Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Nov 16, 2017
Announcements and Reminders
Aptos and Soquel Interact are doing a beach cleanup on Nov 18th Seascape Beach at 9:15 by the trestle. We are strongly urged to go! In case of rain, people are still planning to go.
Doug announced that Scotts Valley Rotary is putting together a fundraiser for Leo’s Haven (a Johnny Cash tribute band) Friday Dec 1st.
Keith reminded us of his annual Christmas party on the first Sunday of December (the 3rd). No need to bring anything but do RSVP to Keith.
Whole Foods is having a Holiday by the Sea. Charge is 2.00 and the $$ will go to Second Harvest. It will be Dec 10th at 8-10 PM.
Doug announced that our DDF allocation is $2000 RotaCare and $3000 to Leo’s Haven. We need some active Rotary involvement for these funds.
Kate announced the Symphony Home Tour. Tickets are $40 each. There is also a launch party for $25. Kate is offering a buy-one-get-one-free-deal on those!
We are dark next week! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Paddy Brady was our speaker today. He is from His to Offer (H2O) African outreach. He is 3rd generation Santa Cruz and worked in NASA and the Air Force and Lockheed.


H20 originally focused on Malawi, specifically on an orphanage called great vision. There were1000 orphans with only one crop (corn) and a whole economy based on aid. First thing they did was drill for water. With clean water, they started a farming program. Now they have 30 crops and chickens and the community is really starting to thrive. They now sell their excess harvest in a store.

They then decided to offer prisoner outreach. They do job training and for them to help them get jobs when they get out. They are now in 90 countries in Africa and across the world in total with 18 working businesses.

Then they decided to focus on Santa Cruz. They created a business called Britevision Solar and hired only homeless veterans to sell their solar products, including a solar mill and solar walk-in refrigerator. These products also get used in Africa, installed by the prisoners!

This was transformational talk and Mr. Brady is an inspiration! For more information go the website at