We were back at Seascape with a nearly full house!
Without Sam or Al we forwent (?) the opening songs, though there is a groundswell for Kelly to a capella at least one of them.  He may be the only member who knows  the lyrics to the 4 Way Test song and he can stay in key without an instrument. 
There was no joke of the day.  President Ken suggests that folks come prepared with one in case Sam can’t make it and/or his Joke App isn’t working.  Dagmar?  We know you have a comic genre already.
Sue announced that the Santa Cruz Symphony Home Tour will be virtual this year, with catalogs available at the Jade Street. For more info see Home Tour
Kendra showed photos of our club's entry in the Holiday Lights, and reminded us that tickets need to be purchased in advance (holiday lights tickets.)    She recommends the walking option (because it facilitates the drinking option?)
Please send in your donations to the district's wheelchair drive by December 15 - make checks payable to the Capitola Aptos Rotary Foundation.
We are missing many Rotary  badges, please bring them to the next meeting.  A good way to remember to bring them is to put them on before you come to the meeting. 
The missing Rotary and 4 way test banners may have been located with Al.   But Al seems to be missing.  Information on the whereabouts of either/both/all is appreciated.
Just in time for Thanksgiving, fun facts from our detective Sue
  • First Thanksgiving was 1621 in Plymouth Mass.   Corn was served, courtesy of Squanto who taught the Pilgrims how to plant it
  • Thanksgiving highlights include, family, starting the holiday season, dessert, and leftovers
  • 53.4 million are forecasted to travel for the holiday;  AAA recommends they pack "patience"
  • Busiest profession the day after Thanksgiving:   Plumbers
  • Americans will cook 704 million pounds of turkey for the holiday
  • Lincoln was the first president to declare Thanksgiving Day;  FDR set it as the 4th Thursday in November.   Now every President pardons a Turkey to mark the holiday.
  • Jingle bells was actually a Thanksgiving song to start with
Our speaker was Jenni Veitch-Olson from Mar Monte Planned Parenthood.  She spoke on many topics including the origins, development and functions of Planned Parenthood. Mar Monte is the largest Planned Parenthood chapter in the nation.  While there has been much attention focused on the challenges to Roe v. Wade, abortion assistance is only about 3% of Planned Parenthood’s activities.  In the question and answer-period after her presentation it was brought up that Planned Parenthood provides abortion services that are not offered by local hospitals.
Planned Parenthood is holding a Roe v. Wade fundraiser for $25 on January 21, 2022.  Anissa said donations can be made on the Santa Cruz “give” website. https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-mar-monte
Enjoy the holiday, hope to see you December 2 at Seascape.  Seascape sent a reminder that the County is requiring masks for all indoor gatherings except when eating- so we will all need masks to get in but can remove them when eating.