Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Nov 16, 2018


Keith announced that the annual Christmas party will be December 2nd at his house at 4:00. Please sign up on the sign-up sheet and indicate how many in your party.

Remember your Rotary Foundation pledges are due in November. See John Fisher to pay.

Sandy introduced our Piatt fellow from UCSC, Alexey Munishkin. He is a post grad student in the field of electrical and computer engineering department. He is studying programming related to robotics and automation and how to incorporate safety and time efficiency into areas such as air traffic control and automotive guidance systems. 

Remember next week is dark for Thanksgiving!


Chris Figureida was here today to speak about Cycle for the Heart, a program of Heluna Health, part of the American Heart Association. He described for us his first cross country ride. 


Chris began by saying know who you are, know who you want to be  and follow your dreams,  He spoke about riding across the country to raise awareness for kids about fitness. He began in Ventura county and ended up in Lubec Maine.

He showed us a very interesting power point presentation of his journey across the country. He ended up in tornado alley during tornado season and had to cross the Mississippi and Missouri rivers on bridges over rivers that were overflowing! He said the Appalachians were the hardest place, however, to ride a bicycle.

Along the way he met senators, governors, classrooms of enthusiastic kids and a lot of nice people. He finished by discussing the importance of heart health especially for children.  Since then he has crossed the US 11 times for the American Heart Association. He is going to ride across Hawaii this spring and that will be his 50th state!