August  18, 2016
Announcements and Reminders
Doug Deaver introduced one of our scholarship recipients from Aptos High, who took a gap year but now is going on to Fordham University. Congratulations Sarah and good luck!
We would like to welcome Scott Gillette who was inducted today as a new member.  He is actually a return member! So welcome back Scott!
Ken Gorman, a local attorney , was also inducted as a new member. Scott is also a gymnast! Welcome Ken!
Richard announced that the sign-up is available for beach cleanup at Beer Can Beach on Saturday Sept 17th  at  9:00 AM. Save Our Shores is the sponsor. If you don’t feel like bending over and picking up trash you can be the person who keeps the tally.
Win mentioned a program on membership a week from Saturday in Milpedes. Let Win know if you wish to go. You will need to sign up by the 20th.
Today Capitola Aptos Rotary joined in a group assembly led to discuss club membership and promotion. It is a follow-up to a meeting we had in March. The assembly was led by our President  Al de Camara and our President elect, Win Fernald ( see photo below).
Today Capitola Aptos Rotary joined in a group assembly led to discuss club membership and promotion. It is a follow-up to a meeting we had in March.  Among the topics discussed as options to increase membership were:
 New Rotary attendance requirements: We have permission from Rotary International to loosen up these requirements and in our club this has been done so that younger professionals and people who travel as part of a job can join! (Maybe this means you!)
 Happy hour and fundraising events: We have held several of these, including our well attended annual fund raiser
Chamber of Commerce mixers: Again we have participated in these with a Rotary booth.
Connecting with church groups: It was noted that many members of our Club are active in churches in our community (including our two pastors!)
Having a lively meeting:  Our meetings are so lively that our Governor commented on it recently. Much of this is due to our great speakers (thanks Pam Goodman and Becky Peters!)
Community giving:  We give away about $60,000 a year which is equal to the giving of much larger clubs!
International projects: We participate in Polio Plus as well as many other programs including a wheelchair distribution in Mexico. One of our members , Dr. Art, has participated in or led over 20 Rotary International Projects
 Club foundation: Separate from the international foundation, it currently has assets exceeding $470,000
 RotaCare Clinic: Held every Tuesday at Live Oak Senior Center, this project provides health services to low income and underinsured individuals
 Social Media: We have a constantly updated Facebook site
Website: Ditto
As noted above, President Al pointed out that we have already accomplished many of the things on the suggested list.  
Suggestions for the future included:  
Doug asked how do we best project ourselves in the community? We need people to write articles on our events for the Sentinel and Aptos Times and Aptos Life.
It was suggested that we might consider Habitat for Humanity involvement.
We have yet to do a video. It was suggested that one of the community programs we support, Digital Nest, may be able to help with this.
We need to reach empty nesters. One suggestion:  Invite a husband and wife to join together.
Finally Dave suggested that people with IRA’s can take a little slice out and donate it to Rotary instead of paying taxes on it! He gave us the steps to follow.
In the end, our beloved President suggested that what we really do well is party! And based on that item, President Al rated the club as perfect!