Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Sep 08, 2017
Announcements and Reminders
Sign up with Rich for the beach clean-up on Sept 16th. It will be at 9:00 AM at Beer Can Beach.
Keith announced there will be cocktails Sept 8th at his house at 4:00.
Pam announced there is a lifespan open house at 600 Frederick St. from 11:00 -3:00 also today Friday Sept 8th.
Bee announced that she represented our club at the Abbott square opening and met people from different clubs. She said it is a fun place to go!
Our speaker today was Gabby Johnson who spoke about the Autism Family Network.  She is the assistant director, but also a teacher and has been a teacher for many years. The AFN began 5 years ago and they offer programs from pre-school to middle school level.


The purpose of the network is to do outreach to bring awareness and acceptance to the community. She said the organization has grown significantly over the past 5 years. She explained the autism spectrum to us from the severely disturbed to the Asperger’s person who can achieve at a high level.

She explained that the AFN does many special events including a parents’ series and events around autism awareness month which is April. They do a Warriors for Autism event and they do a zumba event also at Warriors stadium. They have also dances. They have an annual conference with all the service providers to hook families up with available services and forms of therapy.

Ms Johnson went on say that the AFN also do a safety awareness conference for children to become familiar with public safety employees. They will also be doing a gala in November which we can attend.

There were many questions involving how to recognize the symptoms of autism, the definition, the Morgan center model which is the model they use, mainstreaming, the effects of budget cuts, individual education plans and the children’s learning objectives and daily schedules.