Courtesy of  Lowry Fenton, cub reporter of this week!
The big news:
In person starts again next Thursday at Seascape.   Kendra reported 30 people plan to attend – see below for how to RSVP20 participants
Dress yoga pants are not an oxymoron – see Michele or Kendra for details.
Ken reported avoiding accidents both to and from his trip to Danville.   Unclear whether he bought a lottery ticket later that day to ride his good luck.
Some teasing and compliments about Lowry’s* golf game (*your first time cub reporter).
Kendra announced that RSVP's for next Thursday 28 October in person meetings should go to her via email;   for November we'll go back to the google form.   Remember that you can edit the google form;   input TBD for your unsure dates, and then update the form later as you know more about your schedule
Michele said that we will be setting up the Holiday lights booth November 13 – she will send an email soon with details.   If you can help that day, please let team leader Anissa know;  also donations or loans of outdoor holiday décor are welcome to make this year’s booth even bigger and brighter.
Just in time for Halloween – costume ideas
Pam was the detective - best costume was the topic:
- Pam: a shower - with hulu hoop, scrub brush and shower curtain.   Pam got some attention at the bar that evening
- Michele adorned her sweats with cereal boxes with knives - 'serial killer'.
--- (Pam suggested replacing with blue dyed tampons – ‘Picasso’s Blue Period’;)
- Rich – His mom made a spiderman costume that fell apart, but he kept trick or treating
- Becky – and husband dressed like octogenarians, and got respectful service at the liquor store.
- Win - dressed his 8 month up like a lobster, and his son carried her in a lobster bucket
- Nelson - went to a law firm costume party with long hair wig, a pot and a lid.   ‘Want grass – I can sell you a lid?’
- Kendra - martini, (see photo if Mardi can pull that from the deck)
- Laura  pumpkin patch
- Kelly wore Norwegian* lederhosen  (*with a fjord logo?).
- Trish  RBG with black gown that served as judge robes.
Jocelyn Curran spoke on the Downtown Streets Team (‘DST’)
Picking up debris and syringes - police chief complemented the team's cleaning
“Homelessness is an experience, not an identity.”
DST organizes teams of unhoused and at risk people to clean Santa Cruz neighborhoods.   30 people work Monday through Friday 8 to 12, in return for non-cash gift cards for food, storage, transport, communication, housing.   They’ve picked up over 3900 syringes this year in Santa Cruz.
 J.M. Brown, advisory board member and Bruce McPherson staff member added comments after Jocelyn’s talk, strongly supporting their work.   DST’s weekly full team meetings are very inspirational.