
Announcements and Reminders
Rotarian of the week for organizing the blues festival this weekend is Sandra Wallace. She has the list of volunteers and assignments.
July 28th the District Governor will visit. Board member and service chairs should be here at early at 11:00.
June 23rd will be the District Governors Toast at Gilroy Gardens.
Dr. Art received recognition for his donation to Rotary International.
Keith Madeiros party  is June 26th at his house. He also reported on Neil McCallum’s funeral which 15 club members attended.
Claire McAdams reported on the grants committee. They are making decisions on scholarships.
Bee Peters introduced our speaker today, Dr. Casey Lucius. She was in the navy, has a Master’s degree in national security affairs and a PhD in political science. She teaches at the Naval Postgraduate School. She is running for Sam Farr’s congressional seat but was here at Rotary to talk about national security and ISIS.
May 19, 2016 meeting
Announcements and Reminders
The Redwood Mountain Fair is June 4th and 5th at Roaring Camp. The price is $29.00
Deadline to submit for DDF funds is at the end of this month.
Michelle gave us an update on the major fundraiser. We raised about $14,000.
If you would like to present scholarships at Aptos High, let Burt know. It is next Wednesday night (May 25th).
Empowering our Youth in a violent environment
Our speaker today was Daniel Nane Alejandras founder and national director of Barrios Unidos,  a nationally and internationally recognized organization that works on youth violence and gang related activities.  Mr. Alejandras is a Viet Nam vet and UCSC graduate.
Announcements and Reminders
Kyle Sharp, a financial advisor with Edward Jones, was inducted into the club today.
Michele reported that the net proceeds from our annual fundraiser were about $13,000 and were expected to be in the $15,000 range in the final accounting.
The Rotoract Club of Santa Cruz County reported on its activities.   They said 82 students have visited the club with 30 plus active members.  In the past year they volunteered almost 1000 service hours doing many things including beach clean-up  and Watsonville Wetlands.  Child Aid was their international project and their  local project was Jacobs Heart.  Interact with Rotoract Day was their major event.  Fun events included a day at Big Basin, karaoke and Christmas together off campus.  Their mentorship program is new and they passed out fliers about an event : Professional Development Workshop interview skills and dining etiquette on Friday May 27th 5:30-8:00 PM.
Keith announced that Neal McCallum’s funeral will be May 20th at Seymour Marine Memorial Center. Donations should go to his foundation at Ohlone College. 
Keith also announced a Hawaiian party Sunday June 26th at his house at 4 PM.
Sandra presented the club a plaque as thanks for the scoreboard we donated to New Brighton Middle School.
Pam Goodman introduced our speaker for the day,  Karina Pushnik ,
senior planner at Regional Transportation Commission  (RTC)
who spoke to us about the
2016 Transportation Improvement Plan.
Announcements and Reminders
Tomorrow night (May 6th) is the Rotary Annual Fundraiser, a roast for our retiring Congressman Sam Farr. It begins at 5:30 at Aptos Seascape.  There are great silent auction items including motel stays, a wine wheelbarrow, a pontoon boat ride, a tour and lunch at Big Creek Lumber.
Delta Charter High School is having its first annual fundraiser May 25th at Sesnon House on theCabrillo Campus.
Our Rotary Club will be honored for the score board we donated by retiring supervisor Henry Castaneda at New Brighton Middle School at 3:30 next Tuesday.
Still need signups for the American Music festival on Memorial Day Weekend.
Pam Goodman introduced Janis O’Driscoll, our speaker today. She is the interim director at Santa Cruz Public Libraries who spoke to us about the library system. She began by saying a  new permanent director will come on board in June.
Announcements and Reminders
Next week on May 6th is our annual Rotary fundraiser, a roast for Sam Farr, our retiring assemblyman. Be there at 5:00 for cocktails.
On May 28th and 29th we still need volunteers for the Aptos Music Festival. See Sandra to sign up.
Doug announced that there is a meeting tonight (4/28) on the  future of the Rancho Del Mar shopping center.
Our District Attorney Jeff Rossell was the speaker today. He is a UCSC graduate and attended went to law school at USC. He has been in the District Attorney’s office for 26 years, first in Honolulu and now here since 1994.
April 21, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
Sam received a Rotary Pin for contributions to the Paul Harris Foundation.  John Fisher said we contributed over $3000 to the polio plus effort through our donations to the foundation.
Sandra announced that we need help (volunteers) for the wine and beer booth at the Aptos Park on Memorial Day Weekend for the music festival. Volunteers need to be there all day. She needs people on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Laura announced that we applied for a RotoCare grant from PAMF and we’ll know in June whether or not we receive funding.
Doug Deaver mentioned that one of our students is interested in beginning a RotorAct club at Santa Clara University.
Sandra Wallace introduced our speaker today. Christopher Deming is the recipient of our Piatt Rotary fellowship. She gave us some background on the award. Henry Piatt was a member of the club who left an endowment for a graduate of Santa Cruz County public high schools and a candidate for a post baccalaureate degree in the natural sciences at any one of the UC campuses. Mr. Deming, last year’s recipient, is a local student who is now at UCSC. He works on synthesis and analysis in chemistry and already has published more than 10 first author peer reviewed papers.  He is married and has a baby. He is hoping to teach chemistry at the college after he graduates.
April 14, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
On April 16th Interact is putting on their annual dinner at 900 high street (the old Congregational Church) .  Tickets are $20 at the door.
Sandra is looking for volunteers for the SCAM festival. The dates are May 28th and May 29th at the Aptos Park.
Rob announced that over 20 applications for grants have been received.  The due date is April 15th. Applications can be on line or hard copy.
Michelle announced that fund raiser plans are coming along. She discussed progress towards the dinner which is Friday May 6th and is the roast of Sam Farr. There are 60 RSVP’s.
There was no speaker today. Our president elect, Stan Hajduk adjourned the meeting.

Announcements and Reminders
Peggy from the Santa Cruz Sunrise Club spoke to us about Uganda and the Santa Cruz Sister Cities Delegation.  She announced that Sunday April 17th there will be a cruise on the Monterey Bay with wine tasting and noshing from 10:30-2:30 PM. Tickets are $45 single  $60 for a couple. It will benefit the Rotary clean water project in Lhuhwahwa Village, Kasese, Uganda.
Michelle announced that the invitations are here for the fundraiser on May 6th. Please take them and share with your family and friends. Kelly further announced that we need to sign up to go to the event and/or you can donate gifts and prizes. The cost is $150 per person.
Tim introduced the speaker today,  Constance Chandlee, a prospective member of the club.  She wrote and illustrated Dog’s Path of Life  a book promoting intergenerational discussions for the entire family. The book teaches important life lessons, including respecting self and others, gratitude and interacting with the world.  It discusses how to value and respect yourself and others. The book offers opportunity for dialogue between adults (parents) and children. 

MAY 6, 2016 - 5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.



Oct 06, 2016
Staff of the Senior 's Council
Assessment of the Needs of Seniors in Santa Cruz County 2016
Oct 13, 2016
Digital Nest--site visit.
Tour and lunch at Digital Nest
Oct 20, 2016
Jim Zenner and Company
Water Warriors--international clean water projects
Oct 27, 2016
Guide Dogs for the Blind
Puppy trainers and puppies!!!!
Nov 10, 2016
Bonny Hawley, Executive Director
Friends of SC State Parks
Nov 17, 2016
Claire McAdams
Our Recent Visit To Cuba
Nov 24, 2016
We are DARK
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec 01, 2016
William Atkinson, Douglas Allen and Edward Browne
DA's office of Consumer Fraud & Environmental Protection Division
Dec 08, 2016
Dawn Motyka MD
The future of primary care in the U.S.A.
Dec 15, 2016
Sam Nigh and Higher Ground
Here to enterrtain us! Merry Merry!
Dec 29, 2016
Jan 05, 2017
Laina Farhat PhD
International Rule of Law or Global Norms
Jan 19, 2017
Robert Strayer, PhD
Islamic Fundamentalism in Perspective
Jan 26, 2017
Mary Gourlay. Swenson Builders
Update on the Aptos Village Renovation!
Rotary recognized on public television's 'American Graduate Day'
Rotary was recognized on 17 September on public television's fifth annual American Graduate Day program for its work with San Diego-based Monarch School, a K-12 school for homeless youth. The Rotary Club of San Diego, California, USA, was applauded for its work mentoring Monarch's students, keeping them on track to graduate, and helping the school to continue thriving during tough economic times. Monarch School CEO Erin Spiewak appeared as one of the show's guests, along with Monarch Alumnus Cynthia Valenzuela, who attested to the positive, life-changing experience Monarch School gave her and...
Practicing peace
Nations around the world will observe the International Day of Peace on 21 September, a date designated by the United Nations in 2001 as "a day of global ceasefire and nonviolence." Rotary's commitment to building peace and resolving conflict is rooted in the Rotary Peace Centers program, formed in 2002. Each year, the program prepares up to 100 fellows to work for peace through a two-year master's degree program or a three-month professional certificate program at university partners worldwide. Today, nearly 1,000 peace centers alumni are applying their skills — negotiating peace in conflict...
Charity Navigator upgrades Rotary Foundation’s rating
The Rotary Foundation has received the highest possible score from Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities in the U.S. In the most recent ratings, released on 1 September, The Rotary Foundation earned the maximum 100 points for both financial health and accountability and transparency. The ratings reflect how efficiently Charity Navigator believes the Foundation will use donations, how well it has sustained programs and services, and its level of commitment to good governance and openness. In the previous rating, the Foundation had received 97 points.
eBay Live Auctions that benefit Rotary
Each month, eBay, the world’s largest auction website, selects a set of upcoming Live Auction events and donates a portion of all sales proceeds to Rotary. Only U.S. auction sales are eligible. See the schedule of September auctions.
Rotary district collecting relief funds for Louisiana flood victims
Rotary clubs of District 6200 are collecting relief funds to help thousands of victims after record flooding devastated communities in southern Louisiana, USA, earlier this month. Torrential rains caused rivers, streams, and bayous to swell, damaging or destroying more than 60,000 homes and killing at least 13 people. The U.S. Coast Guard and emergency responders helped rescue more than 30,000 residents from the rising flood waters. As of 25 August, more than 3,000 residents were still in emergency shelters even after the water receded. Donate to District 6200 disaster relief fund.