Today our Ex Presidents Andean Fife and Save Vermin  For Honey Boo Boo Marching Band gave a photographic and retrocolonial shamefaced narrated Photo tour of their trip from Lima to Cusco to Macho Pichu up to the  Floating Isles of Puno on Lake Titicacca, peered  south at 14,200 feet to the mystery of Treeless Puma Punko, in Bolivia and saw evidence of the original IncaNet. Then we flew north to Sexy Woman and into the depths of the  Equadorian cannibal infested head shrinking, disease ridden primordial Amazonian Volcanic Forest.. All during Lunch. No Inoculations even required!

 Only took my back a month to recover. Worst most awful, toughest, corrupt, most beautiful, ancient and Exotic country I have ever seen. Whenever you are offered Guinea Pig...Flee. Chew your hand instead.I have seen and climbed the Swiss Alps/ Italian Alps, Rockies and Sierra, South New Zealand mountains and ...The Andes take the cake.

 If it is a delicacy, I'm talking 4 star place to eat they might remove the Crunchy claws, eyeballs and tails..Not bad with the Peppers and onions..and beer. Altitude? Think the highest Mountain in Mainland America.. then go up. Another two miles.