Every first Monday is membership Monday. Come and have a drink and bring potential new members. Every second Tuesday is for new red badgers. These are both at 5:30 to 7:00 PM and are at Aptos Seascape.
Sandi announced that we will be accepting applications for RYLA. If you know any Sophomores or Juniors who might be eligible please let Sandi know.
Our beloved John Fisher, member of Capitola Aptos Rotary for many years and inspiration for the RotaCare free clinic passed away on Tuesday. Among other honors he received the Jefferson award as a distinguished volunteer in the Monterey Bay Area.
Al gave us a foundation report. Some of the Campbell funds have been distributed. Bill also mentioned that we still need 121 people for our 1005 participation.
Dr Art announced that we all need to get our flu shots! Talk to him about getting your shot if you haven’t done it this season. It is not too late!
          Today our speaker spoke about local Recycling efforts. Christina Horvath from Santa Cruz County Department of Public Works gave us an update on recycling efforts in the county as well as new laws that will affect the way we recycle in the coming years.  
She said that people don’t know how much of the blue barrels actually get recycled which turns out to over 90%. The Department does a lot of education and outreach. They also do source reduction or preventing waste from originally occurring. They even dig in the garbage and see who is doing it right.
 One of the new laws going into effect is AB 1826 which is mandatory organic recycling. She mentioned that Buena Vista is on its last cell now will be a transfer and a compost facility soon, part of the effort to introduce are introduce zero waste and a circular economy. They divert many things from our landfill
 She covered what they recycle. Bottles and boxes, small e-waste, shells, plastic,etc. Greenwaste looks for markets for all these items. It still gets sent to Asia but more domestic recycling plants are coming up all over.  Beginning in 2022 you will be able to combine your woodwaste with your foodwaste In the green bins. It needs to come in clean and dry. Recyclables now go in the blue bins.
Reuse reduce recycle!