Today a great presentation from the local Second Harvest Food bank. 1$ can feed 1 meal to four people. 2nd harvest is supporting 128 food programs locally, including NP's and educational food sources. They are trying to educate students on healthy  eating and to avoid cheap empty fatty carbs.. and this approach is responsible for healthier more attentive and successful students. They are also advocating nutritional training for new residents whose nutritional heritage may include many cheap but nutritionally empty carbohydrates from corn syrups, GMO's and Soy sources faking as necessary nutrition. Great work Willy. We at CAP support Your local years of worthy public service and are proud to have recently conducted an emergency collection and donation to the victims of Sandy in New Jersey, at the Monmouth and Ocean foodbank, your sister foodbank, that reports having served 3300 hot meals to the disaster survivors with our rotary Contributions. Thanks Willy and We WILL Collect here locally also for KATE!

 Nobody Present won the Drawing so it rolls over..