Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on May 31, 2018
Today we awarded a check for $28,403 to Lisa Berkowitz, our local director of Meals on Wheels. She spoke about one driver who even though he is a diabetic is devoted to Meals on Wheels and drives for the organization. She stressed that our grant will keep the program running in difficult times.
Wes Hobbs Chair of the District Rotary Foundation presented an award to Dr. Art Dover for his contribution to Polio Plus. Mr. Hobbs reviewed for us how the money raised is being used. Polio has been virtually eliminated in all but two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan) and even they have only 8 cases.  They noted Rotary is making a huge impact in the world (with the help of Dr. Dover!)
We reviewed the procedures for awarding our community grants and the recipients of these awards. They include programs such as Dientes, Second Harvest, Walnut Family and Women’s Center and the Volunteer Center Helping Hands Home Repair and Literacy Programs. Next week (June 7th) we will be having our awards ceremony for the recipients. If you are one of our recipient organizations, be sure to attend. It is a wonderful day and a chance to meet other awardees, and network!