Fellow Cap-Ap Rotarians:

Our April 13 lunch meeting was at the Fairfield Inn.
Those of you who haven't been yet should check it out to see how you think it compares with other venues.
It's on 41st Ave, about 1/2 mile past the Capitola Mall.  We have a large, well- lit dedicated room, functioning wifi and cell service.  But no bar...
The a/c functions well, a bit too well at one point as the board meeting turned glacial for a few minutes. But that was resolved.

Lunch was deli sandwiches catered by Garden Deli.

Co-Pres Kendra ran the meeting.

We had about 20 members and a few on zoom including Secretary Nelson, Mardi and Doug D.

Dr. Art provided the thought and joke of the day:  It is risky to speak to the press they might report it

Al did the welcome song a la Herbie Hancock on his portable keyboard.
Konstantin chimed in on glass percussion.
Please bring two bottles of wine (~ $20 each value) to Kendra this meeting as we will be using them at Kentucky Derby Fundraiser as game prizes. 
Please use the Eventbrite Link to purchase your Derby party tickets today! There are quarter page fliers that Kendra can print and get you to hand out to your friends and neighbors and dog walker! Invite your kids and their friends, literally everyone you KNOW! 
Derby Party Sponsorships: $500 sponsorship gets you Public Recognition including your logo on event materials, being mentioned at the event, your logo being used on all our social media channels (fb, IG, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube) along with on our club website. Please contact CPOM Kendra at kcleary.rotary@gmail.com to sign up. 
Huge Thanks to our current Derby sponsors
Costello Wealth Strategies
Penrose, Chun & Gorman
Aptos Travel Medicine
1st Capital Bank 
Anders is going to Sweden in a week and staying there until September.  He wished us all well.

Rich is getting ready to leave on his cross-country trip- he wore a Buffalo Bills hat that maybe the only one in Santa Cruz County and is likely to be the first and only one in most of the places he gets to.  Bills are 0-4 in Super Bowls., tied with the Vikings for Super Futility.

Lowry was the detective and the subjects were cats and dogs.  Members showed much knowledge thereof.  A few trivia tidbits:
Golden retrievers are the most popular breeds.
Chihuahuas weigh about 5 lbs. v Great Danes 150.
Cats can jump 5 times their body length
Siamese cats weigh about 5lbs,  Maine Coons weigh  20
Al knew that cats can see well at night because they have specialized retinas
He added, to incur a fine, "No cataracts."

Kendra repeated the request to get new members by simply by asking people to join- it has surprisingly good results
There are handouts (Tri-Folds we had printed) available to give to prospective members. 

There was no guest speaker so Kendra gave a primer on social media.  It was a 30 minute version of the Progressive Insurance commercials where Life Coach Dr. Glass trains people how not to be like their parents and enter the 21st Century...."Now we're going to convert a word document to pdf" evokes dismay.

We practiced using QR Codes with our phones:

and then we covered Facebook, Instagram, TikTok’s, Twitter and YouTube! All of which our club has accounts on! 

We also talked about Organic Reach vs Paid Reach on all the social channels.  Organic Reach happens when our Rotary members “SHARE” a post from the club’s account to the members account, then the Rotarian’s “friends” see it——which wouldn’t have happened without that member sharing the post! That’s ORGANIC reach! Paid Reach is when you see a post on your Facebook Feed that says “sponsored” in small grey writing, that means someone paid for the algorithm to show you that content. 
We want to encourage Organic Reach as that helps people see our events and fundraisers—without the club having to use marketing budget to pay for the sponsored post to be seen.