Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Feb 08, 2018
Announcements and Reminders
Please note:  The online application for community grants has been posted. It is downloadable from the right hand corner of our home page.  Please e-mail applications in by April 13th.
The club speech contest is next week. We will meet in the big room.
Rotary night at the warriors is March 2nd. Go to their website and put in Rotary Night Warriors Santa Cruz and the info will come up. Tickets are $41.
Michelle announced that the major fundraiser will be Friday April 13th. The committee decided it will be two-part fundraiser for our community grants and Meals on Wheels. Meetings of the fundraiser committee will be on the first and third Thursdays at 11:00. All are welcome to come.
Wednesday Feb 21st will be the Business Showcase in Aptos. The event is held here at Aptos Seascape from 4-7. We will be setting up starting at around 3:00 if you wish to help.
         Our speaker today was Mary Edmund who is the executive director from CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams). It is based on the theory of neighbors helping neighbors. It is run by the CERT Auxiliary, a local non-profit. Our branch is associated with the Aptos La Selva Fire District.
         CERT training was started by the LA fire department. Since 1993, CERT teams have been trained throughout 28 states and Puerto Rico. Ms Edmund gave us several hints about what to do in an earthquake (like not standing in a doorway!) and during fires, which are increasingly a problem with global warming and (in our area)  the drought. They also serve as a ‘bridge’ for first responders which serves a triage function and helps to conserve resources.
         CERT members (working in squads) are trained to provide emergency preparedness information in their neighborhoods. Each squad usually serves around 250 homes and is centered around a ‘command post’. People who have taken the CERT training are better prepared to respond and cope with the aftermath of a disaster.  Training is conducted by firefighters or other trained personnel.  Trainees will learn the safe use of fire extinguishers, controlling utilities and extinguishing a small fire.  People will also learn how to diagnose and treat airway obstruction, bleeding and shock, and search and rescue emphasizing rescuer safety; they will also learn how to identify and respond to terrorism threats …all using the FEMA incident command system. They also do two special programs including a family preparedness class and a neighborhood mapping class.
         For more information to volunteer or make a donation see They are also on Amazon Smile.