Our June 2 meeting was at Seascape. We had 23 attendees in person and 2 on Zoom

Michele announced the signups for our beer and hard seltzer booth at the July 4th festival in Aptos Village Park and passed around a signup sheet.  We need Many more volunteers for the shifts which run 4 hours.

President Ken’s debunking is set for June 27 starting 5 pm at the Santa Cruz Yacht club
The committee to nominate the 2023-2024 President(s) elect is meeting and talking to nominees.

Dr Art announced that Loaves and fishes has asked for help in its food drives the week before thanksgiving and week before Christmas. He is going to the Rotary international convention on Houston in July

Sam soloed leading the Welcome song and 4 way test song

Sue Detective.  She asked members to park about:
Where they grew up and what brought them to California 

Joni :  came here to get away from Winters in Iowa though she is still fond of the Hawkeye star

Anissa came here from Endicott NY and got a job at KDON

Bee came here from South Carolina for college, did nursing school back in South Carolina then returned here asap

Kelly is from Seattle.  His family moved to Colorado and decided to move here while spending Winter in San Diego

Laura grew up near Detroit where her family of 9 kids lived in a log cabin and owned an orchard. Visiting an uncle in LA motivated the move to CA.

Win is from Maine and still loves the state except in Winter 

Trish was born in Honolulu when her dad was in the service. She was Raised in the SoCal mountains, came North for UCSC and stayed

Dave born and raised in Nevada. He came To California for college and officer school. Nice to see him back- he is doing well

Dr Art was raised in Chicago and came here because it was too cold to ride his motorcycle 

Our guest speaker was Alexis Carr

The subject of her presentation was sustainable wine

Alexis is from a Santa Cruz farm family and got her degree in agriculture at UCSC.
She is an expert, connosieur and entertaining speaker. She also brought 3 bottles of Pinot noir: one from Toyon , one from Sante Arcangelli and the third ???, for tasting.
That certainly did not detract from the enthusiasm of our members
Each vineyard is at a different elevation. They all grow organically using sustainable ag practices.
She told us that in 1980 CA wines beat out French in comparison so SC mountains became own appellation. There are now several micro climates. Grape growers adapting new grape types for climate change  
She and others are studying  damage from smoke- people can taste smoke in wine
Not every grape gets smoke taint, it depends on many factors including where grapes were, when picked. Blanc noir is white wine from red grapes without the skins. Because smoke settles in the skin many producers opted for blanc noir after the 2020 fires.

There is now a glass shortage because much of the sand for wine bottles comes from Ukraine.
She thinks production of box wine may increase because of that and because it is much cheaper to ship because it has much less weight

Laura brought up screw capped wine.
Alexis said that screw tops are not indicator of quality, and one advantage of them is that the do not can’t get cork taint.

Dr Art. asked how the drought was affecting growing practices. A nexus said growers are adopting more efficient water usages.

She note that stressed roots, which have not been irrigated, reach deeper into the soul and absorb different chemicals

Alexis said that because of the 2020 smoke damage many wineries didn’t have a vintage

Most don’t have crop insurance.
Note from your Prez- I had a few cases where people who were only growing grapes purchased crop insurance but their fire damage claims were denied because grapes aren’t considered crops. WTH?  There was intense disagreement with the insurance companies and agents which sold useless policies 

Not endearing:  on Friday Seascape advised that they were charging us a $8 per bottle corkage fee (discounted from $15) even though Alexis opened the wine and brought the glasses and Ken poured.  It’s not so much $24 but…. And they tacked on $50 for using their projector for zoom- again a surprise 

Some of our scholarship recipients from Aptos high and Soquel high will be at our June 9 lunch at Seascape 
Our June 16 lunch is also at Seascape 
Will keep you posted for our June 23 meeting 

Let’s all wish Kendra a full recovery from food poisoning