Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Jun 07, 2019
The club has changed the schedule for our community grants awards this year. We will delay the grant awards until fall of 2019 so that we can determine the exact amount of funds we have to distribute. Watch this site for more information.
The debunking of the president will take place at a brunch at 12:00 on June 30th at the Santa Cruz Yacht club. Save the date!
We will be having our fundraiser at Aptos Park on the 4th of July beginning after the parade.  See Al to sign up to help in the booth, with set up or clean up or by taking cash and checking ID’s.
We will again participate in the beach clean-up this year. Save the third Saturday in September!
Matt announced that Saturday June 29th will be rotary day at Derby Girls. if you buy your tickets online, still sign up and let us know you will be attending.  Tickets and information at
All Rotary club members are invited to a party at Lifespan 600 Frederick St  next Thursday on June 13th 1:00-4:00. Pam and Becky are celebrating the  sale of the business and their won retirement. Come and widh them congratulations!
Sandy announced June 27th is the RYLA barbecue at Mission Springs. She said we should all go and have a wonderful experience!
Kristin Fabos, our speaker today, is the director or Marketing and Communications at Cabrillo College. She has been in this position since 2010.  She spoke to us about her volunteer work in Cambodia that involved building a house for a family as part of the Global Village Arm of Habitat for Humanity.
          She shared a slide show with us reflecting their experiences. She began by explaining that Cambodia has 16 million people, 10 million of which don’t have access to safe and sanitary housing.  They have a huge need for housing to be built so Habitat has been active there for 20 years serving 22,000 families,     
Both the fathers of the families they worked with were rice farmers but as sharecroppers (meaning they doesn’t own his own land.) and made between 80-90 dollars a month. They have an in country habitat person who serves as the local contact, interpreter, etc. One of the sites they visited while they were there was The Peace Museum of Mine Action. Cambodia still has about 3 million unfound land mines in the country.  
Many of the homes are built on stilts for spiritual purposes. The team works hard with pretty much only manual tools. They first built the outhouse since the nearest bathroom was a half mile away! They finished with a ribbon cutting and a lotus flower ceremony as well as a talcum powder party!
Kristin concluded by encouraging us to consider a Habitat trip for ourselves or get involved with local Habitat efforts.