Announcements and Reminders
Kyle Sharp, a financial advisor with Edward Jones, was inducted into the club today.
Michele reported that the net proceeds from our annual fundraiser were about $13,000 and were expected to be in the $15,000 range in the final accounting.
The Rotoract Club of Santa Cruz County reported on its activities.   They said 82 students have visited the club with 30 plus active members.  In the past year they volunteered almost 1000 service hours doing many things including beach clean-up  and Watsonville Wetlands.  Child Aid was their international project and their  local project was Jacobs Heart.  Interact with Rotoract Day was their major event.  Fun events included a day at Big Basin, karaoke and Christmas together off campus.  Their mentorship program is new and they passed out fliers about an event : Professional Development Workshop interview skills and dining etiquette on Friday May 27th 5:30-8:00 PM.
Keith announced that Neal McCallum’s funeral will be May 20th at Seymour Marine Memorial Center. Donations should go to his foundation at Ohlone College. 
Keith also announced a Hawaiian party Sunday June 26th at his house at 4 PM.
Sandra presented the club a plaque as thanks for the scoreboard we donated to New Brighton Middle School.
Pam Goodman introduced our speaker for the day,  Karina Pushnik ,
senior planner at Regional Transportation Commission  (RTC)
who spoke to us about the
2016 Transportation Improvement Plan.
Karina Pushnik , senior planner at Regional Transportation Commission  (RTC) spoke to us about the 2016 Transportation Improvement Plan. She spoke about transportation needs in Santa Cruz County and what we’re going to do about it.  She said the need greatly exceeds the supply of funds;  6 billion is  needed, revenue anticipated is about 3 billion,  assuming that we will be able to pass a sales tax measure.
MsPushnik  said the Regional Transportation Commission  (RTC) defines sustainability as a  balance between social equity,  community health and environmental and economic health. She discussed community value and quality of life, including getting around. Healthy safe dependable transportation is necessary for this. Maintaining our existing infrastructure is important also as is the ability to meet diverse needs .. age, area you live, etc.
The Regional Transportation Commission  (RTC) determined a priority set of projects.  Best ‘nexus of use’ is the sale tax to raise funds. The proposed half cent sales tax would bring in $450 million over the next 30 years.  It needs to pass by 2/3 majority. Polling indicates individual items will not pass so this plan includes a package. Funds can be used as matching money and the RTC can bond against it.
Five categories will be included in the proposed package.  (1) Neighborhood projects 30%. (2) Active transportation eg biking which includes  two overcrossings over Highway 1 and funding for coastal rail trail.  (3) Funding for Underserved communities,  eg South County and Paracruz services and looking at options for future transportation. (5) Easing congestion. 25% of the funding is for three new auxiliary lanes on highway one corridor.  (6) Safety projects. This includes a freeway service patrol and 511 and wildlife corridor. Final plan will be adopted in June.
There were many questions including the rail corridor in Aptos, (no money in this measure for rail transit), property taxes, Hghwy 17 access and time frame.