Speaker Date Topic
Ken Gorman esq Jan 23, 2020
Tales from our own Attorney
Matt Wetstein Jan 30, 2020
Cabrillo Bond Measure

Scott Turnbull, Soquel Schools 5-10 minutes to talk about measure

Local High Schoolers Feb 06, 2020
Club Speech Contest
Stacy Phillpott Feb 13, 2020
The Farm at UCSC
Jo-Ann Panzardi and Students Feb 20, 2020


Caroline Cocciardi Feb 27, 2020
Leonardo's Knots

Pam.  Will need A-V help.  Doug is aware.

Zach Friend Mar 05, 2020
District 2 Update


Jeff Rosell, District Attorney and Doug Allen, ADA Mar 12, 2020
Protecting Yourself From Scams and Fraud


Rebecca Rubin Mar 19, 2020
Soquel Creek Water

bee  I might ask Douig to introduce

Kris Munro, Superindent of SC City Schools Mar 26, 2020
Career Technical Education program

Pam-  She'll be bringing a Princvipal and Teacher.  Did Sirs.

Veronica Urabe Apr 09, 2020
Piatt Fellow 2019
David and Susan Campbell Jun 04, 2020
School of St Judes and Dorca's graduation.