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Our April 28 meeting was in the Tap Room at Michael's on Main.  We had about 25 Rotarians plus our guest speaker on site and 2 zoom attendees.
For the non-attendees- the Tap Room is very well lit and airy, high ceiling with a piano that is not subject to random confiscation by the management and a bar.
The walk from the buffet in another room is about the same as at Seascape.
Our guests were Constantine and Anders .  Supervisor Many Koeinig guested from Seascape, unclear as to why he didn't get the memo and attended the meeting physically in his supervisorial district from a venue in Zach Friend's district.

Julie and Lowry reminded all that the Pickle Ball tournament/fundraiser at Willowbrook Park is on May 22.  The suggested donation is $45 whether participating or not.  We are also offering sponsorships for $250.  We are working on the logistics for food and beverages.  Reminder- no alcohol allowed.

Lowry's birthday was April 1.  Much better to be born on April Fool's Day than conceived on it.

Dr. Art's thought for the day was a moment of silence in remembrance of Holocaust Day.  Never Forget.

Al led us in a birthday song to Lowry and the Welcome Song.  He also played some great background tunes while we were socializing before the meeting, inspiring $3 in his tip jar.

There was no joke of the day so your author has a short sub-G rated one- Why did Captain Cook cross the road?  (answer below)

Michele filled in as detective and predictably was marvelous.  The topic was Pickle Ball.  Members knew some of the answers and some myths about the sport were dispelled- good to have clarity in this era of rampant disinformation
Pickle ball was invented 1965 in the state of Washington by Joel and Bill (?) because their teenage sons were bored.  The legend that it was named after a dog named Pickles is untrue- per the inventor, he made that story up.  Because(???) Surprising (and disappointing) that such scandalous revelations have not knocked the Kardashians out of national media prominence. The original equipment consisted of a whiffle ball, ping pong paddles and a badminton net.    There was a debate about the scoring system that will apparently will not be resolved.

Our super-stand in guest speaker was Kaylene (?) who agreed to speak at the last minute when Carrie Partch was injured.  She introduced me to herself by saying "Kaylene, like 'K' and I leaned over."  Really.  It's Gaelic....and that was just the start

Kaylene has her PhD in chemistry and has transformed that into a career as a wine expert as a researcher and in consulting and sales.  She was fun, informative and charismatic without any slideshow, power point or even props.
Kaylene is a Santa Cruz native who developed an interest in wine well before legal drinking age but has clearly benefitted from the early start.  (She certainly looks young enough to be carded).
 Her 30 minute presentation ranged from the scientific to the practical and whimsical.  Clearly she loves her work, but then again, who wouldn't? 

Academically, she is researching ways to introduce proteins into wine that do not trigger autoimmune responses.
Professionally, she is the wine director at Deer Park and Seascape and works at a wine lab and as an assistant wine maker
Not surprisingly, she knows Anissa, whose connections are astounding.  During the presentation, Anissa, Julie and Michele sat at a table in the back engaging in an impromptu "lab" regarding the subject of the speech.  Troublemakers always sit in the back.

Kaylene explained  the chemical composition of alcohol.  It mostly ethanol alcohol which is converted from glucose and/or fructose- the residual sugar is what makes a wine sweet or dry.  The natural sugar levels are below human sensory perception but give the same feeling.  The perception of sweetness can come from sugar or the viscosity of the wine.

Wine also has acids, mostly tartaric.  Low acid wines reduce the mouth's production of saliva, are less "mouth watering." High acid wines, like champagne, cut fat. The Ph of white wines is generally around 3.2, reds are 3.5.  The Ph of saliva is 6.8-7.2, which means it is basic. 

Wines also contain phenalics; color compounds which also provide the "drying" sensation perception.

The alcohol in the wine must always be in balance with other ingredients.

Kaylene emphasized that wine selection is personal: what do you like to taste? How does it feel in your mouth? What foods are you planning to eat with it'? what is your price range?  She said, "it's not just what's in your glass and your spit."  A bit more elegantly, she said the selection should be based on how the wine in your glass interacts with your body to make you feel good. 

She noted that some wines taste like dirt and mushrooms- which has its niche clientele, but the source of those taste sensations is not understood.  She did not ask for volunteers for continued research but perhaps that could be explored.

The second highlight of the week was the Uno de Mayo party at Keith's house (please don't ask when it happened).
About 30 people attended though President Ken brought liquor for about 60.  There was great food and an abundance of liquid cheer and a good time was had by all.  As befits the duties of President which are otherwise being sorely under-served, your author made frozen daquiris, kamikazees and quarantinis, with great help from Mardi

Inadvertent tragicomedy:  Mardi was bringing a blender and the first blender at Keith's house didn't work so Ken texted Mardi as follows: "SUBJECT Blender;  Keith's died.  Hope you will be here soon."  Mardi did not see the SUBJECT, only, "Keith's died.  Hope you will be here soon."  As though Keith has passed on before his party, but we were carrying on anyway (not sure if that would be as Keith would want it and/or the Capitola Aptos Rotary sprit,  but if that happens with me, please wait to tell the coroner and party on).

Catastrophe averted: Bill and Rita Witmer were hit by a wrong way driver leaving the party but were not seriously injured.  President Ken was accused of ambulance chasing but to be fair, the ambulances were parked.

Today's lunch is at Michael's on Main again.  It is important to be there as we will be deciding whether to make that permanent.

If Manu Koenig contacts anyone, please make sure he is clear this time

See everyone there then.

To get to the Second Hand Store
Our April 20, 22 meeting was a bit lightly attended- 18 people in person, 3 on Zoom. 
Sam soloed on guitar and led us through the Welcome Song and 4-Way test song.
He repeated his double duty by also being the Joker- reading a few more unfortunately worded but real Church announcements – examples- “At the evening service tonight the sermon topic will be, “What is Hell?” come early and listen to our choir practice.”  “Irving B and Jessie C were married on October 24 in the Church.  So ends a friendship that began in their school days.”  “The 8th graders will be presenting Shakespeare’s Hamlet in the Church basement Friday at 7 pm.  The congregation is invited to attend this tragedy.”   Reminds your author, who got his degree in journalism, of some fabulously amiss headlines: “China may be using sea to hide submarines”; “Bodies Found at Morgue”; “Feds Raid Gun Shop, Discover Weapons”;  “Tiger Woods plays with own balls, Nike says. “
Constantine was our only non-speaker guest- noted that he has a better attendance records than most of our members.
Keith invited folks to show up a bit early to the Cinco de Mayo party at his house this Sunday May 1st to help set up.  As an incentive- he promised that the bar will be open by then.
Bill Witmer announced that we reached 100% member contribution to the Rotary Foundation- we are one of the few clubs to do that.  Thanks to all the members and to Bill for his powers of subtle persuasion and thinly veiled threats.
Graham announced that several new members have not been formally inducted via their presentation to the club and receipt of their red badges.  If you are one of those folks please contact Ken or Graham.
Kendra reminded everyone that this Thursday’s meeting (April 26)  AND next Thursday’s meeting (May 5) will both be at Michael’s On Main in Soquel, regular start times.  If you don’t know where that is- WTH have you been?  In-person attendance is strongly urged since we will evaluating moving our meetings to Michael’s. 
Detective Win asked questions and provided informative information about Easter, including the origins of the Easter Bunny and colored eggs, and some disturbing statistics on the number of jelly beans and peeps Americans eat at Easter.
Our guest speaker was Megan Durham, a Piatt Scholarship recipient.  She is a 28 year old UCSC student who was born and raised here. She spoke and presented a slide show on her research which involves detecting cancer-causing mutations.  She does DNA sequencing to locate cell mutations at splice sites where the exons are skipped, called incorrect RNA splice sites.  Cells that skip the exons in the DNA/RNA sequencing are suspect for cancer-causing. She grows cells and observes their viability- cancer-causing cells survive much longer than normal cells.  Her research has confirmed her theory and located specific mutations that in turn can be treated with currently-available medications.
Her research is specific to lung cancer cells.  There are 2.1 million lung cancer cases reported worldwide each year, 1.8 million are eventually fatal. 
Megan is a very effective speaker- highly intelligent (obviously) but able to bring the discussion somewhat down to our level.  She is also very personable.  It’s obvious that the Piatt scholarship money has been well used. 
Megan was introduced by Dr. Peter Biehl, the dean of her department at UCSC.  Dr. Biehl spoke glowingly about education in the USA (he is originally from a small German village) and the influence of clubs like ours.  His story of being the first one from his village to graduate from high school, let alone college, was inspirational.  He was accompanied by Almut Wolf, who is the Assistant Director of Foundation Relations at UCSC.  She is also from Germany and, though she didn’t speak to the club, had some very pleasant and informative conversations at the table.  After the meeting Megan, Dr. Biehl and Ms. Wolf stayed for a bit and told us how much they actually enjoyed our club- we were so much fun, in addition to actually paying attention and asking informed questions.  Yes, we rock.
They suggested a field trip to their lab, which seems like a great idea.
Please respond to the head count!
See everyone at Michael’s (2591 S Main St, Soquel, CA 95073) Thursday and Keith’s on Sunday!
Our April 14 meeting was attended by 22 people in person and 3 on zoom

Announcements:  the Club's Cinco de May on Uno de Mayo is at Keith's house- parking is tight, bring a dish to share.  Guests are welcome and encouraged.  If you haven’t signed up please do so asap so Keith can plan accordingly.

The club Pickle ball fundraising tournament will be at Willowbrook Park on May 22 from 9-5.  The donation is $45.  We get the courts and adjacent parts of the park so it will be a great day even for the non-players and of course a nice revenue raiser for our charities.   Leashed pets are allowed.

We will be selling beer and probably hard seltzer and wine at the  4th of July party in Aptos Park.  We will need volunteers to help set up, serve/pour and break down. 

Lowry reported that he visited the Kingston NY Rotary and exchanged banners with them.  He had one of theirs but no other proof of his story, which is suspect given the photo attached.
For Revolutionary War buffs- the British burned Kingston in retaliation/anger over the battle of Saratoga.

Michele announced that there will be a fundraising opportunity for the roast of Willy Elliot-McRea, the retiring CEO of Second Harvest, probably in the Fall.

After a brief pause to get in tune, Sam and Al led rousing versions of the Welcome Song and the 4 Way Test.

Sam's Jokes of the Day were readings of several actual announcements sent out by Church service groups with unintentionally funny word juxtaposition that made the messages mean something quite different than the authors intended.  Lack of editing.....

Graham did a great job as Detective with educational and entertaining questions with differing degrees of relationship to Easter, including references to Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter, the Killer Rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Alice and Wonderland's White Rabbit.

President Ken presented Al DeCamara and Bill Gray with their Paul Harris certificates and pins.

Rod Dirdiron was our guest speaker, via Zoom. 
Mr. Dirdiron had been the chair of many transit projects in Bay Area, has held several political offices and has the San Jose transportation hub named after him.
He has been a Rotarian for over 50 years and is now actively involved in Rotary's Climate Action Council.  Climate action has become Rotary's seventh Avenue of Service.  He urged the club to appoint a delegate to the disctrict's council on climate change which meets Mondays at 5pm.  Volunteers?

After a technical glitch heroically solved by Nelson, Mr. Dirdiron presented a series of slides via power point accompanied by his oral explanations and information on climate change.

Some of the highlights of the presentation:
There have been 5 mass extinctions from carbon buildup, some scientists say we are headed to 6th mass extinction if changes are not implemented by 2030.
Samples from the polar icepack and Greenland ice pack show that CO2 concentrations are the highest they have been in 800,000 years.
Per many agencies, including the UN, NOA and NASA, climate change is caused by humans and will be Irreversible if not addressed asap.  The planet's temperature has risen 2 degrees in the past 70 years, which coincides with the increase in global use of fossil fuels.  The last 4 years have been the hottest in recorded history. The UN has issued a code red State of Emergency for the planet because of the effects of climate change.

There is opposition to efforts to get away from reliance on fossil fuels from oil and coal companies.

38 per cent of CO2 in Calif is from transportation- 20 per cent from industry, small amounts from agriculture.

Populations at the equator are moving because of climate change.

We are seeing the beginning of planet-wide disruption in food production and supply, water shortages and unexpected epidemics.
Ocean warming is causing more water vapor and weather extremes;
A polar ice melt could increase ocean heights by 60 feet 

The solution is a  rapid switch to alternative energy; transform power grids; abandon carbon based energy sources worldwide.

Lowry asked about carbon tax: Mr. Dirdiron said it was a great idea but has been-blocked by Republicans and Democratic Senators, Sinema and Manchin
He added that President Biden's Build Back Better bill has not passed yet

On the local level:
Dr Art asked about the claim by Yes on D (Greenway) that rails in place are not suitable.  Mr. Dirdiron is a backer of No on D. He said that rail scrappers and oil companies are committing subterfuge.
He also said that federal grant money is available for rail projects like the one proposed here.

This Thursday's lunch is at Seascape.  April 28 and May 5 will be at Michael's on Main.  PLEASE respond to the RSVPs for lunch.
Here are some other highlights, we received a letter from Walnut Avenue, we are glad we can Serve to Change Lives! We are bringing you also the magic around the Nisene Marks hike with some photos as well as the participation of Lowry in a golf tournament, we are proud of you all!
See everyone on 4/21!

Letter from Walnut Avenue
Lowry Fenton
Nisene Marks Hike 
I am Groot
Banana Slug
This grove of about 40 trees corkscrews so they were never logged 
Our April 7 meeting at Seascape had 28 attendees in person and 3 on zoom. 
Constantine was a non-surprise guest and during the pre-meeting social got chatted up into having an event at his Bed and Breakfast which is near the Boardwalk- looks like that will be in June.
Al keyboarded us in the Welcome Song I n his inimitable style, but- we miss Sam’s accompanying guitar.
Dr. Art’s thought for the day hit home- “You know your age when you sit on the floor and can’t get up”
Announcements: Keith reminded everyone that his Cinco de Mayo party is on Uno de Mayo at his house.  Every event at Keith’s house is a great time.  He passed around the signup sheet.  Guests are welcome and encouraged.  Parking is tight so car-pooling is encouraged.
Dagmar reported on the beach cleanup- a comparatively small turnout was attributed to the 9am start time (usually 10 am) so the next one will start at 10 am.  The small but mighty crew picked up 17 lbs. of trash including over 150 cigarette butts and a bunch of recyclables.  The event saw the debut of Rotary capes which appear to confer superhero powers on the wearers.  Michele and Kunha looked like Supergirl and Wonder Woman.
Win announced the non-denominational concert at his church which is raising money for Ukraine.
Dr. Art was honored with a Paul Harris Award certificate recognizing his incredibly generous donations.
He then was the detective and asked members to name a Black author and/or a book written by a Black author.  The club members did pretty well- Oprah, the Obamas, Dr. King, James Baldwin, and a few members knew authors and books that Dr. Art didn’t know about. 
Don’t even want to mention Rich’s answer… accurate but…..
Our guest was Jack Brown who spoke on behalf of Yes on Greenway.  Jack had a slide show and an oral presentation and took questions from the members, and there was some discussion among the members.  Hoyles Rules were not strictly followed.
Highlights of Jack’s presentation:
The proposed  pedestrian/bike trail will be paid for by existing funds from proposition D.  The proposed railway would cost millions of dollars.
The existing rails cannot carry any trains other than 5-10 mph freight, and freight traffic is minimal since the Davenport cement plant closed.  The measure would probably result in the existing tracks being torn up.
The rail trail runs from Watsonville to the San Lorenzo bridge just South of the Boardwalk, it is 32 miles.  It does not impact Big Trees/Roaring Camp’s line.
Rail Banking maintains the status of the land so that future rail use is not forfeited.
If passed, the proposition would amend the current county plan from the current focus on developing a passenger rail line from Watsonville to Los Gatos, to prioritizing the trail.
RTC surveys in 2016 showed only 300 riders would use the service.  Michele Bassi noted that neither she, nor anyone else she knew in Watsonville, had been contacted and there was very little information circulated to Watsonvillians.
Laura questioned the wisdom of dismantling the existing alternative infrastructure to Hwy 1, especially given the daily traffic jams.
Kelly noted the great expense of maintaining/repairing the deteriorating trestles.
Doug pointed out that all commuter train systems are heavily subsidized, the fares do not fully pay for construction and maintenance.
Jack said one problem with the proposed passenger train is that it would require riders to drive or otherwise make their way to the train stations, ride in with stops along the way, then find another way to get to their destination.
Anissa won the raffle in her leopard print dress.
Actual Cinco de Mayo is Thursday (do we have to say May 5?) and that lunch, as well as 4/28, will be at Michael’s on Main.
(May 4th is Star Wars Day….if you don’t know why, say the date slowly).
PLEASE fill out the RSVPs for the lunches, even for Michael’s on Main.  Every restaurant that we contacted (about 12) said they would require it and the area presidents who are looking for new places also report that head counts are required.  Kendra has made the form as easy as possible and if we don’t get accurate head counts we will either be paying for meals that go uneaten (no doggie bags allowed for buffets, per state law) or we will be short of food- as happened this past Thursday.
See everyone at Seascape on April 14!
Our meeting on March 31 had 30 in-person attendees and a few more on zoom. 
Constantin was there and we also welcomed back Anders from Sweden

Al and Sam rocked the Welcome song and 4 way test- Al brought a keyboard which sounded great.   Unnamed sources report that someone in our club asked someone at Seascape that the piano not be brought in?  if anyone knows about this please contact Pres. Ken.

The lyrics to the 4 way test are being shown on the screen and the chorus remains a bit uncertain.  The consensus is that we will sing the letters I-N-T-L. 

Dr Art gave another timely thought for the day: people who complain about the high cost of gasoline should look at the Seascape parking lot (overflowing-there was a convention.)

Julie was the detective and the topic was the Oscars.  Slapping instead of fines was determined to violate the 4 way test. 
The questions avoided the mundane and predicatables like Best Actor, Best Picture, Most Supplicant to Hollywood.
A few more memorables- Walt Disney won the most Oscars; John Williams has been nominated for 52 and won 5; Cinderella won the award for best picture before the "Best Animated" category was created; and the award for Best Juvenile Performance did not depend on gender. 
 One trend to Julie's questions- the answers to true/false's were almost all false- something to bear in mind for her next stint.

Dagmar gave the final push for the Beach Cleanup at Rio Del Mar which again was well-attended.  The volunteers wore Rotary capes and apparently got to choose their own super-power while serving the common good.

Our guest speaker was Aisha Chavres who spoke about Ramadan. Her presentation and slide show were very informative and educational.  Aisha is very involved in local charities and services and, like her friend Anissa, is engaging and fun.  She confessed a big affinity for caffeine, which is related to one of Annisa's liquid affinities....

Ramadan is Islam's holy month.  Islam uses the lunar calendar, which is 28-29 days and Ramadan starts at the first sighting of the moon on the first day, which makes the start a bit variable.
The focus of Ramadan is on reflection on one's life and faith, family, charity, and the Qaran.
Appropriate greetings are "Ramadan Kareem," "Ramadan Mubarak" or if one can't remember those words, "Happy Ramadan."
Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset (actually first light to sunset) during the month, and yes, they don't drink water either, which explains t-shirts you might see reading "Yes, Water too."
That long period of no food also explains commercials in Muslim countries showing people alternately staring at the doors of KFC and the horizon as the sun sets.
Allowances are made for Muslims living far North or South- they can choose an appropriate site within the time zone, and exceptions are made for breast feeding, illness and medicine. People are expected to work though a reduced workday is common.

Dr. Art mentioned that when he was in Bangladesh, Muslims were spitting during Ramadan because they viewed swallowing saliva as impermissible.  Aisha commented that there were many examples of rules or behaviors that were "extreme" and culturally-based, not required by the Qaran.
Next Thursday's guest is Jack Brown, representing YES to Greenway. Looking forward to hearing this side.

See everyone on April 7!
We had our second in-awhile in-person meeting at Seascape on March 24.
Kudos to President elect Kendra for filling in for President in-trial prep purgatory Ken.
We had 2 visiting Rotarians:
Debbie Kline from Sunnyvale Rotary promoted their golf tournament fundraiser which benefits a bunch of worthy programs. (see attached for details).  There was a certain irony because some of our golf-addict members have been getting their 18 hole fix instead of attending our meetings.  Debbie said that they are looking to get sponsors for holes to honor Rotarians who have passed away.  (No, they are not burying people on the golf course).
Cynthia from Los Altos Club was promoting the Big Brothers Big Sisters Santa Cruz County Bowl A Thon April 23-24 (see attached).  Stan Abrams is an admitted bowler- anyone else?  
We had 2 guests.
Jeff Ursino, a former member of our club who moved to a Monterey club brought Raul Palicio. He is the new Manager for Mechanics Bank in Capitola.
Our adopted son Constantine was with us and shared that we are his favorite club to visit… bet he says that to all the clubs. 😊
Sam’s thought for the day…..knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit…wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. Genius!!
Membership Monday is coming back…no details yet….but keep on the lookout for an email.  Suggestions for itinerary and location must involve humor and alcohol.
It was Mardi’s birthday….we did a terrible job of singing to her. 
Uno De Mayo at Keiths!!!!! May 1st at 4:00….please bring a dish to share. Please RSVP to Keith on his home phone….yes, people still have those…
831-662-0520. If he doesn’t answer….please let a message with name and number of people joining.
Beach Cleanup at Rio del Mar this Saturday morning April 2. !!!  Dagmar has sent an email- please register and attend-great fun and a great purpose.
Nelson was detective…lots of history related facts that we all failed at…. 😊
Our Speaker was Matt Ferrel from No Way Greenway.  To balance, we are having a rep from Yes on Greenway in the next few weeks. 
Here are a few of his points:
  • Less expensive homes in south county and jobs in north county has caused the pile up on Highway 1. The poorest members of our community are the ones that are effected the most.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental factors effect our climate
  • Solution – Santa Cruz branch line.
  • Corridor runs 23 miles long and half the population lives within a mile of the rail line
  • 60% of the trails are already under way.
  • Voters already approved this by a 67% vote in 2016
  • Railbanking will remove the tracks with no chance of getting them back
  • The people that are “pro” Measure D want you to think this is a “pro” environment but it is not…easing up the traffic on Highway 1 is “pro” environment
  • His message – Please vote NO on Measure D
  • Measure D will be on the ballot on June 17th. It is to establish trail only corridor from tressels to Lee Road in Watsonville
  • Plan was always to build trail first because we had the funding for it. The rail would come later
  • Doug asked about where the stations would be…where does he park and how does he get somewhere in downtown SC….answer was…walk or bus. Stations in mid county have not all been identified yet
  • Julie asked…Santa Clara is considering stopping their rail service due to lower ridership…how would we handle this. Answer was…this is due to the pandemic and he didn’t know what San Jose was going to do…he assumes federal money.
  • It was mentioned that BART system is losing money even prior to COVID…people don’t like to get on buses…has there been a study of how many people will use our rail line? Matt said BART is successful and gave a story about Boardwalk employees regarding survey.
  • Kelly – no room on corridor for parking lots….why not have a light rail along Highway 1? – Voters voted that down years ago.
  • Kendra confirmed – No on D – nothing happens. Yes on D – big bike path only
  • Graham – how much is it going to cost – if you have to ask…you can’t afford it. 😊 kidding….Matt said…money will come from state and fed through regional transportation. Cost is about a billion over 20 years. It would come from a sales tax. A ride would be $6 each way.
  • Laura – if rail gets ripped out it is over…no chance ever of a train.
Raffle winner was Rich…but he left early….so sad… 😊
See everyone at Seascape!
Our February 24 meeting  was by zoom and was well attended for zoom-only.
Thursday’s lunch is our Speech contest - also only zoom. March 10 will likely be zoom as well, though after that we will probably be able to return to in-person lunches at Seascape.
Trish announced that we have 2 RYLA applicants and that the interviews are starting- but given that we have 2 slots and 2 candidates…
Dr. Art is attending a Rotary district task force next week regarding getting back to in person meetings- he will report on the discussions/recommendations.  Meanwhile-the County has eased mask mandates and the infection rates are dropping significantly, though covid-deaths have not dropped as much.
Laura announced that  Win and Eileen hosted another pickle ball gathering: 18 people at Win and Eileen’s house- much fun was had and we are looking towards doing a pickle ball fund raiser.
Pickleball ladies
Dr. Art gave the thought for the day : Familiarity breeds contempt and children
Ken - told a PG joke about paternal confusion.
Trish did the Detecting for Candy.  The timely topic was Presidents’ Day and presidents.  Among other things we learned:
Washington has 2 birthdays because of the switch from Julian to Gregorian calendars
The oldest living President is Jimmy Carter, who is also the longest-lived President- Becky knew both of those- gold star and $10 fine;
The state of Alabama celebrates Washington and Jefferson Day, not Lincoln (Jefferson Davis?)
Delaware doesn’t recognize either day; though it was the first state.
We have received the Press release from County Park Friends
Photo identifications from left to right: Dr. Arthur Dover, Michele Bassi, President Ken Gorman of Capitola-Aptos Rotary;  Board Chair Terry Corwin and Executive Director Mariah Roberts of County Park Friends.
Our speaker was Win - who gave a great show on the trip he and Eileen took to Peru and Ecuador last month as part of a group.
His photos of Lima showed  varied neighborhoods and conditions of infrastructure;
The  Spanish converted buildings for Christianity
The food was incredible and creatively presented
Lima gets 2” a year, water from Andes
Cusco gets 6”- water from Andes
They went from Cusco to the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu and had great photos of all of the sites
Win tried coca leaf- not impressed though he did run from the sampling site to Machu Picchu and back
They also tried Corn beer, strawberry/corn beer, the latter being much tastier; they had a special meal where the featured dish was a  whole guinea pig.  The host family’s 4 year old ate the head and brains ( zombie boy?)
Though most of the residences were drab outside they were colorful inside, and the host family’s 13 year old had modern clothes and a flat screen tv.
They took the 90 minute, bathroom-less train to Machu Picchu because the only other option was 4 days on Inca trail
They showed photos taken when the site was “discovered” in 1911,  all overgrown with 300 years of vegetation, a comparison photo  in 1977 when the wood was cleared, and a recent photo showing the vegetation cleared.
Machu Picchu gets 77” of rain a year
It now gets 5,000 visitors a day and the Machu Picchu Pueblo village has grown up there
They stayed at a 5 star hotel- Inkaterra- in the rain forest-very clean
3 rivers through the town
Peru grows a lot of crops- much corn
After Inca country they went to the Galapagos on a 4 day boat tour- large boat that looked very well appointed. Santa Cruz Island had giant tortoises- one side is dry, only 2” rain a year  with volcanic rock, sand and, cactus- the other side is dry.
They showed the turtle egg laying area, 1 out of 1,000 turtles actually make it from the nest to the water. 
Prostitution is legal in Ecuador- and the group tour got a presentation.  No indication if any of the prostitutes were Rotarians.  (Are they in Nevada)
There was a Sundial on the equator.
On Saturday 2/26 President Ken hosted about 15 Rotarians and guests on a 2 mile tour of Nisene Marks park starting on the Aptos Creek trail.  The weather was great.  There were 2 minor falls but no injuries.  The re-hydration gathering on Ken’s front lawn afterwards garnered $450 in donations.
There will be another tour this Sunday, starting at 10 am, again from Ken’s house at 365 Danube Drive.  This hike will be about 4 miles and is more challenging- some steeper areas and more tripping hazards. It will go through the forest floor and highlights will be the Old Growth grove and the Twisted Grove. 6 people have signed up- anyone else interested please tell Ken asap.
See everyone Thursday for the Speech Contest!
Dear Members:
Our February 17 zoom meeting had about 20 attendees.
Dr. Art combined his thought for the day and joke, maybe he should publish his words of wisdom?
Dr. Art also contributed $50,000 in our club’s name to Willowbrook Park- incredibly generous!  Thank you Dr. Art!  We hope to have a photo shoot for it by the time you get this.
Matt was the designated detective but had to go out of town so he prepared a funny and educational set of questions in a Price is Right format that combined Olympics and Rotary.  Very creative Matt!  Trish read handled the proceeding and it was great fun.
Becky announced that the 18 warming bundles our members donated were distributed to the homeless in downtown Santa Cruz.  Thanks to Becky for putting that together and to all the members who contributed.
The speech contest is March 3.  Thanks to Lowry and Dough for all their work in setting it up.
Tomorrow’s lunch will be on line and it is likely that so will the March 3 speech contest.  While we  are hoping to resume in-person and hybrid meetings asap the health/safety situation still weighs against it. Though the face mask mandates have been lifted face masks are still recommended and, more significantly, the covid infection numbers are not significantly dropping yet.  In the area president’s meeting the club presidents said 4 of their clubs were zoom only, 2 were hybrid.
There was much discussion in that meeting about trying to find alternate sites for lunches and the other clubs have had the same experiences we have- very few places can accommodate that many people in a private room; lack of parking and lunch and room fees that are the same or higher than the current arrangements.
Also Julie’s invoices are going out and she is just destroying those Q3 billing records! C no nnect with her if you have any questions. Jlambert@lcsllc.biz 

Our guest speaker was Ron Duncan from Soquel Creek Water District.  Ron and his staff put on a highly educational and informative presentation about the status and future of SCWD, focusing on the efforts to slow and counter salt water intrusion into the aquifers and wells and the Safe Water project which is under construction and will recycle water.  The extent of groundwater intrusion on the coast was mapped by a Danish company with new technology a few years ago.  It shows saltwater migrating inland at various rates and to various extents on the central coast, but virtually all water supplies are at risk.  After about a decade of debates as to how best to augment the water supply, SCWD decided on recycling as opposed to desalination and new dams as the most cost-effective.  Though rates will increase, SCWD got a large grant and a large low-interest loan to finance the construction, and the alternative would be a water shortage and much higher expenses to import water.  The presentation was followed by 30 minutes of Q&A with our highly informed members. Ron complimented our members on their insightful questions- he obviously enjoyed getting to answer inquiries from folks who were paying attention and understood issues.
President Ken is leading a tour of Nisene Marks Park from his house in Vienna Woods this Saturday at 9am.  The walk/hike will be about 2 miles.  4 people have confirmed- there is room for about 10 total.  Anyone interested please let Ken know asap.  His address is 365 Danube Drive Aptos, in Vienna Woods, up the hill behind Cabrillo College.   There is free parking in the neighborhood.  There will be a rehydration social in Ken’s front yard afterwards.  Donations are encouraged.
There will be another hike on Sunday, March 6, about 4 miles, some more challenging terrain, same start time, probably 2 hours.
Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!
President Ken
Attendance. Our February 10 meeting was well attended for Zoom – 21 Rotarians plus our speaker. 
Warming Kits. Becky announced that she is assembling “warming kits” for unhoused people in Santa Cruz. She is doing this in cooperation with Downtown Streets, the nonprofit that was the subject of our October 21 presentation by Jocelyn Curran. Around 18 members have contributed to the effort. The kits were distributed on Wednesday.
Our Little Rituals. Dr. Art again combined his thought for the day and joke: "A pretty face is not a passport, it is a visa that runs out fast." Kate was the detective. She questioned the members’ knowledge of dates and events in February.  Her repertoire was limited a bit by last week’s Valentine’s Day questions, but she did a great job of educating us and raising money through fines.
Guest Speaker Robin Nardello. Our speaker was Robin Nardello, Community Relations Manager for New Leaf Markets and New Seasons Markets.  Robin spoke and showed photos and graphics of the extensive community assistance programs that New Leaf and New Seasons support.  The list is too long to repeat, but it includes Food Pantry Support, Grazing on the Greens, Lend a Hand Volunteers, Teen Kitchen Project, and Envirotokens—programs that they manage directly in addition to their support for dozens of local organizations.  New Leaf and New Seasons have 3 Tents of Giving: addressing hunger, helping the environment, and K-12 education.  Among other accomplishments, they have saved the environment from more than 11 million bags and raised over $1 million for the programs they support.  One way they raise funds is by donating proceeds from sales.  For example, 1% of their sales from their Anniversary Beer is donated to Ocean Ecoles, and 1% of the sales from their Bloom line products goes to Teen Kitchen Project.
Anissa noted that New Leaf/New Seasons has contributed $32,000 to Walnut Avenue Shelter.  Matt Wettstein thanked Robin for her businesses’ support and partnership in addressing food insecurity, which remains prevalent in the student community.
Nisene Marks Events. President Ken is going to lead 2 social event tours of The Forest of Nisene Marks State Park on the less-travelled trails that are accessible from his Vienna Woods neighborhood.  1 tour will be about an hour, 1-2 miles, with some slopes.  The date for that is tentatively February, Saturday 26, 10 a.m. start.
The second hike would be more challenging—about 4 miles, a few steep areas, and roots; plan on 2 hours.  That date is March 6, also 10 a.m.-ish.
Rainout dates are March 12 and 13.
There is free parking in the neighborhood.
These are social events, not fundraisers, because the Parks Department requires a $300 permit plus admin fees of up to $100 if we charge. There will be re-hydration at Ken’s house afterwards. Donations to Rotary are encouraged there.
Signups are limited to ten people- please respond to Ken asap.
In Person Meetings? We are monitoring the County mask guidelines to assess when we can safely return to in person lunches.  The District Governor has convened a meeting re covid protocols on Wednesday, February 23 for discussion.
Dear Club Members:
Our January 27 zoom meeting was comparatively well attended.  Thanks to Al for his efforts on/as the Sunshine committee.  Nice to see Dr. Art and Keith on zoom.  We could use a few more folks reaching out to some of our zoom-hindered members and offering assistance.
Candace Sy. Laura brought a guest, Candace Sy, who we hope will consider joining our club.
Symphony Event. Kate announced that the Santa Cruz Symphony will be holding an event on Feb. 11 at Margaritaville, tickets are $35 for symphony members, $40 for non-members.  A nice chance to get a preview in a small venue.
Cocktail Fundraiser. Pres. Ken asked for a show of hands of folks who would like to attend a virtual cocktail-mixing lesson and fundraiser and a few folks seemed interested.  The idea is that a box of ingredients- at this gestational stage thought to be a pint of vodka, a pint of rum, a few splits of champagne or prosecco and a few juices- would be purchased in advance for pickup/delivery.  For the price of that and an exorbitant donation for a charity to be determined, Pres Ken would then show how to make 4-5 cocktails, that only require a shaker and a bonus one that requires a blender. Keith volunteered his house/back yard which of course is  much better logistically.  The downside is that folks should not be drinking 4-5 cocktails in an hour then driving.  No, this is not a marketing ploy for Ken’s DUI services.  Please contact Ken if you are interested.
Pickle Ball Tourney. Also, spearheaded by Laura and Lowry, we are looking at a fundraising pickle ball tournament.  We are looking for locations that would give us a discount or be free.  Anyone interested in the tournament of pickle ball lessons contact Laura.
District Fundraiser for Afghans. The district is organizing fundraising for Afghan refugees.  We are waiting for more details. 
Dagmar the Detective. Dagmar was the detective.  Her theme was history, including a few questions about retiring SCOTUS Justice Breyer.  Though perhaps  not as entertaining as her debut as detective, very well done.
Guest Speaker Joy Flynn. Our guest speaker was Joy Flynn Wall.  Joy is a local woman with a remarkable commitment to activism and charities.  Some of her work: she led the first peaceful response in the County to the George Floyd murder, she is an advisor to the County Criminal Justice Council, a member of the County’s Commission on AntiRacism, Equity and Social Justice Circle, she is a friend of Walnut Ave. Family and Women’s Center and the regional Jefferson Award winner.  She also has a great connection to Rotary- she worked in the events planning office at Seascape golf club house  (office on the left just before the front doors) and knew several of our members.
Joy spoke of her childhood-raised in Corralitos and her military family, which imbued in her a profound commitment to community service.  Her father, a US Army major, was also a Rotarian. She related her ideals to Rotary’s like this: “service is what we were put here to do.”  Joy also spoke about her challenges as a domestic abuse survivor and experience with food insecurity as a young mother here in Santa Cruz County.  She observed that people can’t dream of success if they are worrying where there next meal is.  She spoke of the ongoing disparity between income between white people and people of color and her work to eliminate bias in access to fundamental services such as health care.  
Joy’s presentation was succinct and moving, and received with great appreciation by members.   There was a consensus if not unanimous opinion that Joy should be a club member.  Michele led that but also commented that she knows Joy might be too busy.  If Michele Bassi says someone else is too busy, take that seriously.
Zoom For Now. We will continue to meet on Zoom until medical advice and county regulations allow us to meet in person again.
See everyone this Thursday!
Our 3d meeting of the year on January 20 was zoom attended by about 20 Rotarians. 
Lowry announced that our speech contest will be March 3 at Seascape and will be hybrid.  Doug worked out a deal with Seascape where attendees can order off the menu.  The District contest will be March 8.
Sue Lawson was asked on behalf of Freedom Rotary if our club would send a letter supporting the application of an Iranian for refugee status in Turkey to avoid deportation to Iran where there is a fear of condemnation because he had converted to Christianity  The request is from Ashley Winn, a member of the La Selva Beach Community Church, which wrote a letter in support.  Our members who weighed in on it supported the effort for its humanitarianism but there are questions as to whether or not it is a political activity which Rotary prohibits.  Pres. Ken raised it at the area President’s meeting and was referred to RI. 
Our club sent a group of students to Tonga in 2004, which also has a Rotary club.  Dave Campbell wrote an article that Mardi sent out on Club Runner.  We are trying to see if there is any way for our club or the area to send support to Tonga through Rotary connections.
Rotary International sent an email (not clear to whom but eventually found its way to some Area Presidents) advising that RI has been contacted by the White House Coordinator for Operations Allies Welcome to participate in programs for aiding Afghan refugee families that are settling in the USA.  Pres. Ken completed the survey asking for more information before taking any additional steps.  Members are invited to check out “Operation Allies Welcome”  and email Ken/the board on their thoughts. The Area presidents are considering pooling resources if enough clubs agree.
Pres. Ken doubled as detective.  One set of questions was asking members to complete quotes by Dr. King in honor of his day.  Another set of questions was about some historical facts about Rotary.  Highlights were members’  ability to complete some of Dr. King’s quotes and knowing the names of astronauts and US presidents who were Rotarians. Bonus points to Dr. Art for knowing that Rotary’s first service project was public toilets in Chicago in 1917.  Don’t say it…flushed with pride?
Our speakers were Deidre Hamilton and Laura Sutherland who own a company called Talk Bubbly To Me.  Not surprisingly, their topic was sparkling wine.  Their presentation was engaging and educational, as they explained the processes and differences in sparkling wines, the different grapes used, regional/national names, qualities and  bottling.  The event was frustrating because they were sampling champagnes while the rest of us licked our lips and soothed parched throats with something far less satisfying.  There is great support for a champagne tasting fund raiser.  Sgt at Arms Craig B’s suggestion that attendees get Continuing Education Credit was approved by unanimous consent.  Question- will there be a lab?  Extra credit?
Members probably remember that Deidre Hamilton also gave a great presentation to our club on Kwanzaa- a true Renaissance woman.
It was nice to see Anissa who claims she had covid for her 50th birthday.  That is difficult to believe because there is no way she is 50….
Bonus info- Flushed With Pride is the name of the biography of Thomas Crapper.  Really.  He didn’t invent the flush toilet but did invent the float in the tank and had a line of plumbing devices in the UK. 
A little history of Tonga and Capitola Aptos Rotary Club
By David Campbell
Last weekend Santa Cruz appeared on our TV news coverage of the tsunami that was triggered by a volcanic eruption in Tonga.  The coverage included a story about the tsunami hitting the Santa Cruz marina. This prompted me to contact our webmaster Mardi Padilla with just a bit of Capitola-Aptos Rotary history that you might find interesting which connects our Capitola Aptos Rotary Club with Tonga. 
Many members of the club will remember that in 2004 a team of twelve Aptos High School Interactors went to Tonga to carry out a hands-on service project.  They spent a week in there, where they set up a computer lab at St Andrews High School located in the capital city of Nukuʻalofa.  As always, Capitola-Aptos Rotary Club was actively involved.  The club was instrumental in acquiring about 15 computers which the Interactors and adult chaperones carried as their 2nd piece of baggage (in the good old days when you were allowed 2 bags).  And the club was very active in supporting the Interactor’s fundraising efforts to get the team to Tonga. 
Not only did the Interactors set up the computers, but they spent much of their time painting the classroom that was designated for the computer lab.  These were the first computers in the school.   The project co-ordinator at St Andrews High School was a super Peace Corps volunteer named Todd Hicks. 
Further, the trip provided a significant cultural experience for the Aptos HS Interactors.  They truly “interacted” with the Tongan culture in many ways.  But the most significant cultural experience probably occurred when the team split up, with each girl spending a weekend in the home of a St Andrews student. 
The Tonga project received the D5170 “Interact Project of the Year” award, and the “Interactor of the Year” award went to Annemarie Estess (in the pink top in photo #3)
As to the current situation in Tonga, you probably know as much as I do.  There is very little news coming out of Tonga because the only undersea fiber cable to the country was cut by the volcanic eruption.  This cut off all communication except for a trickle of contact via satellite.  But we do know that the damage was extensive with many coastal villages destroyed and widespread flooding and major damage to the infrastructure, and a critical shortage of drinking water.  Fortunately, it appears that there was little loss of life… only 3 confirmed so far.  NZ has dispatched an Air Force surveillance plane which confirmed the extent of the destruction, but they could not land because the airport runway is covered with thick ash.  Another NZ plane was dispatched with emergency supplies, and the NZ Navy was sending a ship which has a much larger capacity for relief supplies. 
The volcano was on an uninhabited island 20 miles from the main island.  But the tsunami hit several small nearby islands as well as the main island of Tongatapu where the capital is located.  St. Andrews High School is located some distance from the seafront, so the school might have escaped major damage… but it’s only a guess. I know flooding occurred widely in Nukuʻalofa.
I’m sure there are several 30-something Aptos High graduates whose thoughts today are with the people of Tonga.
Finally, one last tidbit for fun that will make you a Tonga expert.  The name of the country is mispronounced by almost everyone in the US.  There is no hard “g” in “Tonga”.  The “g” is soft… as in song or long.  So, Tonga is pronounced “Tong-ah” with only one soft “g”
Our second meeting of 2022 was also our club assembly.  We met via zoom and had  about 20  attendees.  It was especially nice to see Claire and Rich McAdams (I still reflexively call him “Your Honor”).
Keeping with the theme of the assembly Detective Karen crafted a series of questions about Rotary and its history.  One of the highlights was Rotary’s long reluctance to admit women and our club’s role in breaking that barrier
The District mailed Paul Harris awards to Bill Gray, Jimmy Kutch, Sam Knight and Pres. Ken.  Since we don’t know when we will be able to present them in person let’s give a virtual thank you.
Because of the Club Assembly we did not have a guest speaker.
Several members gave presentations.  Pam and Al spoke of some of the highlights of our club’s history.  It might be disputed, but we may have been the first club to admit women and not have our charter revoked.  Dr. Art spoke about the development and success of Polio Plus as probably the most important factor in the near-eradication of polio worldwide in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  Bill Witmer talked about the Rotary Foundation’s good works and our club’s outstanding record as near 100% contributions. (Those few holdouts may be subjected to East-Coast style collection methods).  Co-President Elect Laura extolled the virtues of RotaCare and its provision of health care services in the County.  Dagmar advised of our adoption of Rio Del Mar Beach and Dr. Art’s role in getting a nice banner there- we may have 4 beach cleanups this year.  Lowry and Doug continue to navigate the logistics of the speech contest in covid times and with requirements by the district.  We are tentatively set for Feb. 17 and the options are in-person (unlikely?) all zoom (not preferred) or hybrid (seems to be the most probable).  Thanks for all your work on this gents.
There was a discussion about fund raising projects during covid, which keeps thwarting our efforts for in-person events.  Dagmar also raised the same concerns for increasing members and increasing the participation of our existing members.   Eric pointed out that when he joined the club there were 80 members, we are now down to 50 though the population of the county has increased.  Members are encouraged to make suggestions for both.  Mardi was able to obtain a $900 award from the district for her plans for membership recruitment.  Well done Mardi!
CoPE Laura suggested a Pickle ball tournament. 
When covid allows Ken will be visiting local businesses in person and welcomes suggestions as to businesses members have connections with.
Dr. Art has suggested that members contact a few professionals or business owners they know and let them know about who we are and what we do.
Doug suggested the formation of a “Visioning Committee” to discuss and ultimately implement a plan for the club’s short and long term goals for membership, fundraising and service projects.  Anyone interested in working on and/opr being a member of the committee should contact Doug.
Looking forward to seeing everyone on Thursday- same regular zoom link.
Lowry has been moving forward with the speech contest and advising the contestants that the Feb. 17 date may not be in person and may be postponed.  Other clubs have gone to zoom competitions which remains an option.  Lowry and Doug D are weighing various factors including what the contestants want to do.
The nominated detective was unable to attend by Zoom so Trish donated $50 in fines which Al matched.  Much thanks to them both.
Michele announced that we needed to take down our holiday display, apparently ours was the last one standing.  We are taking the position that it was last one up because it was the best.  A crew of volunteers met at the fairgrounds, blessed with fair weather, and removed the display. Kelly, Lowry, Al. Julie, Trish, Art, Kendra, Michele, Laura and her granddaughter took down the holiday lights- also blessed by Michele bringing burritos and champagne.
Kendra announced that we got a donation of great stuff so “Wait ‘Til Next year!”    (Those of you who followed OLD baseball will recognize the motto of the old Brooklyn Dodgers fans.)
Our speaker was Laina Holzman, PhD.  She is a Professor of World History and Middle East Studies at Golden Gate University and frequently has columns and letters to the editor in the Sentinel and Pajaronian.  In fact, the Sentinel published a letter from her on 1/7/22 that was a bit of a precursor to her presentation.  Dr. Holzman started with her analysis of  the January 6 2021 events at the Capitol from an immediate and historical perspective and her view of the movement and political climate that gave rise to it and continues.  She then spoke about the history of history- the ancient beginnings of record keeping  to the development of the printing press and now the proliferation of information and misinformation through public media.  Dr. Holzman also noted with approval an uptick in interest in classic literature lately at the college-university level.  She cautioned about the political dangers of false facts and the absence of critical analysis.  Dr. Holzman’s published works are available on line.  She writes on a variety of political and historical topics and events.
Keith was unable to have his birthday party in person because of family covid concerns.  Al, as chairman of the Sunshine Committee, organized a drive-through surprise birthday celebration for him with the secret cooperation of Keith’s son and neighbors.  Sunday morning about 30 Rotarians and 5 guests gathered at the Deer Park parking lot then caravanned to Keith’s house where he had been lured into his driveway.  Well-wishers gave their drive-through birthday greetings.  Keith was very moved.  Thanks to Al, Keith’s family and neighbors, and to all the Rotarians who showed what Rotary spirit is and what a great group we have!
The District granted us $900 for membership recruitment thanks to Mardi’s application!
Our next meeting will be on January 13, again via Zoom only.  It will also be a Club Assembly.  A Club Assembly is a meeting where Rotary club short term and long term goals are discussed by the members.  There will not be a guest speaker.  There will be some presentations about Rotary history.  It is very important that as many members as possible attend the meeting as it is informative, particularly for newer members, and is an opportunity for members to provide input as to directions the club should take and ideas for club activities like service projects and fund raising.  Any members who want to give a short presentation on club history or goals, or some aspect thereof, or agenda items, please contact Ken asap and please no later than Wednesday noon.
The zoom link will be the same one we have been using and is on the website. Please contact Kendra or Nelson if you have other zoom questions.
Our December 16 meeting- the last of 2021, had a great turnout and was much fun.  We will not have meetings 12/23 or 12/30.
Sam Nigh served 3 roles- musician, detective, and guest-bringer.  He rocked us through the short versions of the Welcome Song and 4-Way Test.  Having the lyrics on the screen is a big help, especially for the 4 Way test which seems to finally have settled on “INTL.”  Thanks to Nelson and Kendra for their technical wizardry.
If you haven’t seen the holiday lights display at the fairgrounds- they are very much worth the time, especially our display, of course…
Craig announced that we raised $3,400 for the wheelchair project and are expecting some matching funds on top of that- way to go folks!
Dagmar announced our $500 beach cleanup contribution and the acceptance of our sign at Rio del Mar beach.
Lowry announced that the Speech Contest will be Feb. 17, location tbd- probably Seascape or Severino’s/Seacliff.  We can still use a few more volunteers.  Contact Lowry or Doug Deaver.
Sam brought his granddaughter Sophie, who won one of our $1,000 scholarships.  It was noted that she got her brains and good looks from the other side of the family.  Sam had to borrow $1 from her for the Rotacare bucket- $20 fine for that Sam.
Sam  ad libbed the detective role by leading the club in a rousing and very (unintentionally?) funny version of the 12 Days of Christmas and assigning the 12 days to 12 members.  Several members could have benefitted from having the lyrics on the screen.  Creativity points to Matt for “10 Seahawks soaring” (Cabrillo reference).  Kelly came up with 4 different versions of what was supposed to be “9 ladies dancing,” none of them the same despite the clues from his table-mates.
The guest speakers spoke about “non-traditional” holidays: Deidre Hamilton spoke about the history and celebrations of Kwanzaa and showed an informative slide show, she related her personal/family celebrations of Kwanzaa;  Marjorie Coffey spoke about the diverse Winter cultural and historical events and ceremonies that she observes (she has an MS in religious studies from Edinburgh); Nic Laflin spoke about her celebrations and contemplations of the Winter Solstice.
We will have a “Club Assembly” at our meeting on January 13, 2022.  Instead of a speaker we will discuss the history and goals of the club, some of the major achievements/fund raisers, and ideas for improving the club (is that possible?) and fund-raising under covid.  Other ideas for the agenda are welcome.
From Pres. Ken- the District Governor is asking for statistics on a range of activities and fund raisers.  Among them is the number of club members who have put Rotary in their will or trust.  The DG is not seeking specific amounts or names. Nonetheless, my response was that while members may be proud of a bequest to Rotary, the terms of wills and trusts are private-even the beneficiaries often don’t know until the person who wrote the will or trust dies-so I’m not going to ask anyone about that beyond this general announcement.  Contact me if you want to discuss.    
All meetings will continue to be at Seascape unless and until a decision is reached otherwise.  There are a number of factors playing into the decision.  Contact Ken if you want to discuss details. Also- not to be repetitive- but it makes it hard to deal with the Seascape weekly contracts if we do not have accurate headcounts for lunch, so please respond to the weekly request on the website.  We will have to do this no matter where we have lunch meetings.
Best Wishes to All for the Holidays, Happy New Year!
This week’s lunch at Seascape was highlighted by the return of: the piano, the 4 way test banner, the Rotary International Banner, Scott  and Al. Sam and Al led us in a rocking rendition of Jingle Bells, the Welcome Song and the 4 Way Test Song….the latter still being tweaked a bit but all sounding great with full instrumentation.
Nelson handled the zoom solo- quite a task.  Moving the screen to the darker side of the room was helpful for the video.  A cordless mike would also be a boon but we are making progress.  Former Prez Michele B looked great on zoom in her recovery mode.
Our Holiday Lights display is fabulous and we actually got published- hopefully this year the judges will agree that our display is the best.  There was a brief issue because of some dead batteries over the weekend but Kendra and team pulled it together.  Everyone should go see the display at the fairgrounds and encourage their friends, family and anyone else.
We will meet for lunch This Thursday and the following Thursday at Seascape but then skip two weeks and will not meet on 12/23 or 12/30.  We are not having a Holiday Party because of covid but if folks want to consider an informal get together email Pres. Ken and we can see what we can pull together.
Lowry has agreed to oversee the speech contest- thanks Lowry!!!!  Matt has agreed to help judge.  Thanks Matt!  Anyone else who can assist- please contact Ken and/or Lowry. It looks like the speech contest will be in mid-February.           
Craig reminded everyone to get their donations in for the wheelchair project by December 25, as that is when the donations are supposed to close.
Bill Witmer said we are on a good pace for 100% membership contribution to the Rotary fund but there are still several members who have not contributed.  Names are being withheld….for now…
Sam had another great joke to further cement his dual talents as musician and comedian.
Craig doubled as Detective as well  as Sgt at Arms and had a series of funny and informative  Rotary multiple choice questions. 
Our guest speaker was Kent-Harris Repass, aide to Congressman Jimmy Panetta.  Kent-Harris spoke to us several months ago.  He is extremely well informed and well spoken. In the photo above, Kent-Harris reacts to a Win Fernald joke.  He gave an overview of some of the more prominent legislation in Washington DC and some legislation sponsored by Congressman Panetta.  Mr. Repass took questions from our members and invited constituents to contact his office with questions or with problems with federal government services.  A few members spoke of great results they have had getting Mr. Repass and his office to intercede on behalf of themselves or their family,
Club members listen to Kent-Harris Repass with rapt attention.
We had 26 people for the meeting, plus our guest, which was great.  But only 15 people signed up for lunch.  Fortunately that wasn’t a problem because Seascape prepares food for 25 minimum so there was food for everyone.   If we had signed up for 25 and 11 than that more  showed up that would we would have been short about 10 meals.  If only 15 attended we would have wasted ten meals and the club would have to pay for them anyway.  So folks, PLEASE respond to Kendra’s sign-ups.  We know this is a hassle but it is a requirement not only of Seascape but everyplace else we checked out.
See everyone on Thursday!
We were back at Seascape with a nearly full house!
Without Sam or Al we forwent (?) the opening songs, though there is a groundswell for Kelly to a capella at least one of them.  He may be the only member who knows  the lyrics to the 4 Way Test song and he can stay in key without an instrument. 
There was no joke of the day.  President Ken suggests that folks come prepared with one in case Sam can’t make it and/or his Joke App isn’t working.  Dagmar?  We know you have a comic genre already.
Sue announced that the Santa Cruz Symphony Home Tour will be virtual this year, with catalogs available at the Jade Street. For more info see Home Tour
Kendra showed photos of our club's entry in the Holiday Lights, and reminded us that tickets need to be purchased in advance (holiday lights tickets.)    She recommends the walking option (because it facilitates the drinking option?)
Please send in your donations to the district's wheelchair drive by December 15 - make checks payable to the Capitola Aptos Rotary Foundation.
We are missing many Rotary  badges, please bring them to the next meeting.  A good way to remember to bring them is to put them on before you come to the meeting. 
The missing Rotary and 4 way test banners may have been located with Al.   But Al seems to be missing.  Information on the whereabouts of either/both/all is appreciated.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, fun facts from our detective Sue
  • First Thanksgiving was 1621 in Plymouth Mass.   Corn was served, courtesy of Squanto who taught the Pilgrims how to plant it
  • Thanksgiving highlights include, family, starting the holiday season, dessert, and leftovers
  • 53.4 million are forecasted to travel for the holiday;  AAA recommends they pack "patience"
  • Busiest profession the day after Thanksgiving:   Plumbers
  • Americans will cook 704 million pounds of turkey for the holiday
  • Lincoln was the first president to declare Thanksgiving Day;  FDR set it as the 4th Thursday in November.   Now every President pardons a Turkey to mark the holiday.
  • Jingle bells was actually a Thanksgiving song to start with
Our speaker was Jenni Veitch-Olson from Mar Monte Planned Parenthood.  She spoke on many topics including the origins, development and functions of Planned Parenthood. Mar Monte is the largest Planned Parenthood chapter in the nation.  While there has been much attention focused on the challenges to Roe v. Wade, abortion assistance is only about 3% of Planned Parenthood’s activities.  In the question and answer-period after her presentation it was brought up that Planned Parenthood provides abortion services that are not offered by local hospitals.
Planned Parenthood is holding a Roe v. Wade fundraiser for $25 on January 21, 2022.  Anissa said donations can be made on the Santa Cruz “give” website. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-mar-monte
Enjoy the holiday, hope to see you December 2 at Seascape.  Seascape sent a reminder that the County is requiring masks for all indoor gatherings except when eating- so we will all need masks to get in but can remove them when eating.
Guest Speaker Dr. Robin McFarland
At our November 4th meeting, Cabrillo College faculty member Dr. Robin McFarland gave a fascinating presentation on the most peculiar of topics: naked mole rats.
Which of these words is most off-putting? Naked? Rat? Naked rat? Are there naked more rats in Santa Cruz? What could we expect from this odd subject matter?
As a young academic, Dr. McFarland spent some time as part of a team studying these odd creatures in South Africa before going on to obtain her doctorate from the University of Washington. (At this mention, Kelly stood up and pumped his fist.)
In a nutshell, here’s what to know about these creatures that live their lives underground, fearing only snakes: The species is 30 million years old, one of the most successful on the planet.
Naked mole rats are one of only two mammal species that organize themselves like bees: with a queen, a few male consorts, and a cooperative society of sterile workers. The other species is also a kind of mole rat.
Naked mole rats don’t age the way humans do. They live their lives free of most indicators of aging, then rapidly decline and die. They are of immense interest to those who study the aging process. Just Google naked mole rats. You will be surprised at the number of hits.
After obtaining her doctorate at UDub, Robin was invited to join the faculty at UCSC studying the bones of chimpanzees and other apes. Two tidbits stood out from this portion of her talk: Dr. Jane Goodall, while researching primates in the wild, would bury deceased apes in wire cages that would allow worms and insects to strip the bones clean, then ship them in immaculate condition to Dr. McFarland’s team at UCSC for analysis.
Most chimpanzees in the wild suffer multiple fractures during their lives. The cause? Falling from trees. Thank you, Doctor, for a most entertaining and memorable presentation. Your students of anatomy and physiology at Cabrillo are fortunate to have you.
Our return to in-person meetings was a huge success!
Over 35 members and several guest Rotarians.  The piano is gone so Sam soloed on electric guitar leading us in the Welcome Song followed by The 4- Way Test song.  The lyrics to the Welcome song have returned to “Read about it in the Hub” which everyone seems to remember.  The 4 Way test lyrics remain elusive to some/many/most.  As its most enthusiastic  supporter Kelly is nominated as the member to contact for lyrical clarity.  And given his strong and pitch-perfect performance thereof, he’s a good person to sit near to cover for inability to carry a tune.
Sam also told a very successful joke of the day and Dr. Art had a poignant thought to share. 
Kendra and Nelson set up the Zoom attendance though we may have only had one person on zoom- TrishKendra bought a much improved sound system which worked well.  The zoom link is on line and very easy to connect to.
Michele B reminded us that the Holiday Lights display gathering will be Saturday November 13.
Kendra reminded everyone to please RSVP for lunches so we get the right amount of food at the right price from Seascape.
Also, the November 11 meeting will be at Michael’s on Main in Soquel- we also need a head count for that.
Dr. Art followed his thought for the day with a stint as detective.  All attendees were interrogated as to what they have done to save the planet.  Many folks spoke about water savings such as replacing lawns, others have cut out plastic water bottles, others have cut out red meat.  Dr. Art suggested that we all do as much as we can including riding bikes and taking advantage of the county’s public transportation system to cut down on emissions.
Our guest speaker was District Governor Richard Flanders. 
He was introduced by past DG Ron Seckel who is well known in our club.  Attending with him were Camilla Boolootian from the Santa Cruz Sunrise Club who is our Assistant District Governor and Community Services Chair and Hung Wei from the Rotary Club of Cupertino Rotary Club who is the District Membership Chair. DG Flanders recognized Dr. Art’s exceedingly generous donations to fight polio and commended the club on its 100% member-contribution.  He also spoke glowingly of his interactions with our beloved John Fisher, gave a shout out to Karen S. as the best treasurer the district has ever had and recognized our ever-young nonagenarian Keith Medeiros for his longevity.  The DG also presented Dr. Art and Michele B with pins for contributions of $1,000+. 
DG Flanders is an attorney in the East Bay who was introduced to Rotary as a young associate lawyer by his boss, Richard KingRichard King  is the past world president of Rotary International and has given many inspirational presentations on Rotary.  DG Flanders inherited Richard King’s passion for Rotary.  He urged the club to increase membership and expand the club’s reach into the community. 
DG Flanders spoke at some length about a favorite project of his- the wheelchair foundation.  In recognition of this, the club “passed the hat” for donations, and Al, Doug D and Dr. Art pledged to match the members’ contributions up to $1,500. 
DG Flanders told about the generosity of the Bering family from Danville/Blackhawk towards the wheelchair project, donating $21,000 which is 50% of the costs for each of 2 containers of 280 wheelchairs.  There is another fundraiser at the Blackhawk museum on Feb. 27, 2022. 
DG Flanders also spoke about the donations of former LA Laker Vlady Divac and his wife who are developing a partnership with Rotary to build a peace project in Serbia.  Eric Costello paid $100 for the basketball signed by Vlady D.
DG Flanders told a moving story about his personal experience with the fellowship of Rotary.   His father died in Taipei when Richard was about 12.  His mother moved the family from Indonesia to the US and promised that when she died, her husband and she would be together again.  After her passing many years later, Richard and his brother flew to Taipei to try to recover their father’s ashes.  They had been put in touch with a Rotarian in Taipei named Gary Wong  who helped them locate their father’s ashes at a Buddhist monastery.  The monks were reluctant to release the ashes until the Rotarian spoke to them and took responsibility if anything was wrong.  As a result of his kindness and influence, Richard and his brother were able to get their father’s ashes and his parents now rest together.  Gary Wong became President of Rotary International.
DG Flanders concluded his story by reminding us that Rotarians are people of action in service to our communities and the world, and sometimes, as in his case, that service is rewarded by people who give to us.
The visiting Rotary dignitaries complimented us on how fun our meeting was.  Let’s keep it up!
Courtesy of  Lowry Fenton, cub reporter of this week!
The big news:
In person starts again next Thursday at Seascape.   Kendra reported 30 people plan to attend – see below for how to RSVP20 participants
Dress yoga pants are not an oxymoron – see Michele or Kendra for details.
Ken reported avoiding accidents both to and from his trip to Danville.   Unclear whether he bought a lottery ticket later that day to ride his good luck.
Some teasing and compliments about Lowry’s* golf game (*your first time cub reporter).
Kendra announced that RSVP's for next Thursday 28 October in person meetings should go to her via email;   for November we'll go back to the google form.   Remember that you can edit the google form;   input TBD for your unsure dates, and then update the form later as you know more about your schedule
Michele said that we will be setting up the Holiday lights booth November 13 – she will send an email soon with details.   If you can help that day, please let team leader Anissa know;  also donations or loans of outdoor holiday décor are welcome to make this year’s booth even bigger and brighter.
Just in time for Halloween – costume ideas
Pam was the detective - best costume was the topic:
- Pam: a shower - with hulu hoop, scrub brush and shower curtain.   Pam got some attention at the bar that evening
- Michele adorned her sweats with cereal boxes with knives - 'serial killer'.
--- (Pam suggested replacing with blue dyed tampons – ‘Picasso’s Blue Period’;)
- Rich – His mom made a spiderman costume that fell apart, but he kept trick or treating
- Becky – and husband dressed like octogenarians, and got respectful service at the liquor store.
- Win - dressed his 8 month up like a lobster, and his son carried her in a lobster bucket
- Nelson - went to a law firm costume party with long hair wig, a pot and a lid.   ‘Want grass – I can sell you a lid?’
- Kendra - martini, (see photo if Mardi can pull that from the deck)
- Laura  pumpkin patch
- Kelly wore Norwegian* lederhosen  (*with a fjord logo?).
- Trish  RBG with black gown that served as judge robes.
Jocelyn Curran spoke on the Downtown Streets Team (‘DST’)
Picking up debris and syringes - police chief complemented the team's cleaning
“Homelessness is an experience, not an identity.”
DST organizes teams of unhoused and at risk people to clean Santa Cruz neighborhoods.   30 people work Monday through Friday 8 to 12, in return for non-cash gift cards for food, storage, transport, communication, housing.   They’ve picked up over 3900 syringes this year in Santa Cruz.
 J.M. Brown, advisory board member and Bruce McPherson staff member added comments after Jocelyn’s talk, strongly supporting their work.   DST’s weekly full team meetings are very inspirational.
Hub Cub Notes. Courtesy of Matthew Wetstein
Just before the start of the meeting, Kendra said there were rumors that the Club will have a Holiday Display at the Fairgrounds again this year – but the rumors are not true that Matt Wetstein will be there every night in a Santa suit yelling “Ho Ho Ho – go to Cabrillo!”
Michelle Bassi says her new job at First Capital is good. She said she was anxious to get to work after meeting all the staff. She was clearly not attending the zoom meeting from the office, based on the screenshot that features wine glasses behind her. Next to the Garden Deli…a lunch joint that even served Al DeCamara in the ‘90s.
Speaking of Al, he reported that his son Matthew and a few others at SFSU will be at Chase Center for a concert as backup singers for Joel Walsh and the Eagles on October 20.
Dave Andrews showcased a beautiful sunrise photo from Yosemite
Laura reported on the board meeting and timing of the meeting. Speaker of the day – was told that we’d start at 12 noon. Visit until 12:15, Club business and announcements until 12:30, then have the guest speaker.
Art Dover led the Pledge.
Michelle – announced that Holiday Lights will be bigger and better and longer. $100 for a 10x10 booth. We’d like to do it, but we need decorative elves and new items for the display. Theme will be Santa, sleighs, and X-mas trees. Friday Nov. 12 to Monday Nov. 15 set up dates. Anissa – volunteered to be the head decorator.
Michelle – second announcement – Meals on Wheels is looking for a new location. In negotiations for the old Aldo’s on Branciforte. The building has a bunch of restaurant equipment. Big Hibachi Tables are an example. The equipment can be purchased and used by anyone if they’ll haul it away.
Anissa reported that the Walnut Avenue Family and Women’s Center online auction – closes Sunday at noon.
Art reported that Maintenance staff at County Parks needs someone to water new plantings at Hidden Beach. Folks suggested that Doug Deaver would be a good choice.
Kendra – results of survey for face to face meetings. Next week still be on zoom, but on October 28, we will be back at Seascape Golf Course. That day will be the District Governor’s visit.
Win – Grant awards will be after the first of the calendar year instead of November. Win will let applicants know. We will reconvene for consideration in January and make awards in March.
Bill Wittmer – announced that the Rotary Foundation campaign. The contributions can be sent to Bill in care of the Rotary Foundation.
from Art Dover – What is more surreal than a nose?
Sue was the Detective for the day…the theme was history. It included facts and trivia around presidents, and other prominent politicians and artists. Art – nailed Thelonious Monk as a pianist, Nelson knew when bar codes got introduced in grocery stores.
Anissa introduced Tracy McKenna and Colin Clark, of Ecology Action. Colin gave a quick presentation to the The organization was founded in 1970 as a student run recycling center in Santa Cruz. In 2002 they started doing energy efficiency work for local governments. The firm is based in downtown Santa Cruz sharing the old Sentinel building with Cruzio. Community Programs focuses on sustainable transportation programs and electrification of the transportation sector. Ratio Institute focuses on sustainable practices in the food retail sector.  TAPER focuses on energy efficiency work to help cut emissions in businesses, replacing lights, refrigeration, HVAC systems and pairing customers up with energy efficiency rebates.
The session closed with Q&A with Colin. An interesting fact – if Eco Action takes you out to lunch, the firm will not buy red meat.
Colin Clark of Ecology Action
Some of the Rotary Zoomers of 10/14/21
This week zoom got us together after playing hide and seek with many of us before getting logged in, we had the participation of; Ken Gorman, David Andrews, Win Fernald, Kendra Cleary, Arthur Dover, Laura Grinder, Trish Glassey, Anissa Novak, Craig Bagley, Nelson Crandall, Kelly Nesheim, Dagmar Leguillon,  Graham Stokes, Jeff Ursino, Rich Hamlin, Bill Witmer and Mardi Padilla.
Rich started us with his taxi service adventure for Pam and Karen that included missing his exit as well as enjoying the view around San Mateo
Congratulations to Ken and his family welcoming a new son in law! Lots of happiness to the newlyweds!
Jeff he has been very busy, we sure missed him but he is happy to be back with us! Welcome back Jeff!
Ryder Spires, invited by Mardi Padilla. Ryder enjoyed the meeting and has fun memories when participated at the last beach clean up of our Club at Rio del Mar
Mask mandates were lifted, should we consider going back in person? we asked Dr Art who mentioned it is possible as long as we are cautious, although anyone with symptoms should stay home.
Also our president Ken Gorman will be looking into a test lunch at Michael’s meanwhile Kendra will be emailing a google form looking for your answer to attend a meeting in person, let’s RSVP and not lose our spot!
Dr Art announced providing regular and senior (Flu Block) vaccines, this Saturday, at Redwood Village patio (across from #6 and Palm Deli),
11 am to 1 pm
No appointment necessary.
We had two thoughts for the day from Dr Art whom curiously asked Kelly..while wearing a mask in front of the computer.. did you ever had a computer virus?😂
Main Thought of the day by Dr Art:
Even on the most exalted throne in the world, we are only sitting on our own bottom.
Trish was the detective of the day...there comes the fines!
  1. Driving an unlicensed airport taxi service? ..Did I hear Nolo contendere? Ken Gorman
  2. Which Rotarian of our Club was on the News? (Matt Wetstein) +Happy Belated birthday= Doble fined Kendra 
  3. New Santa Cruz County Regulations? Laura Knew, way to go!
  4. Are vaccinated people required to wear mask indoors? Win Fernald
  5. What did the 85 Inmates had in common at Monterey county jail? They all had Covid and similar addictions, Dr Art 
  6.  Today is the National Day of? Golf lovers Day, Kelly 
  7.  Also this day is National Day of? Vodka Day! Dave Andrews 
  8. Last but not least it was National Child Health Day! Jeff Ursino was close!


Anissa Novak introduced our speaker:
 Alexandra Van Zanes Manager of Philanthropy- Major Gifts & Grants, Dominican Hospital Foundation
Alexandra grew up in the Santa Mountains and resides in Scotts Valley. She has a strong passion for her community. Previously, she attended Cabrillo College where she achieved her Associates Degree in Business Administration and graduated with High Honors. Following her Associates, she received her Bachelors in Business Management of Economics with Dean’s Honors from the University of California Santa Cruz. After graduating, Alexandra worked in a variety of career fields, starting in the healthcare sector and transitioning into non-profit work at Pajaro Valley Unified School District in Purchasing and Payroll.
She has worked at Dominican Hospital Foundation for over 5 years and her primary focus is major giving and grants. She leads the Annual Giving Program including: Employee Giving Campaign, Women of Wellness Council, and Gala. When not working, she enjoys traveling, hiking, gardening, and spending time with her husband and two sons.
Alexandra, thank you for joining us and for supporting our community!
We had few people attending the meeting this week, starting with Dave Andrews, Nelson Crandall, Anissa, Wen, Craig, Matt, Lowry, Sandra, Rich, Jim, Julie, Trish, Laura, Kelly and Sue, thanks for joining.
Matt says Cabrillo received a $5 million HSI grant that they plan to use for STEM education
Laura chaired the meeting
No guests or visitors
Matt: There are people who see a glass half full and are considered optimists; people who see a glass half empty and are considered pessimists; and people who drink the glass and are considered both optimists and pessimists
Nelson was the detective.
  1. Whose birthday is it today? Joni Stokes
  2. Whose birthday is it tomorrow? Graham Stokes
  3. What happened with regard to our solar system on this day in 1846? German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune.
  4. Today is National Checkers and Dogs in Politics Day. What does the game of checkers have to do with dogs in politics? Nixon gave his checkers speech on this day in 1952 (Kelly knew)
I’m giving you a name of a presidential pet. What kind of pet was it and who was the president?
  1. Murry the Outlaw of Falahill (Fala): Scottish Terrier – FDR (Kelly knew)
  2. Miss Beasley: George W. Bush; Scottish Terrier
  3. Macaroni: Kennedy – pony (Julie knew)
  4. Gabby: Eisenhower – parakeet (Laura came close)
  5. Grits: Carter – Border collie
  6. Him: Johnson – Beagle
Matt announced that at Thursday tonight and next week there will be community events who want to speak this way
ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm placing the Cabrillo Name Exploration website in the chat below - we have community dialogue sessions scheduled tonight and next Thursday from 6 - 7:30 pm.  The sessions are via zoom. Here's the link below:
We need guidance on how to contribute to the wheelchair drive.
Anissa introduced Richelle Noroyan, with 2nd Harvest
*Aarushi Thaker, Area 10 Director for Interact remind us that Area 10 shirts are still on sale!  
The proceeds for these shirts go directly towards the Area and the projects that Interact is doing this year. This is a great way to support Interact and get a cool shirt! Please share this to anyone who would be interested in getting one as well. 
Here’s the link to order: bit.ly/3nPeUvu

About 20 people attended our September 16 zoom lunch meeting.

Welcome New member Lowry Fenton!!!! Another Stanford alum!  For those not paying attention, athletes from Lowry’s alma mater won 24 Olympic medals in Tokyo- 23 by women….a guy won a bronze in fencing.

Michele Bassi passed along a reminder all about this Friday’s 2d Harvest food distribution at the fairgrounds 830 am-1 pm: we hope to have a strong turnout.

Michele also asked to pass along that she is leaving Santa Cruz County Bank to take a job at First Capital at their office on Soquel near Dominican Hospital.  Congratulations to Michele and First Capital!

A gold star to Mardi for attending from Peru again.

Al couldn’t make it but passed along the announcement, confirmed by Dr. Art, that he and Dr. Art would match up to $1,000 for what the club can raise for the wheelchair project.  Thanks gentlemen!

Dr. Art presented the thought for the day and President Ken told the joke for the day.

Doug Deaver celebrated a birthday.  Decorum prohibits publicly announcing the number of years but he clearly looks and acts far younger.

Matt was the detective  and focused on historical events around September 15-16, including the declarations of independence of 5 South American countries, which surprisingly, nobody could name (?).  History lesson appreciated Matt.

President Ken did know that Todd Rundgren is opting out of induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  If you like old school rock and roll with great harmonies listen to his first album with his band Nazz-self-titled “ Nazz.”

Our guest speakers were Kathleen Ashton and Kiersten Elzy-Loving  from the Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History.  Anissa introduced them and was lauded for her family’s support of the museum by Museum board member JM Brown.  The speakers talked about and presented a slide show of the history of the museum and some of its exhibits.  The talk and photos were very informative and Kathleen and Kiersten are engaging and fun.  Santa Cruz is a treasure trove of fossils from 3 distinct geological eras.  No jokes allowed comparing the ages of club members.  The museum is an under-appreciated resource and club members are urged to spread the word about it and support it.

In that vein, there was much enthusiasm for a club field trip to the museum once the club decides (based on medical advice) that in person gatherings are safe enough. 



The September 9 virtual meeting was attended by 17 people via Zoom. President Elect Kendra presided as President Ken was allegedly doing something court-y.  All indications are that it was a great improvement and a coup might be beneficial.
Mardi gets a gold star for attending from Peru.  Al gets a star for leaving early.  Julie would get a fine for leaving early but it might end up in President’s Ken’s bill. 
There were no announcements.  However, as per the newsletter item, Second Harvest is looking for volunteers for the food distribution 9/24 from 830 am to 1 pm at the fairgrounds.  Michele B is coordinating but on-line sign ups are available.  Anyone over 12 can volunteer.  It would be nice to have a good turnout from our club.
As per Julie’s email- many folks are behind on their dues and fines, and we need them to get the accounts current. 
Kelly N was the detective and asked questions about Rotary.  A team effort led to recitation of the 4 Way test and its history.  Especially impressive- Craig knew it was established in 1932 and Gram knew it was created by Herbert Taylor.
Our guest speaker was our own Yvette Brooks, a true Renaissance woman. 
She is  not only a club member but also the Mayor of Capitola and Executive Director of Your Future is Our Business (YFIOB). YFIOB  is a Santa Cruz County-based non-profit focusing on linking schools in our county  with businesses to expose students to career options and provide education bridging the gap between school and employment. YFIOB provides speakers, expos and panels to elementary, middle, high school and post-secondary students and provides avenues for students to interact with professionals and get hands-on work experience.
The board meeting is this Thursday at 11, still working on whether it will be by zoom or in person.  The lunch meeting will be via Zoom- informal chatting at noon, meeting commences at 1230.
We miss our members, so please contact members who may have technology issues and see what can be done to help them out.
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