Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Jan 11, 2018
Announcements and Reminders
Next Thursday the 18th is the Foundation Board Meeting at 11:00.
Michelle announced that Friday April 13th will be the date for roasting Bruce McPherson.  The first fundraising meeting is to determine whether we will focus on one non-profit or fund our ongoing community programs
Our club will be helping to paint and/or refinish benches and tables at the Santa Cruz Homeless Services Center in the upcoming year. Stay tuned for more details.
Rotarians of the week are the Pam and Bee for putting together our programs!
Rotary Warrior night will be March 2nd. Find it on the internet by putting in Rotary Warriors Santa Cruz for tickets.
The speech (the club only) contest will be February 15th. Sign up to help with judging, scoring or greeting.
Wednesday Feb 21st will be the Business showcase in Aptos. The event is held here at Aptos Seascape from 4-7. Doug has a volunteer sign-up sheet to help promote Rotary that night.
CASA Friends luncheon will be February 7th. 
RYLA applications will go out later this month. Get them from Sandra if you know of students who are eligible (freshman, sophomores or juniors in high school).
Paul Harris plus foundation pin went to Brenda Mee today.
Our speaker today was Gail Pellerin, pictured above with Bee Peters. She is Santa Cruz County Registrar of Voters. She manages all the elections conducted in the county and does civil marriages and voter registration as well as many other responsibilities. She covered a number of new laws concerning voting as well as what is upcoming in the two 2018 elections.


There are 154,000 plus registered voters in SC county and 87,000 are voters by mail. This year 5 counties will allow people to go to any established ‘vote center’. Santa Cruz County is not one but this will happen eventually here. Our primaries will be in March beginning 2020.

She spoke about the ‘adopt a poll’ program to raise money for one’s organization (which would be good for us at Rotary!) They need a ton of people for pollworkers especially people who speak Spanish! She spoke about the political parties and how you no longer have to resister by party, except for presidential elections when you only get your own party’s ballot.

California now has same day registration. You can go to a designated location and register the actual day you vote. They get a conditional provisional ballot.  Also 16 and 17 year olds can pre-register to vote. This can be done on line.

April 1st all the DMV’s in the state will be doing automated registration (motor voter). There will be a new voter information guide this year also. She also spoke about the touchscreen method for people with disabilities and drive-up ballot drop boxes for paper ballots, usually in front of government buildings.

Go to for more information, to track your own ballot and watch election results on line!