We had our second in-awhile in-person meeting at Seascape on March 24.
Kudos to President elect Kendra for filling in for President in-trial prep purgatory Ken.
We had 2 visiting Rotarians:
Debbie Kline from Sunnyvale Rotary promoted their golf tournament fundraiser which benefits a bunch of worthy programs. (see attached for details).  There was a certain irony because some of our golf-addict members have been getting their 18 hole fix instead of attending our meetings.  Debbie said that they are looking to get sponsors for holes to honor Rotarians who have passed away.  (No, they are not burying people on the golf course).
Cynthia from Los Altos Club was promoting the Big Brothers Big Sisters Santa Cruz County Bowl A Thon April 23-24 (see attached).  Stan Abrams is an admitted bowler- anyone else?  
We had 2 guests.
Jeff Ursino, a former member of our club who moved to a Monterey club brought Raul Palicio. He is the new Manager for Mechanics Bank in Capitola.
Our adopted son Constantine was with us and shared that we are his favorite club to visit… bet he says that to all the clubs. 😊
Sam’s thought for the day…..knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit…wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad. Genius!!
Membership Monday is coming back…no details yet….but keep on the lookout for an email.  Suggestions for itinerary and location must involve humor and alcohol.
It was Mardi’s birthday….we did a terrible job of singing to her. 
Uno De Mayo at Keiths!!!!! May 1st at 4:00….please bring a dish to share. Please RSVP to Keith on his home phone….yes, people still have those…
831-662-0520. If he doesn’t answer….please let a message with name and number of people joining.
Beach Cleanup at Rio del Mar this Saturday morning April 2. !!!  Dagmar has sent an email- please register and attend-great fun and a great purpose.
Nelson was detective…lots of history related facts that we all failed at…. 😊
Our Speaker was Matt Ferrel from No Way Greenway. 
(( To balance, we are having a rep from Yes on Greenway in the next few weeks. ))
Here are a few of Matt's points:
  • Less expensive homes in south county and jobs in north county has caused the pile up on Highway 1. The poorest members of our community are the ones that are effected the most.
  • Greenhouse gas emissions and other environmental factors effect our climate
  • Solution – Santa Cruz branch line.
  • Corridor runs 23 miles long and half the population lives within a mile of the rail line
  • 60% of the trails are already under way.
  • Voters already approved this by a 67% vote in 2016
  • Railbanking will remove the tracks with no chance of getting them back
  • The people that are “pro” Measure D want you to think this is a “pro” environment but it is not…easing up the traffic on Highway 1 is “pro” environment
  • His message – Please vote NO on Measure D
  • Measure D will be on the ballot on June 17th. It is to establish trail only corridor from tressels to Lee Road in Watsonville
  • Plan was always to build trail first because we had the funding for it. The rail would come later
  • Doug asked about where the stations would be…where does he park and how does he get somewhere in downtown SC….answer was…walk or bus. Stations in mid county have not all been identified yet
  • Julie asked…Santa Clara is considering stopping their rail service due to lower ridership…how would we handle this. Answer was…this is due to the pandemic and he didn’t know what San Jose was going to do…he assumes federal money.
  • It was mentioned that BART system is losing money even prior to COVID…people don’t like to get on buses…has there been a study of how many people will use our rail line? Matt said BART is successful and gave a story about Boardwalk employees regarding survey.
  • Kelly – no room on corridor for parking lots….why not have a light rail along Highway 1? – Voters voted that down years ago.
  • Kendra confirmed – No on D – nothing happens. Yes on D – big bike path only
  • Graham – how much is it going to cost – if you have to ask…you can’t afford it. 😊 kidding….Matt said…money will come from state and fed through regional transportation. Cost is about a billion over 20 years. It would come from a sales tax. A ride would be $6 each way.
  • Laura – if rail gets ripped out it is over…no chance ever of a train.
Raffle winner was Rich…but he left early….so sad… 😊
See everyone at Seascape!