Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Aug 03, 2018
The next will be a board meeting at 11:00 next Thursday (Aug 9th) at Aptos Seascape. All members are welcome to attend.
Keith’s annual summer party will be Sunday August 26th at 3:00. There will be games and refreshments. Bring your favorite hors d’oeuvre to share if you wish!
Our incoming president Michelle Bassi and our Rotacare MD Dr. Chandra are both on the ballot for people of the year. Please vote! The voting deadline is Aug 13th at 5:00 PM and you can vote on a paper ballot or electronically www.aptos
Walnut Ave Women’s Center gave us a sponsorship ticket for their fundraising brunch on Sunday Aug 12th. Let Pam or Michelle know if you wish to go.
Save Aug 30th for Win’s debunking. It will begin around 5:30 at Santa Cruz Yacht Club.
Saturday August 18th Cabrillo Stage has set aside seats for The Producers for SIRS and CAP Rotary for the 2pm matinee.  If you are interested in joining us tickets are $40 each and can be ordered by calling Cabrillo Stage at (831) 479-6154. 
Saturday August 25th the Derby Girls will be playing at the Santa Cruz City Auditorium at 6:45pm.  General Admission ticket ($17 each) and they will help coordinate a section for us. call the box office at 831-420-5260).
Our speaker today was Cathy Cress, MSW. A graduate of UC Berkeley, she is an author and editor of the Handbook of Geriatric Care Management. She spoke today about the quality of life and bringing back joy as we age.
What brings us joy in old age? Connectedness and engagement in activity and exercise are all parts of joy especially as it leads to physical wellness. Also important is mental stimulation through art or music or attending classes or idea exchanges, such as book groups.  Spirituality gives life meaning and can mean many things itself.
Ms Cress structured emphasized the concept of “holistic health” which is body, mind and spirit. Social interaction is partly family interaction, partly being with friends even having a pet. Physically working out and maintaining strength helps with wellness and gives you a sense of fun. She gave the example of Ruth Bader Ginsburg who works out regularly. Brain aerobics, hobbies and creative activities are good for intellectual activity.
 Ms Cress pointed out that volunteer work is a good way to remain engaged and gives you joy. All in all  it was a fun and engaging presentation.