September 17th Meeting
Announcements and Reminders
The district is asking us to host the area 7 speech contest.  Kate volunteered  to assist.
Pam announced that we can buy tickets to support the Alzheimer’s Association Walk in October. There is a drawing for gift baskets each of which have $300 -$400 worth of goods.  Tickets for the drawing are $5 each or $5 for $20. The drawing will be held Oct 1st.
Win and Rich Costa have volunteered to be our PR officers and will go to training on the 22nd.
A week from Saturday on the 26th there will be the  Second Harvest  barrel the Food Bank. If you volunteered show up at 8:30  at the Food Bank.
Stan announced that he needs detectives for October and November. Sign up if you haven‘t yet done this!
Beach clean- up will be this Saturday  the 21st at 10:00 AM.  Meet at Sumner and Dolphin for a fun day!
Doug reminded us that the Interact clubs are meeting again and any help/support  from club members  is appreciated.  
      Pam Goodman introduced Jeri Ross our speaker for the day. She is a licensed health educator who was the public health division chief. She is now the founder of a skin care business and has a life skills coaching practice.  She spoke about a program called Get on the Bus, a non-profit prison visitation organization.
          Specifically Get on the Bus is a program for kids with incarcerated parents.  The purpose is to help kids visit their parents in prison. She spoke about her own father and how important it is to her to see him. These visits help to create a more positive relationship between parent and child. Ms Ross stressed that prison visits matter.
The speaker said 25% of children with parents in prison are under the age of five. Studies show that when kids visit their parents they are not as at risk for developing long term emotional problems and the visits decrease their sense of loss and separation.  They see other kids visiting their parents and feel less alone.  It also reunifies the family when the parent is released. Inmates that have visits from their children are 6 times less likely to re-offend.
Get on the Bus helps to reunify children on mother’s day and father’s day and visit the women’s facility in Chowchilla more often than once a year. This program is for families without resources so that the children can see their parents.  It began 10 years go with one bus and thirty children and now offers 60 buses to 1500 kids to visit any one of 12 facilities throughout California.  On the bus they are given art supplies and make father’s day cards.
She ended her talk by showing us photographs of both the mother’s day and the father’s day event. For more information go to