Our meeting on March 31 had 30 in-person attendees and a few more on zoom. 
Constantin was there and we also welcomed back Anders from Sweden

Al and Sam rocked the Welcome song and 4 way test- Al brought a keyboard which sounded great.   Unnamed sources report that someone in our club asked someone at Seascape that the piano not be brought in?  if anyone knows about this please contact Pres. Ken.

The lyrics to the 4 way test are being shown on the screen and the chorus remains a bit uncertain.  The consensus is that we will sing the letters I-N-T-L. 

Dr Art gave another timely thought for the day: people who complain about the high cost of gasoline should look at the Seascape parking lot (overflowing-there was a convention.)

Julie was the detective and the topic was the Oscars.  Slapping instead of fines was determined to violate the 4 way test. 
The questions avoided the mundane and predicatables like Best Actor, Best Picture, Most Supplicant to Hollywood.
A few more memorables- Walt Disney won the most Oscars; John Williams has been nominated for 52 and won 5; Cinderella won the award for best picture before the "Best Animated" category was created; and the award for Best Juvenile Performance did not depend on gender. 
 One trend to Julie's questions- the answers to true/false's were almost all false- something to bear in mind for her next stint.

Dagmar gave the final push for the Beach Cleanup at Rio Del Mar which again was well-attended.  The volunteers wore Rotary capes and apparently got to choose their own super-power while serving the common good.

Our guest speaker was Aisha Chavres who spoke about Ramadan. Her presentation and slide show were very informative and educational.  Aisha is very involved in local charities and services and, like her friend Anissa, is engaging and fun.  She confessed a big affinity for caffeine, which is related to one of Annisa's liquid affinities....

Ramadan is Islam's holy month.  Islam uses the lunar calendar, which is 28-29 days and Ramadan starts at the first sighting of the moon on the first day, which makes the start a bit variable.
The focus of Ramadan is on reflection on one's life and faith, family, charity, and the Qaran.
Appropriate greetings are "Ramadan Kareem," "Ramadan Mubarak" or if one can't remember those words, "Happy Ramadan."
Muslims fast from sunrise to sunset (actually first light to sunset) during the month, and yes, they don't drink water either, which explains t-shirts you might see reading "Yes, Water too."
That long period of no food also explains commercials in Muslim countries showing people alternately staring at the doors of KFC and the horizon as the sun sets.
Allowances are made for Muslims living far North or South- they can choose an appropriate site within the time zone, and exceptions are made for breast feeding, illness and medicine. People are expected to work though a reduced workday is common.

Dr. Art mentioned that when he was in Bangladesh, Muslims were spitting during Ramadan because they viewed swallowing saliva as impermissible.  Aisha commented that there were many examples of rules or behaviors that were "extreme" and culturally-based, not required by the Quran.
Next Thursday's guest is Jack Brown, representing YES to Greenway. Looking forward to hearing this side.

See everyone on April 7!