Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Sep 14, 2018


Come and participate in the Sunrise rotary bike ride event for Leo’s Haven  on Saturday Sept 29th or help with clean-up the week before the dedication on October 13th.  Clean-up day will be Saturday October 6th.

Avenues of Service will be on Oct 4th from 4:00-9:00. The club will pay the fee of $49.50 if you wish to go. See Pam for more information.

The District Governor’s visit is scheduled for Oct 11th. We will meet in the big room that day.

Friday Oct 26th will be the date for the dinner honoring our own Michelle Bassi, this year’s Woman of the Year. Make checks out to Aptos Seascape for $85 and give them to Doug to reserve our table.

Dr Art will be bringing flu vaccine the next few week for those both over and under 65.

Sept 29th will be the Freedom and Watsonville Rotary Clubs Burrito Bash at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds.  There will be great food and entertainment. Go and support our neighbor clubs! 

Aaron Lowe, the new fire chief for the Aptos/La Selva Fire Protection District was our speaker today. He is from Chico and is a 24 year veteran of the Fire Service. He has also served as a member of the U.S. Forest Service’s incident management team



He explained that Aptos La Selva is an all risk department and a three engine company. They have Advanced Life Support and two people have recently been saved by our paramedics.  They also have an aquatic rescue team who will rescue us if we fall among sharks.

 The Chief said that Fires Service are the most integrated service in California to assist each other Written agreements are in place. It’s all pre-arranged.  The Chief stressed this is our fire season now, when things begin to dry out.  The LE 100 inspection program for property owners will end next week.

Mr. Lowe also spoke about community risk reduction. This needs improvement. Santa Cruz county has adopted the same fire code for the whole county which is helpful but we need a community risk educator. This reduces exposure for our firemen. They also have a CPR program that can be accessed through Pulse Point an app that helps you identify who might need CPR.

He ended by speaking about disaster planning. He worked on the spillway disaster in Oroville. He emphasized earthquake preparedness. For businesses there is a five point approach: Plan, prepare, mitigate, respond, recover.

Small scale immediate community risk reduction advice included: be ready for 48 hours to survive on your own. Smoke detectors save lives: when you change your clocks change your batteries.