Announcements and Reminders
Rotarian of the week was Doug Deaver for his preparation for the governor’s visit.
President Al welcomed our District Governor with his usual dignity. (See photo below).
Kelly announced that Al’s faux debunking is Thursday August 11th at the Santa Cruz Yacht Club. Please sign up if you haven’t yet.
Jeff Orth, District Governor, was here today to speak to us along with Donna Maurello, Assistant District Governor for the Santa Cruz area.
Jeff Orth, District Governor, was here today to speak to us along with Donna Maurello, Assistant District Governor for the Santa Cruz area.
Donna led off by discussing what her role is as ADG. She introduced Jeff and discussed how he was president during the 100th anniversary of their club and moved on to be District Governor She stressed that he is a fun guy and (hopefully) enjoyed our practical jokes and our song.
Jeff spoke about difference makers in the club and the pin he developed called the ‘order of the stinking rose’ to acknowledge those people. He awarded those to John Fisher, Doug Deaver, Keith Madeiros, President Al, Art Dover, Chuck Witt and Pam Arnsberger. 
Jeff then welcomed new member Larry Hebert into the club. He discussed what it meant to be a member and asked Larry if he would sponsor a new member into Rotary himself! He then went into his presentation.
The international slogan this year is ‘Rotary serving humanity’. Jeff decided that his focus would be to attract the young, have lots of fun and get more done or ‘Younger, funner, doner.’ He told a story about how he became a Rotarian, when a man who had received  cleft palate surgery thanked Rotary that he could now kiss his wife.
He thanked us for our services including our community grants, the Interact clubs, the wheelchair project in Mexico, the scholarships, and Rotacare Clinic. He emphasized membership in his talk. Three important things he noted in terms of membership promotion: (1) A club should have a very strong brand and be outward facing and potential new members should be welcomed; (2) Membership net growth, especially bringing young people into the club is crucail; (3) A strong sense of purpose or being the club that people want to come to also attracts new meembers.
He stressed that the world needs more Rotarians and that there is so much bad news out there. We need to be more aware of what can be done to correct it. He mentioned a quote from Mr. Rogers: “When I was a boy I would see scary things on the news nd my mother would say ‘ Look for the helpers. You can always find people who are willing to help’.” He said these helpers should be (and probably are) Rotarians.  Jeff said that if we’re proud of the organization, we ought to be showing it… wear something that says Rotary! He concluded with a quote: “Success is when you look back at your life and the memories make you smile”.
He gave us a heads up and reminder about the convention next year in Atlanta and the District Conference which will be next May  6-7 in Santa Cruz!
 Nice legs Al!