Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Mar 29, 2018
Announcements and Reminders
Our application for community grants has been posted. It is on the top right corner of our home page.  Please e-mail applications in by April 13th.
Please note: The application must be downloaded and filled out off-line then e-mailed in.
Remember our major fundraiser April 13th!  A roast for Bruce McPherson will be the highlight!  Tickets are $150. Think about business sponsorships (which come with free tickets!) and possible silent auction items! And bring a bottle of wine for our wine wheelbarrow.
April 7th is our workday at the Homeless Services Center. We need supplies (sanders and drop cloths especially) and volunteers! If you want to add your name to the list see Craig.
Bee announced that we have two winners in the annual Santa Cruz “Best of” survey. Lifespan was runner-up for best senior services and Kyle was runner up for best financial planner.
John Fisher announced that we need to make a $50 donation to the foundation for 100% club participation.
The Soquel High Interactors are having a fundraiser at DeLaveaga Golf Club on May 11th. It is $120 per golfer.
Our speaker today was Dr. David Smith, an accomplished athlete, author and adventurer as well as a marathon swimmer and creator of the NBC show ‘Survival of the Fittest’.  He spoke about testing physical and psychological limits and the importance of getting out of one’s comfort zone.
He began by sharing with us a video about his adventures. He then discussed how the brain can be positively impacted by doing new and novel activities (as well as exercising!). Dr. Smith said by learning new things and confronting new challenges, one can improve one’s brain. Some examples he gave are to learn Spanish or to ski.
He gave us several examples of risk taking. For 27 years he took schizophrenic patients out on the trail with him. He also did yoga with his patients and kayaked for 24 hours along the Nile. He shared with us a story about fighting off crocodiles in Costa Rica. He also told a story about the Johnson and Johnson CEO and the results for him of taking on a fresh challenge.  
Overall Dr. Smith has had many adventures that have ‘tested his mettle’ and has emerged unscathed. He encourages us (with adequate preparation!)  to test our limits and improve our brains! too.