Announcements and reminders
We were reminded that the beach clean-up is this Saturday April 8th at 9:00 AM at beer can beach.
Sandra reminded us of the music festival on memorial day weekend. We need volunteers on Saturday May 27th and Sunday May 28th. You must work all day.
Kendra announced that there is a signup sheet for the major fundraiser on May 5th. We are in desperate need of silent auction items.  They  should be worth at least $30 - $50  in value.
Doug announced that they are looking for a fourth on for the Dominican  benefit golf game on Friday June 16th.  He also reminded us that the District conference is Saturday May 6th. If you would like to go or be part of a table just for the dinner portion see Doug for details.
Pam Goodman reminded us to bring 2 bottles of wine for the auction on May 5th.  Pam also reminded us that we will not meet here on April 27th, but will be going to Aptos High. Bee will take sign-ups for a sandwich lunch. They will plan some events and we will take a tour.
         Our speaker today was Clark Miller, a bankruptcy attorney from Salinas.  He works to help people not to go into bankruptcy. He has been in the business for over 30 years.
       He spoke about the past. Almost 8% of the total population in California had to file for debt relief. Here in this country bankruptcy is in the constitution to encourage business..a fresh start. He stressed that it is part of our social safety net.  He named a number of famous people who have declared bankruptcy including our president Donald Trump. During the housing crisis in 2009 he saw many people behind on their mortgage and declared bankruptcy.
 Mr. Miller said a lot of people rely too much on credit or abuse their credit. It keeps people from having to face up to where they really stand. But if there are ways to be more aware, they might not have to declare bankruptcy in the first place. 
How do you avoid bankruptcy? (1) don’t use (carry) credit cards; (2) set up a budget; (3) have a savings program (especially at a credit union); (4) cut out impulse buying (5) stop being lazy and shop around for a better price; (6) take an active role in how money is being spent; (7) don’t buy beyond your means. Accept your own personal financial limits.
The future is your greatest resource. Mr. Miller is available to answer questions and enjoys doing this.  His speech ended with a lively discussion about the great recessions and reasons for bankruptcy including cosigning for loans and having high medical bills.