Announcements and reminders
Richard announced beach cleanup will be April 8th at beer can beach. He will send around a sign up next week.
Area speech contest will be next week. We will be in the big room. We are expecting six contestants.
Michele announced sponsorship levels for the fundraiser. They begin at $2500 down to $500.
Al announced that Stop Hunger Now was rescheduled and will be April 29th still at New Brighton middle school.
District assembly will be April 13th from 5-9.
Doug announced homeless shelter soup supper is Thursday April 20th 5:30 to 7:30. If there is enough interest we will buy a table.
District conference will be May 6th in Santa Cruz (the day after our fundraiser!). We will talk later about whether or not we want to do a table.
Larry introduced our speaker today, Dr. Goldi Jacques Maynes, a chiropractor who focuses on wellness. Her clinic offers massage and acupuncture as well as chiropractic care. She is a local person who grew up here in Aptos.
She spoke about a 100 year lifestyle. She said the next generation will not live as long as this one possibly due to a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise, finances, friends, family, community and a sense of purpose are all things to think about as we age. She pointed out that the largest expense for older Americans is health care.  Fifty percent (50%) pf bankruptcies are due to medical bills. Heart disease diabetes arthritis and pain are conditions that can be ameliorated by better health planning and self-care.
She showed a clip of Olga who was involved in track and field events into her 90’s. She gave us a simple sitting test to predict our longevity where you sit on the ground and then try to stand back up again. If you can’t get up without assistance you are much more likely to die sooner. The message is move or die.
Exercise is important. Walking 5x a week for 30 minutes is a way to start. By doing this you can lower your risk of heart disease by 50%.She said to focus on balance and flexibility as well as muscle strength.
Stress will do terrible things to your body. There is chemical, emotional and physical stress. All of these will affect your body. Relieve stress daily. She said self-care is not selfish. Also don’t ignore your body’s warning signs.  Numbness dizziness chest pain etc should not be ignored. She concluded by saying change is easy; thinking about change is hard and change happens one choice at a time. Think progress not perfection.