Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Aug 17, 2018
Keith’s annual summer party will be Sunday August 26th at 3:00. There will be games and refreshments. Bring your favorite to share if you wish!
Save Aug 30th for Win’s debunking. It will begin around 5:00 at Santa Cruz Yacht Club. Note: The club itself will be dark that day.
Saturday August 18th Cabrillo Stage has set aside seats for The Producers for SIRS and CAP Rotary for the 2pm matinee.  If you are interested in joining us tickets are $40 each and can be ordered by calling Cabrillo Stage at (831) 479-6154. 
Saturday August 25th the Derby Girls will be playing at the Santa Cruz City Auditorium at 6:45pm.  General Admission tickets are $17 each and they will help coordinate a section for us. Call the box office at 831-420-5260.
Come and participate in the sunrise rotary bike ride event for Leo’s Haven  on Saturday Sept 29th.  They need our help with volunteers or you can ride and raise money. See Doug for more details.
There will be an Area 7 Rotary mixer will be on Oct 9th from 5:00-7:00. There is a $5.00 fee for hors d’oeuvre and drinks. This event is just for Rotary members to get to know each other in our area.   
Avenues of service will be on Oct 4th from 4:00- 9:00. The club will pay the fee of $49.50 if you wish to go. See Pam for more information
Our speaker today was Irene Van Der Zande from Kidpower, a non-profit which focuses on personal safety for kids, teens adults and seniors.
She spoke about the beginning of the organization. It was set up after the earthquake in 1987. Its focus is on safety for kids, and teaching kids to practice solutions to possible problems and using their power and imagining themselves to be safe strong and confident.  She said having the tools for emotional safety is essential.
She also spoke about how to still have fun as well as be safe with people. For instance, there need to be safety plans to make outings fun and safe. Increasing awareness and moving away from trouble are also important.
She demonstrated a number of interventions and emotional safety techniques to help kids to resist threats and being touched inappropriately. She also spoke about tips to handle bullying and reassure yourself that words don’t have to hurt..
Some of the tips she showed us were: Speak up persistently and deal with the negative reaction. During an outing, it is important to plan who and where to meet if you get separated and know who can help you with a safety problem. She stressed that safety is more important than being polite, anyone’s embarrassment, or inconvenience.
She said they also serve teens and seniors. For more information go to Safety for more resources and articles and things you can use. She especially recommended a book called Doing Right by our Kids.