Announcements and Reminders
Rotarian of the week is Keith.
Kate announced it’s time for the home tour for the symphony . She has tickets for $40 each.
John Fisher announced that Foundation month is here! Make donations to him. Prizes will be available!
There is an InterAct beach cleanup is this Saturday November 5th at Trestle Beach. InterAct will be doing a barbecue afterwards.
Doug announced that if you know a junior in high school that might be interested in being a an entrepreneur  let him  know and he’ll give you an application for the Roatary sponsored competition.
Tricia Potts was our speaker today. She founded the Santa Cruz Playground project.  It is  a volunteer organization working in a public private partnership with the county. It will be at Chanticleer Park and will be our county’s first inclusive playground.
Tricia spoke about her son Oliver who is in a wheelchair and could not access public playgrounds even though they are ADA accessible.  She went down to see Tatum’s park in Salinas and was inspired to bring something like this to Santa Cruz.
She worked with the county to redesign an existing park that could not be built due to the  recession in 2009. Then she worked with the neighborhood to get them to buy in. The playground will be called Leo’s Haven and the group will be working with Shane’s Inspiration , an organization that has expertise is setting up projects like this. She told us Rotary Clubs have been involved at many levels in helping to set this up.
Plans for the playground were unveiled this June and are on the website at www. santacruzplaygroundproject. org.  There are several ways to be involved. Immediately, there will be a firecracker night at Satna Cruz Warriors to benefit Leo’s Haven.  $5.00 for each ticket will go to the playground . To purchase tickets online please visit : deadline is Friday November 4th. There will also be a community night at Shadowbrook in December where a portion of what you pay for your meal will go to this effort.