This week zoom got us together after playing hide and seek with many of us before getting logged in, we had the participation of; Ken Gorman, David Andrews, Win Fernald, Kendra Cleary, Arthur Dover, Laura Grinder, Trish Glassey, Anissa Novak, Craig Bagley, Nelson Crandall, Kelly Nesheim, Dagmar Leguillon,  Graham Stokes, Jeff Ursino, Rich Hamlin, Bill Witmer and Mardi Padilla.
Rich started us with his taxi service adventure for Pam and Karen that included missing his exit as well as enjoying the view around San Mateo
Congratulations to Ken and his family welcoming a new son in law! Lots of happiness to the newlyweds!
Jeff he has been very busy, we sure missed him but he is happy to be back with us! Welcome back Jeff!
Ryder Spires, invited by Mardi Padilla. Ryder enjoyed the meeting and has fun memories when participated at the last beach clean up of our Club at Rio del Mar
Mask mandates were lifted, should we consider going back in person? we asked Dr Art who mentioned it is possible as long as we are cautious, although anyone with symptoms should stay home.
Also our president Ken Gorman will be looking into a test lunch at Michael’s meanwhile Kendra will be emailing a google form looking for your answer to attend a meeting in person, let’s RSVP and not lose our spot!
Dr Art announced providing regular and senior (Flu Block) vaccines, this Saturday, at Redwood Village patio (across from #6 and Palm Deli),
11 am to 1 pm
No appointment necessary.
We had two thoughts for the day from Dr Art whom curiously asked Kelly..while wearing a mask in front of the computer.. did you ever had a computer virus?😂
Main Thought of the day by Dr Art:
Even on the most exalted throne in the world, we are only sitting on our own bottom.
Trish was the detective of the day...there comes the fines!
  1. Driving an unlicensed airport taxi service? ..Did I hear Nolo contendere? Ken Gorman
  2. Which Rotarian of our Club was on the News? (Matt Wetstein) +Happy Belated birthday= Doble fined Kendra 
  3. New Santa Cruz County Regulations? Laura Knew, way to go!
  4. Are vaccinated people required to wear mask indoors? Win Fernald
  5. What did the 85 Inmates had in common at Monterey county jail? They all had Covid and similar addictions, Dr Art 
  6.  Today is the National Day of? Golf lovers Day, Kelly 
  7.  Also this day is National Day of? Vodka Day! Dave Andrews 
  8. Last but not least it was National Child Health Day! Jeff Ursino was close!


Anissa Novak introduced our speaker:
 Alexandra Van Zanes Manager of Philanthropy- Major Gifts & Grants, Dominican Hospital Foundation
Alexandra grew up in the Santa Mountains and resides in Scotts Valley. She has a strong passion for her community. Previously, she attended Cabrillo College where she achieved her Associates Degree in Business Administration and graduated with High Honors. Following her Associates, she received her Bachelors in Business Management of Economics with Dean’s Honors from the University of California Santa Cruz. After graduating, Alexandra worked in a variety of career fields, starting in the healthcare sector and transitioning into non-profit work at Pajaro Valley Unified School District in Purchasing and Payroll.
She has worked at Dominican Hospital Foundation for over 5 years and her primary focus is major giving and grants. She leads the Annual Giving Program including: Employee Giving Campaign, Women of Wellness Council, and Gala. When not working, she enjoys traveling, hiking, gardening, and spending time with her husband and two sons.
Alexandra, thank you for joining us and for supporting our community!