Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Sep 27, 2018


Come and participate in the Sunrise Rotary bike ride event for Leo’s Haven on Saturday Sept 29th or help with clean-up on Saturday October 6th. The dedication itself will be at the park at 1975 Chanticleer on October 13th from 10:00 to 2:00

We will be doing weeding at the The Farm Park in Soquel, a project for the restoration of native plants. The park is up from Soquel Drive ,north on Harden, right on Tee. It will be Saturday November 3 at 9:00 AM. This will replace our usual beach clean-up. 

Avenues of Service will be on Oct 4th from 4:00-9:00. The club will pay the fee of $49.50 if you wish to go. See Pam for more information.

The District Governor’s visit is scheduled for Oct 11th. We will meet in the big room that day.

Friday Oct 26th will be the date for the dinner honoring our own Michelle Bassi, this year’s Woman of the Year. Make checks out to Aptos Seascape for $85 and give them to Doug to reserve our table.

Sandie will be honored by the Volunteer Center for a "Be the Difference" award at a luncheon at the Coconut Grove on Wed, Oct 24, 11:30.  If interested in going see Pam.

Dr. Art will be bringing flu vaccine the next few weeks for those both over and under 65.

Sept 29th will be the Freedom and Watsonville Rotary Clubs Burrito Bash at the Santa Cruz Fairgrounds.  There will be great food and entertainment. Go and support our neighbor clubs! 

Remember to turn in your Rotary Foundation Pledge Cards to John Fisher in the next two weeks! We would like to have them turned in before the district governor's visit!


Cindy Jackson spoke to us today about the state of the libraries. She is on the Friends of the Library board at the La Selva Beach branch .






21st century libraries promote reading and literacy but many other things as well.  People are getting creative about what libraries do. Toddlers have story time. Family tree and genealogy researchers also convene at libraries. Libraries are part of “social capital” we have by increasing social interaction.

Other services are fast free computers with public access for adults.  There is also free internet access both in and outside the library. If you have your own laptop there are internet connections. All people deserve access to information and everything in the library is completely free. Outreach workers are even stationed in the downtown branch of the library. The Aptos branch will begin offering a homeless service outreach event twice a month. There is free homework help once a week during the school year and reference help all year round.

There are programs in libraries such as building robots who fight in a ring, close combat games and a coding game to learn python and java scrip. New readers read to their pets. There are board game nights and one branch has a youth chess club.

There is one-on-one on tutoring and “Monday moneys” on financial planning. There are ESL conversation groups and movie groups including a documentary film group.

How can we help? Join The “Our community reads” event. This year they are doing a book on the Monterey bay. The program will help January 15th. There are also book sales. They welcomes donated books and CDs and buyers.  You can also donate at Deluxe Foods. You can share your expertise in a library setting. See Cindy if you are able to do this.

 For more info go to the website at