Hub Cub Notes. Courtesy of Matthew Wetstein
Just before the start of the meeting, Kendra said there were rumors that the Club will have a Holiday Display at the Fairgrounds again this year – but the rumors are not true that Matt Wetstein will be there every night in a Santa suit yelling “Ho Ho Ho – go to Cabrillo!”
Michelle Bassi says her new job at First Capital is good. She said she was anxious to get to work after meeting all the staff. She was clearly not attending the zoom meeting from the office, based on the screenshot that features wine glasses behind her. Next to the Garden Deli…a lunch joint that even served Al DeCamara in the ‘90s.
Speaking of Al, he reported that his son Matthew and a few others at SFSU will be at Chase Center for a concert as backup singers for Joel Walsh and the Eagles on October 20.
Dave Andrews showcased a beautiful sunrise photo from Yosemite
Laura reported on the board meeting and timing of the meeting. Speaker of the day – was told that we’d start at 12 noon. Visit until 12:15, Club business and announcements until 12:30, then have the guest speaker.
Art Dover led the Pledge.
Michelle – announced that Holiday Lights will be bigger and better and longer. $100 for a 10x10 booth. We’d like to do it, but we need decorative elves and new items for the display. Theme will be Santa, sleighs, and X-mas trees. Friday Nov. 12 to Monday Nov. 15 set up dates. Anissa – volunteered to be the head decorator.
Michelle – second announcement – Meals on Wheels is looking for a new location. In negotiations for the old Aldo’s on Branciforte. The building has a bunch of restaurant equipment. Big Hibachi Tables are an example. The equipment can be purchased and used by anyone if they’ll haul it away.
Anissa reported that the Walnut Avenue Family and Women’s Center online auction – closes Sunday at noon.
Art reported that Maintenance staff at County Parks needs someone to water new plantings at Hidden Beach. Folks suggested that Doug Deaver would be a good choice.
Kendra – results of survey for face to face meetings. Next week still be on zoom, but on October 28, we will be back at Seascape Golf Course. That day will be the District Governor’s visit.
Win – Grant awards will be after the first of the calendar year instead of November. Win will let applicants know. We will reconvene for consideration in January and make awards in March.
Bill Wittmer – announced that the Rotary Foundation campaign. The contributions can be sent to Bill in care of the Rotary Foundation.
from Art Dover – What is more surreal than a nose?
Sue was the Detective for the day…the theme was history. It included facts and trivia around presidents, and other prominent politicians and artists. Art – nailed Thelonious Monk as a pianist, Nelson knew when bar codes got introduced in grocery stores.
Anissa introduced Tracy McKenna and Colin Clark, of Ecology Action. Colin gave a quick presentation to the The organization was founded in 1970 as a student run recycling center in Santa Cruz. In 2002 they started doing energy efficiency work for local governments. The firm is based in downtown Santa Cruz sharing the old Sentinel building with Cruzio. Community Programs focuses on sustainable transportation programs and electrification of the transportation sector. Ratio Institute focuses on sustainable practices in the food retail sector.  TAPER focuses on energy efficiency work to help cut emissions in businesses, replacing lights, refrigeration, HVAC systems and pairing customers up with energy efficiency rebates.
The session closed with Q&A with Colin. An interesting fact – if Eco Action takes you out to lunch, the firm will not buy red meat.
Colin Clark of Ecology Action
Some of the Rotary Zoomers of 10/14/21