Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on May 18, 2018
Announcements and Reminders
On May 24th we are going off site to the Museum of Telephony off Rodeo Gulch Rd. Sign up with Pam Goodman and specify your lunch if you plan to go. Meet at Beverly’s on 41st Ave at noon to carpool.
The theme for this year’s district conference is Celebrate the Past: Create the Future. It is June 1-3 at San Jose State University. You can register online at
Watsonville Rotary is holding a Maine Lobster Feast on Saturday June 9 2018. Tickets are $100.00. The event will be held at 5:30 at the Harvest Building on the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds.
Dr. Art Dover was named Medical Hero by the American Red Cross! If you are interested in attending his awards breakfast at Twin Lakes on June 15th let Al know.
The annual Bob Swenson memorial golf tournament will be held on June 1st at Seascape Golf Club. Cost is $160.
Get the word out about RotaCare! Fliers are available from Brenda.
Win has Pollworker applications if you wish to work on election day in June. This is a fundraiser for the club.
Remember to track your volunteer hours in the community! We will  begin collecting those soon.
Today we had the Santa Cruz Derby Girls here. They’re a non-profit group celebrating their 10th year in our community.  Eileen Hill is the executive director of the group. Jenny Olson and Megan Alpine were also part of the presentation. (It should be noted that all girls have their derby names as well).
There has been a recent resurgence in the sport. It is full contact and much more athletic and competitive than in the old days of the sport. It is strategic and hard hitting and fun to watch. The women train and compete like athletes.
The Derby Girls are a member of the women’s flattrack derby association where there is a championship tournament at the end of each season.  There are almost a hundred members in Santa Cruz County! Everyone is a volunteer (even the officials). There is also a junior derby program for young girls. They are #1 in the nation right now!
There is a bootcamp for training girls and then they try out for the team. There are C, B and A teams based on the skill levels of players. They play other teams on their own levels. They are rated about 15th in the world, amazing for such a small town.
Finally, the Derby girls give back to the community, donating over $30,00 to other community groups and over 1000 hours. Blood drives and parades are also part of their participation.
Their next bout is on June 30th, a double header at the civic auditorium. For more info go to