Announcements and Reminders
Rotary Night at the Warriors will be February 3rd at 7:00. They are playing the Iowa Energy. Al has twenty tickets at $25 each if you wish to go. You’ll get a tee shirt with your ticket!
Michelle has Rotary shirts for us women! Give her your size or she will assign one. Also fundraiser meetings will be held 1st and 3rd Thursday right before the regular meeting. Start looking for silent and live auction items!
Doug said the club speech contest will be February 23rd and March 16th will be the areawide competition. We will be hosting both of them here.
We will be putting together a Stop Hunger Now event at New Brighton middle school on Saturday February 25th . It will be similar to the barrel wrap that we do. Sign up with Doug Deaver.
Al announced that the Rotary Foundation International has given away $3 billion since its inception!!
May 7th will be our area meeting at the Boardwalk.
After several serious meetings today was all about fun. Jaqueline Kabat (pictured above with Bee Peters) was with us today. She is a comedian who teaches improvisation, works with corporations to do team building and also taught at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur.
Ms Kabat moved to New York in her early 20”s and became involved in a second city type comedy improv setting.  She explained that she is more technically a writer and improvisation is basically writing on your feet.
She led us in exercises and improv games. ‘Yes and’, an idea of agreement was the way she started.  Then we did the “no but…” exercise .. both designed to make your partner look good. Al and Michelle did the yes and acting game as spouses in a mattress store. They were hilarious! Pam Goodman, Scott and Sam did the next routine. They were instructed to be more physical. It was called a ‘slide show’ where they were the slides. This was equally hilarious. Bee Peters, Art and Win did the final sketch together.  They did a gibberish film dubbing.
The whole club enjoyed the presentation and enjoyed laughing at Ms Kabat and each other.