Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Apr 12, 2018
Announcements and Reminders
Remember our major fundraiser tomorrow, Friday April 13th!  A roast for Bruce McPherson will be the highlight.  Come and bring your guest(s) and prepare to bid on our silent auctions items. It should be a wonderful night!
 The community grant application deadline has passed. Applications will be reviewed by the end of May and our June 7th meeting will be with the awardees.
The Scotts Valley club announced that they now meet at the Hilton on Monday at 12:15. On Saturday April 28th  they will hold their fundraiser.. Lacy J. Dalton will be singing! Tickets are $40.00. You can get them at
Soquel Interact Club will have their annual golf tournament May llth. For more information google Soquel High School Fund /Annual Golf Tournament.
Our speaker today was Doug Brown with his wife Maria, the photographer who took many of the beautiful pictures we saw today.  He spoke about his experiences on the Ntaba African safari.
He showed us many beautiful slides of the animals they encountered on the safari. Particularly notable were the cape buffalo, the warthog, the rhinoceros with tic-tic birds, the wildebeest with a million crossing at a time, the hyena, the jackal, and the gorgeous cheetahs, who are the fastest land animal.
We saw many photos of a lion pride, including a lioness as she hunted a wildebeest and a yawning couple with their cubs. He also showed us a photo of a huge hippo. They stay in the water to protect their skin or they can get sunburned; they were joined in the water by a crocodile.
There were graceful antelopes, impalas and gazelles, and a cute little rock hopper as well as tall and graceful giraffes and huge elephants.
We also heard some good advice like Don’t wear blue or black clothing it attract tsetse flies! And rolling in the mud helps keep the flies off.
The colors were amazing among the birds and reptiles, especially the agama lizard. Overall it looked like an amazing trip and we appreciated their sharing it with us.