Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Sep 28, 2017
Announcements and Reminders
Pam Goodman reminded us of the Aptos Chamber dinner honoring our own Doug Deaver as man of the year. It will be Oct 27th at Aptos Seascape. Ticket cost is $85.
The UCSC founder dinner will be this month with J Herman Blake as the honored guest. See Michelle for more info.  
October 7th at 7:30 am will be the annual second harvest barrel wrap. Sign up with Doug.
Dr. Art will be providing flu shots to club members during October. For a shot, stay after the meeting.
Pam Goodman introduced our speaker today. His name is Dan White and he is the author of a book entitled Under the Stars on America’s love affair with camping. Reviewed as the definitive book on camping in America, he also wrote The Cactus Eaters.
Mr White explained that recreational camping didn’t exist before the civil war. In the early days people hired a guide who cut down trees on the spot for your shelter in addition to shooting and fishing with you (or sometimes for you!). Then began survivalist camping and auto camping (called gypsy camping) where you camped anywhere you wanted.
He read an entertaining chapter to us about the road to Mineral King and having his car attacked by wild marmots who apparently are addicted to the antifreeze in radiator fluid!
The club members finished off the afternoon by sharing some of their own camping adventures.