Fellow Rotarians:

Our March 3 meeting was held via zoom only because of covid concerns.
Turnout was small- 15 stalwart members, no guests.
The meeting was also short because we had no guest speaker.

Co-Prez Kendra was flush with excitement at her joke of the day:
Why were lawyers created?   
So that toilet plungers would have something to look down on.

Laura reminded us that International Women's Day is 3/19.  Please sign up to carpool to the Rotary International event in San Jose.
Last year there were 120 attendees, about 1/3 were non-Rotarians.
March 17 is 11-1 is the fundraiser for Meals on Wheels at Chaminade and Rotary night at the Sant Cruz Warriors game in downtown Santa Cruz. 

March 20's membership Monday  will be at 530, site tbd.
We had one special guest who joined us for a brief moment, the Assistant and Office Goddess to the Immediate Past President, Hillary Dickson!! 
See Hillary in second from bottom row, left most Zoom box!

The Kentucky Derby party is May 6th 1pm-4:30pm at the Specialized Helicopters Hanger in the Watsonville Airport- Kendra wants you to Save the Date and will be sending out more info.

May 13th 10am-5pm is our next Car and Booster seat drive in Aptos, hopefully at Cabrillo College again.

Lowry reminded us that the speech contest is this Thursday at St. John's church.  Our meeting starts at 5, the speech contest starts at 515.

The Board meeting will also be at the church at 345pm

Laura was the detective- she asked  financial questions and managed to stump most of us about everything and so earned many fines.
Next time Ken is detective he will follow suit and cross-examine members regarding obscure points of law, starting with the Magna Carta.

Dr. Art said it would be OK to resume meeting in person as long as we continue to wear masks and observe other covid protocols.