Posted by Pamela Arnsberger on Oct 06, 2019
Congratulations to Pam Goodman and Matt Wetstein who won Aptos Chamber of Commerce woman and man of the year. The dinner to honor them will be Oct 25th. Tickets will be $85 or $105 for the Rotary Table. See Doug or Michele or their website to sign up.
Starting in October, on the first Monday of every month from 5:30 to 7:00 we will have social gatherings here. It is a chance to introduce new friends and prospective members to our club!
The second badge Tuesday for new red badgers will be held on second Tuesday of every month. 5:30 to 7:00.
The second harvest barrel warp  will be held at Second Harvest in Watsonville on Saturday Oct 12th in the morning.
Our community grant award day will be December 5th. All are welcome to help us celebrate the many good things being done in our community.
Art will have senior flu shots at the end of the month. He also spoke about the Indian polio campaign at taj mahal the third thru the fifth of January. See him for more information.
          Danny Wright is a local Santa Cruz person who decided a few years ago to address the problem of millions of people who lack clean drinking water. He spoke to us today about his new organization Gravity Water.
          He began by saying 25% of the people around the world are still drinking unsafe water. Water quality and water scarcity are the two big problems leading to 140,000 deaths per year. it is one of top 5 reasons children die primarily from diarrhea.  Water scarcity is usually an economic rather than geographic issue. Inadequate waste management adds to this problem. He showed us an example of cities where water is turned on only once a day (no pipe system) .
          Gravity water turns rainwater into drinking water energy free. No electricity is required, just a carbon filter. It has provided millions of people with clan water for the past 20 years. now they need replacement and fixing.
          The system is self sustaining and is very cost effective. Over 1500 liters of drinking water can be provided per day at about ΒΌ of the cost of a well. All the rain water is kept above ground for safety and ease of filtration. Most projects are managed by school systems and It costs about 6$ every 3 months to replace the filters.
They emphasize local ownership, local resources and local skill sets.  This means problems can be addressed and solved locally.
Since launching in 2016 Gravity Water has provided over 12,000 children with safe drinking water.