Our April 14 meeting was attended by 22 people in person and 3 on zoom

Announcements:  the Club's Cinco de May on Uno de Mayo is at Keith's house- parking is tight, bring a dish to share.  Guests are welcome and encouraged.  If you haven’t signed up please do so asap so Keith can plan accordingly.

The club Pickle ball fundraising tournament will be at Willowbrook Park on May 22 from 9-5.  The donation is $45.  We get the courts and adjacent parts of the park so it will be a great day even for the non-players and of course a nice revenue raiser for our charities.   Leashed pets are allowed.

We will be selling beer and probably hard seltzer and wine at the  4th of July party in Aptos Park.  We will need volunteers to help set up, serve/pour and break down. 

Lowry reported that he visited the Kingston NY Rotary and exchanged banners with them.  He had one of theirs but no other proof of his story, which is suspect given the photo attached.
For Revolutionary War buffs- the British burned Kingston in retaliation/anger over the battle of Saratoga.

Michele announced that there will be a fundraising opportunity for the roast of Willy Elliot-McCrea, the retiring CEO of Second Harvest, probably in the Fall.

After a brief pause to get in tune, Sam and Al led rousing versions of the Welcome Song and the 4 Way Test.

Sam's Jokes of the Day were readings of several actual announcements sent out by Church service groups with unintentionally funny word juxtaposition that made the messages mean something quite different than the authors intended.  Lack of editing.....

Graham did a great job as Detective with educational and entertaining questions with differing degrees of relationship to Easter, including references to Peter Rabbit and Beatrix Potter, the Killer Rabbit in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Alice and Wonderland's White Rabbit.

President Ken presented Al DeCamara and Bill Gray with their Paul Harris certificates and pins.

Rod Dirdiron was our guest speaker, via Zoom. 
Mr. Dirdiron had been the chair of many transit projects in Bay Area, has held several political offices and has the San Jose transportation hub named after him.
He has been a Rotarian for over 50 years and is now actively involved in Rotary's Climate Action Council.  Climate action has become Rotary's seventh Avenue of Service.  He urged the club to appoint a delegate to the disctrict's council on climate change which meets Mondays at 5pm.  Volunteers?

After a technical glitch heroically solved by Nelson, Mr. Dirdiron presented a series of slides via power point accompanied by his oral explanations and information on climate change.

Some of the highlights of the presentation:
There have been 5 mass extinctions from carbon buildup, some scientists say we are headed to 6th mass extinction if changes are not implemented by 2030.
Samples from the polar icepack and Greenland ice pack show that CO2 concentrations are the highest they have been in 800,000 years.
Per many agencies, including the UN, NOA and NASA, climate change is caused by humans and will be Irreversible if not addressed asap.  The planet's temperature has risen 2 degrees in the past 70 years, which coincides with the increase in global use of fossil fuels.  The last 4 years have been the hottest in recorded history. The UN has issued a code red State of Emergency for the planet because of the effects of climate change.

There is opposition to efforts to get away from reliance on fossil fuels from oil and coal companies.

38 per cent of CO2 in Calif is from transportation- 20 per cent from industry, small amounts from agriculture.

Populations at the equator are moving because of climate change.

We are seeing the beginning of planet-wide disruption in food production and supply, water shortages and unexpected epidemics.
Ocean warming is causing more water vapor and weather extremes;
A polar ice melt could increase ocean heights by 60 feet 

The solution is a  rapid switch to alternative energy; transform power grids; abandon carbon based energy sources worldwide.

Lowry asked about carbon tax: Mr. Dirdiron said it was a great idea but has been-blocked by Republicans and Democratic Senators, Sinema and Manchin
He added that President Biden's Build Back Better bill has not passed yet

On the local level:
Dr Art asked about the claim by Yes on D (Greenway) that rails in place are not suitable.  Mr. Dirdiron is a backer of No on D. He said that rail scrappers and oil companies are committing subterfuge.
He also said that federal grant money is available for rail projects like the one proposed here.

This Thursday's lunch is at Seascape.  April 28 and May 5 will be at Michael's on Main.  PLEASE respond to the RSVPs for lunch.
Here are some other highlights, we received a letter from Walnut Avenue, we are glad we can Serve to Change Lives! We are bringing you also the magic around the Nisene Marks hike with some photos as well as the participation of Lowry in a golf tournament, we are proud of you all!
See everyone on 4/21!

Letter from Walnut Avenue
Lowry Fenton
Nisene Marks Hike 
I am Groot
Banana Slug
This grove of about 40 trees corkscrews so they were never logged