Dear Rotarians,
Our February 23 meeting was at the beautiful Episcopal Church of St. John in Seacliff.  Thanks to Win and Nelson for making the arrangements.

25 members and a few guests attended. 

Food was brought in by Rotary Owned Catering business Busy Bee's Cafe & Catering and served buffet via buffet- as was a generous assortment of wine.  No corkage fee.
No jokes about changing water into it please.


Busy Bee's Chef Ty pictured with Co Prez Kendra, and the lovely buffet we were served! Feb 23rd's menu was Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green Bean Salad and those amazing rolls we have all come to adore!! 
The beverage cups were from "Sensations" which seems like the brand name for something completely different.

CO-Prez Laura was the masteress of ceremonies (master is wrong, mistress seems too much like it should be with "Sensations."  Masteress  is gender-neutral).

Sam and Al led us in the Welcome Song and 4 Way test.  We had hoped Al would trade his portable keyboard for the 20 foot organ but that will have to wait for another day.  They sounded great though Sam does not make as effective a movie screen as the one Kendra set up....  Kelly's oompahs were robust.  Win told us that the organ was brought around the Cape- Horn or Good Hope?  Horn Organ seems contradictory, Good Hope is congruent with a Church.
Either way, a challenge to Kelly for volume on ooompahs is in order.
Rich & Claire McAdams

Claire and Rich McAdams attended- nice to see both of them.  Your author had to call him "Your Honor" for 35 years and when asked what he should be called at the Rotary meetings, Judge M said, "Your Lordship."  Based on Claire's reaction it's doubtful that he's called that at home.  (btw, another lawyer in the club...way over represented).

Win announced that ThomasJohn is cancer free- our best wishes to him.

Dr Ruth- First MD at UCSC

Nelson (another lawyer) had the joke of the day- perfectly themed for the venue (a lawyer word):  A priest, a minister and a rabbit walk into a bar.  The rabbit says, "I think I'm a typo."

Random Reminder- fill the Rotacare buckets!
Our Club's High School Scholarship Application is now LIVE on our website. Deadline for student app submission is March 27th. Application and two reference letters should be emailed to or sent via US Mail to the Club's PO Box.

Laura reminded us that International Women’s Day is on March 19th at the Rotary Summit Center, and the club is trying to carpool to the event in San Jose on 3/19- 4-7 pm, drinks and hors d'ouvres (spell check keeps trying to correct that to "horse dovers" which doesn't make any sense, though I think I ate something like that in a sleazy "steak" house in New Jersey years ago. 

Lowry advised about the speech contest schedule for our 3/9 Dinner Meeting.

((Our membership Monday at Cantine on 2/27 was canceled because of Covid exposure at this meeting.....which is why the 3/2 meeting is on zoom.))

3/9 we have the board meeting club meeting and speech contest. 

CPOM Laura and Katie with SCCCU

Our guest speaker was Katie with Santa Cruz Community Credit Union.  She had been a superintendent of schools. 
She educated us (except for Michele B who knows all this already and was very gracious of course)
Katie explained that the Santa Cruz community credit union was founded by activists in 1977- it is the smallest financial institution in the area.  It offers loans when other institutions won’t because of poor credit ratings or for things like manufactured homes and used cars.  The trade off is that the rates are higher.  She said that borrowers are better off with Michele B if credit score is good.  Many millennials are customers.

SCCCU has 4 branches and 55 employees.  She was very proud of the classes they offer at high schools and for other customers and potential customers. They work with other non-profits to provide education

Fabulous endorsement- Becky relayed how they started their business (Lifespan) 40 years ago with a loan from SCCCU