CapAp Rotarians

Our April 18 meeting was another sellout, we actually ran short of seats. Jimmy K was on zoom

President Lowry told us we have five RYLA attendees

Kendra reminded everyone of the May 4 Derby party and fundraiser and handed out large and small flyers. Let’s market this as much as we can, it’s a great event and as always, we are raising money for  good causes. Especially since there isn’t a horse racing track between here and Berkeley (and that’s only trotters) this is the best chance to see thoroughbred horse racing in a great environment. And for the unfamiliar-  it’s not just one race, there are 7-10 earlier races before the Derby itself.  

Sam read a long with very clever joke about how different houses of worship dealt with an influx of unwanted squirrels. Many punch lines.  My favorites were the church that made the squirrels members so then they only showed up on Easter and Christmas,  and the Jewish temple  that circumcised one squirrel and they never showed up again.

UTI Was live and fully equipped, and we rocked our way through the welcome song and four-way test song.

Our guests were Becky’s friends Bruce and Rupert - potential future Rotarians.

Reminder that there are auction items at the Derby party.  Mac donated two bottles and told us that his nephews each run wineries.
Road trip?

Detective Stan asked people about events that happened in history on certain dates including hurricane Donna and the Gabby Gifford shooting. Extra star to Sam for guessing shoot out at the OK corral

Al just celebrated a birthday, he still looks 39

Our guest singer was Julie James, who has run the Jewel theater for 20 years. Unfortunately, they are closing because of the effects of Covid. So  we got to see one of the last performances by one of our most talented local musicians.

We got three songs from her Patsy Cline tribute: Honky Tonk Blues, God Didn't make Honky Tonk Angels and Let's Go Walkin. She was backed by her piano player Colin, aka Joe Billy Bob  who also leads the six piece band that accomplished her when they perform

The songs were fabulous, and Julie does a great job of dropping into and out of the Patsy Cline persona.  She reminded us that the plural of y'all is "all y'all."

Their final shows will be Thursdays-Sundays, May 8–25 at the Colligan Theater at the Tannery. The shows are nightly, with an added matinee on Saturday.

Perhaps expressing some feelings of lack of appreciation, Al led a round of applause for the piano player.

 if you paying attention will understand this:
It was more fun than a bunch of drunk, uncircumcised squirrels at the baptismal waterslide at the church.

See everyone next Thursday!