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Our speaker will be our 2023/24 Piatt fellow Jasen Jacobsen- a UCSC graduate student and recipient of our annual Piatt scholarship.   Here's his description of his work:

My experience as a marine scientist is built upon studying coastal processes, simulating internal and island trapped waves with numerical models, and data analysis. My interest in oceanography began with an research project where I used statistical modeling to predict near-shore low pH, oxygen events based on local wind stress. I have worked as a Marine Technician in the lab and at sea, and have experience working with large oceanographic datasets. In my PhD at UCSC I build idealized numerical models with the Regional Ocean Modeling System (ROMS) to simulate physical - biological interactions to quantify processes that control the baseline of marine ecosystems. For data science tasks I primarily work in Python and FORTRAN. GitHub: JJacobsen831