Our July 20 meeting was at Seascape.  For those of you who showed up someplace on July 27- we had no meeting because we had the debunking at Michele's house.... We had 25 attendees

One of our guests was Lexus Castrejon, our scholarship recipient from Aptos HS.  She is going to SFSU to study criminal justice and forensic pathology.

Michele brought her guest Erica Padilla Chavez who we would like to have as a member
Mindy Pedaler joined us along with our guest speaker Andrea Hart from Cabrillo Stage/Drama
Mindy gave a thank you speech to Rotary for supporting her magician's troupe when she was a kid-and she made a $20 donation.

Dr Art's thought for the day:
Freedom is a fragile thing and never more than one generation away

Sam provided the joke: before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes.  That way when you criticize them you will be a mile away and they won't have any shoes. 
Truly the Rotarian spirit

Sam led in the Welcome Song- Rocking it on guitar and with his Elvis-like voice
Trivia photos taken last week for detective/fundraising:
Guess the legs
Guess the hat
Guess the head
Where is Nelson’s Sports Bar?  Only 2 people have correctly answered before

Membership Monday is August 7
We need volunteers for committees for service projects
District 5170 has started a Climate Action Project and a solar panel project needs members/volunteers

Rich was the joker- his R rated joke about a Freudian slip was funny but your author is not going to write it

Our guest speaker was Andrea Hart, the artistic director at Cabrillo Stage.  She gave a great presentation on the ongoing showing of the Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Completely unbiased- Matt says it was great.  Also unbiased and raving about it- Michele and pretty much everyone else who has seen it.

Andrea took us through the production from deciding on what play to put on through the development of the sets (fabulous), costumes, assembly of the cast and choir, rehearsals and a few teasing trailers.
 Mindy said it is the best choir she ever heard in her 30+ years.
The set is 3 stories.  Its construction has been overseen by Skip Epperson who has trained generations of students, many of whom are now professionals but come back to help here.  That shows.

Sue won the lottery!  Unfortunately, just ours, not the $978 million power ball.

The debunking at Michele's was fabulous- perfect weather, great tributes and playful fun about Kendra and Laura, fabulous food, questionable alcoholic beverages (but no shortage) and the awesome accommodations at Michele and Dean's place.

See everyone today at Seascape!!!