Two and one half days of Blues and Rock and Roll By the STARS!.. Sometimes Music played so loud that earplugs were advisable , which rocked Aptos this weekend ( ask my Newly Half Deaf dog in Rio del Mar!) .. Thousands of Local and rocker Fans enjoyed/ Survived a panoply of  Woodstock like challenging clear blue skies, Rain,  chilling  wind and muggy afternoon sunshine to hear some of the Best  Jimmy Hendrix  memorial music ever to be heard live on the central Kali Coast. Of course CAP Rotary helped oil the wheels of celebration by the presence of a majority of it's membership who  served our community again by volunteering to operate the Beverages concession. Good for Us, and Better for those many  local Non Profits we support, and good Service by us recognized by  the frequently expressed appreciation by the Locals: Good for the Music of the  Santa Cruz Community. Well played By the Musicians.. Well served by the Rotarians of Capitola Aptos. Be very proud All of your dedicated work and sacrifice this last weekend..

In Particular some individuals need to be recognized: Sue Yost who headed up and organized this enormous project  successfully once again, Pam Goodman who once again brought multiple volunteers to help out and  Karen Semingsen, who provided several  wonderful members of her staff (who also Volunteer on the Jacob's Heart Board)..

As is Rotary tradition : Thanks  for your Service  unequivocally to ALL who participated. Thank you. " SERVICE ABOVE SELF".

Blues Festivasl11