This week’s lunch at Seascape was highlighted by the return of: the piano, the 4 way test banner, the Rotary International Banner, Scott  and Al. Sam and Al led us in a rocking rendition of Jingle Bells, the Welcome Song and the 4 Way Test Song….the latter still being tweaked a bit but all sounding great with full instrumentation.
Nelson handled the zoom solo- quite a task.  Moving the screen to the darker side of the room was helpful for the video.  A cordless mike would also be a boon but we are making progress.  Former Prez Michele B looked great on zoom in her recovery mode.
Our Holiday Lights display is fabulous and we actually got published- hopefully this year the judges will agree that our display is the best.  There was a brief issue because of some dead batteries over the weekend but Kendra and team pulled it together.  Everyone should go see the display at the fairgrounds and encourage their friends, family and anyone else.
We will meet for lunch This Thursday and the following Thursday at Seascape but then skip two weeks and will not meet on 12/23 or 12/30.  We are not having a Holiday Party because of covid but if folks want to consider an informal get together email Pres. Ken and we can see what we can pull together.
Lowry has agreed to oversee the speech contest- thanks Lowry!!!!  Matt has agreed to help judge.  Thanks Matt!  Anyone else who can assist- please contact Ken and/or Lowry. It looks like the speech contest will be in mid-February.           
Craig reminded everyone to get their donations in for the wheelchair project by December 25, as that is when the donations are supposed to close.
Bill Witmer said we are on a good pace for 100% membership contribution to the Rotary fund but there are still several members who have not contributed.  Names are being withheld….for now…
Sam had another great joke to further cement his dual talents as musician and comedian.
Craig doubled as Detective as well  as Sgt at Arms and had a series of funny and informative  Rotary multiple choice questions. 
Our guest speaker was Kent-Harris Repass, aide to Congressman Jimmy Panetta.  Kent-Harris spoke to us several months ago.  He is extremely well informed and well spoken. In the photo above, Kent-Harris reacts to a Win Fernald joke.  He gave an overview of some of the more prominent legislation in Washington DC and some legislation sponsored by Congressman Panetta.  Mr. Repass took questions from our members and invited constituents to contact his office with questions or with problems with federal government services.  A few members spoke of great results they have had getting Mr. Repass and his office to intercede on behalf of themselves or their family,
Club members listen to Kent-Harris Repass with rapt attention.
We had 26 people for the meeting, plus our guest, which was great.  But only 15 people signed up for lunch.  Fortunately that wasn’t a problem because Seascape prepares food for 25 minimum so there was food for everyone.   If we had signed up for 25 and 11 than that more  showed up that would we would have been short about 10 meals.  If only 15 attended we would have wasted ten meals and the club would have to pay for them anyway.  So folks, PLEASE respond to Kendra’s sign-ups.  We know this is a hassle but it is a requirement not only of Seascape but everyplace else we checked out.
See everyone on Thursday!