Our second May meeting was at dinner at the Fairfield by Marriott in Capitola.
We had about 25 attendees in person and 3 on zoom. The catered food got good reviews. Several people remembered to bring wine and we could use
more next time.

We have tentatively admitted 3 new members, including Claire McAdams’ husband Rich, or as he is formally known, the Honorable Justice Richard McAdams. He was the youngest Superior Court Judge in California and served in Santa Cruz County for 30 years before being appointed to the court of appeals.

Our club now has 3 lawyers, a judge, and the son of one of the most prominent lawyers in the Bay Area. An unfortunate demographic?
The jury is still out (sorry).
Fortunately our 2 other new members are not in the legal profession.    Jack Hunt is an ‘almost retired’ mechanical engineer.   Lisa Harvey-Duren, wife of member Paul Duren, is a patient advocate and advisor for pharmaceutical companies.

Kendra ran the meeting with her usual exuberance.
Sam and Al were absent and the welcome song appeared lost until Kelly lead an impromptu a cappella version, and his signature baritone. Kelly had a lot of energy in this meeting, much like he had behind the bar at the Derby party.

The Inaugural Derby party raised over $5000.   We had more than 50 attendees.  It was a bit disappointing that only 13 of them were members.  Everyone had a great time, good venue, pleasant, and as always, it was for a good cause.  We hope to have much better club turnout next year.

Eric picked the winning horse, rumors that he can retire on that are unconfirmed.

The winner of the ladies hat contest was Michele‘s neighbor. And it cost $3000. Just saying

Co president in waiting Lowry discussed the survey that will be going to the members regarding meetings.

Kendra reminded everyone of Saturday’s car seat drive

In Dr. Art's absence Craig has a thought for the day : we should make our passwords “incorrect“. Makes great sense

Deposed president, Ken was the detective. There were a number of questions about Rotary History and unrelated historical events that occurred on May 11.

Kelly correctly answered: what actor starred in Casablanca, the big sleep , and the Maltese falcon? Humphrey Bogart

He also correctly answered: who married Lauren Bacall, won an Oscar for the African Queen, and died in 1957?
Also, Humphrey Bogart
The problem is that the question posed was: who was the first Rotarian to walk on the moon? Twice because it seemed he didn’t hear it the first time.

Our guest speaker was Sophia Shwierzke of  Central Coast Community Energy.
She gave a PowerPoint on her company that purchases alternative energy from various sources in California and Arizona and sells it to PG&E customers for less than PG&E charges.
Their rates are about 18% less for residential customers

Rick asked why California energy prices were so much higher than other states. She did not know. Per the state of Nebraska, which has the cheapest energy in the country, California energy costs are more expensive than every state except Hawaii, Washington, about 80% above the national average.

Rick also asked if the high prices were because California is a one-party state.
Your author has been a California attorney for 35 years and has not seen the law limiting us to one party.  Is that per year, per household? Does it apply to nonprofit corporations?
Without admitting anything, your author might be a serial offender – we have birthday parties, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, parties, football parties, pool parties and I’d better stop there.  I will ask the rest of the clubs legal brain-trust to make sure we are not running a-foul of the one party rule.

Laura pointed out to our guest speaker that actually some of the power sources on the map on her PowerPoint were in Arizona, and Nevada, not California. That type of tactful, cross examination, might warrant admission into the legal brain-trust.

The debunking of Kendra and Laura will be July 25  at the Watsonville yacht club, otherwise known as Michele Bassi’s residence. Start time will be 5–5 thirtyish. More details to follow.