By Nelson Crandall
Bob Curtis with his granddaughter, Monique.
Robert (Bob) Curtis recently terminated his membership in our club after almost 40 years due to failing health.
Bob joined our club at age 46 on April 27, 1983, with the classification of Appraiser Services. Bob’s wife of 50+ years, Klo Ann, remembers Thursdays as one of the best days of week for Bob. He would come home with news about the speakers and the other members, always getting a lot out of the meetings. When traveling, Bob kept up his attendance by visiting other clubs. He would talk about Rotary with anyone.
Club members think of Bob as a steady, quiet, warm presence. Dave Andrews, who worked with Bob professionally (Dave was a loan officer for a bank), had confidence in Bob’s appraisal skills and used his services on many occasions. Dave enjoys comparing reading lists with Bob, who is particularly interested in U.S. history. Bob always asks about Dave’s backpacking adventures.
Bob similarly asks about Craig Bagley’s work as an architect. At Rotary meetings they would often reminisce about their lives before moving to Silicon Valley and then upgrading to our paradise by the sea.
When active, Bob especially enjoyed Rotary’s service projects, including working the 4th of July beer booths, selling tickets at the Laguna Seca car races, helping on beach cleanup days, judging the Rotary speech contests, and setting up for fundraisers.
Bob considers Rotary to be a big part of what made him who he is. Bob maintained his Rotary membership for years after health issues prevented him from participating actively.
Bob, the entire club, including those of us who never got to know you, wish you well and thank you for your years of service. Our community and the world are better places because of it.