Dear Club Members:
Our January 27 zoom meeting was comparatively well attended.  Thanks to Al for his efforts on/as the Sunshine committee.  Nice to see Dr. Art and Keith on zoom.  We could use a few more folks reaching out to some of our zoom-hindered members and offering assistance.
Candace Sy. Laura brought a guest, Candace Sy, who we hope will consider joining our club.
Symphony Event. Kate announced that the Santa Cruz Symphony will be holding an event on Feb. 11 at Margaritaville, tickets are $35 for symphony members, $40 for non-members.  A nice chance to get a preview in a small venue.
Cocktail Fundraiser. Pres. Ken asked for a show of hands of folks who would like to attend a virtual cocktail-mixing lesson and fundraiser and a few folks seemed interested.  The idea is that a box of ingredients- at this gestational stage thought to be a pint of vodka, a pint of rum, a few splits of champagne or prosecco and a few juices- would be purchased in advance for pickup/delivery.  For the price of that and an exorbitant donation for a charity to be determined, Pres Ken would then show how to make 4-5 cocktails, that only require a shaker and a bonus one that requires a blender. Keith volunteered his house/back yard which of course is  much better logistically.  The downside is that folks should not be drinking 4-5 cocktails in an hour then driving.  No, this is not a marketing ploy for Ken’s DUI services.  Please contact Ken if you are interested.
Pickle Ball Tourney. Also, spearheaded by Laura and Lowry, we are looking at a fundraising pickle ball tournament.  We are looking for locations that would give us a discount or be free.  Anyone interested in the tournament of pickle ball lessons contact Laura.
District Fundraiser for Afghans. The district is organizing fundraising for Afghan refugees.  We are waiting for more details. 
Dagmar the Detective. Dagmar was the detective.  Her theme was history, including a few questions about retiring SCOTUS Justice Breyer.  Though perhaps  not as entertaining as her debut as detective, very well done.
Guest Speaker Joy Flynn. Our guest speaker was Joy Flynn Wall.  Joy is a local woman with a remarkable commitment to activism and charities.  Some of her work: she led the first peaceful response in the County to the George Floyd murder, she is an advisor to the County Criminal Justice Council, a member of the County’s Commission on AntiRacism, Equity and Social Justice Circle, she is a friend of Walnut Ave. Family and Women’s Center and the regional Jefferson Award winner.  She also has a great connection to Rotary- she worked in the events planning office at Seascape golf club house  (office on the left just before the front doors) and knew several of our members.
Joy spoke of her childhood-raised in Corralitos and her military family, which imbued in her a profound commitment to community service.  Her father, a US Army major, was also a Rotarian. She related her ideals to Rotary’s like this: “service is what we were put here to do.”  Joy also spoke about her challenges as a domestic abuse survivor and experience with food insecurity as a young mother here in Santa Cruz County.  She observed that people can’t dream of success if they are worrying where there next meal is.  She spoke of the ongoing disparity between income between white people and people of color and her work to eliminate bias in access to fundamental services such as health care.  
Joy’s presentation was succinct and moving, and received with great appreciation by members.   There was a consensus if not unanimous opinion that Joy should be a club member.  Michele led that but also commented that she knows Joy might be too busy.  If Michele Bassi says someone else is too busy, take that seriously.
Zoom For Now. We will continue to meet on Zoom until medical advice and county regulations allow us to meet in person again.
See everyone this Thursday!