Our September 29 lunch at Seascape was attended by 23 folks in person and Jimmy Kutch and Sue Lawson on zoom.
Anders was in attendance- great to see him, Konstantin was also with us again
Lori Teller brought Dave, Sam brought his lovely wife, Dagmar's mom graced us with her presence.

Co-President Kendra led the proceedings and festivities.

Sam led us in the Welcome Song with a rousing guitar variation and the 4 way Test song, augmented by Kelly's chorus from Running Bear.

Sam also told a short joke that was both misogynistic and accurate. 

Kendra reported that the Chamber Showcase  was a great success- we had a booth at the 10th hole and great participation.  Kudos to Doug Deaver for all the work he put into it. 
Lori Teller advised that the area-wide Rotaract event in San Jose on Oct. 9 needs volunteers for shifts between 8 am and 4 pm.  See Lori for details and to sign up.

Deposed ex-President Ken is leading a hike through Nisene Marks forest on October 9.  The hike will start at ten from Ken's house.  There is plenty of parking in the neighborhood.  The hike will either be 2 miles of relatively easy trails or 3.5 mails which includes a little more challenging trails.  The length will be determined at this Thursday's meeting by vote of participants.  After the hike there will be re-hydration at Ken's house.  Some beverages will be provided but participants are welcome to bring their own.  Donations to Rotary will also be encouraged.  Rotarians and guests are welcome.  The Vienna Woods neighborhood is having its vehicle parade at 1pm- classic cars and kids cars will drive around the neighborhood.

On October 22 there will be a Rotary-sponsored re- enactment of preservation of redwoods at Henry Cowell park starting at 11 am. Lunch is available for $20
There is also a fundraising 5k run/walk at Harbor High starting at 9am.   Monarch is one of the beneficiaries of the raised funds.

Dagmar described the club's efforts and haul of trash at the beach cleanup: 15 humans and several dogs picked up about 6 lbs of trash and 4 lbs of recyclables and, disappointingly, several covid masks.  Thanks to all who showed up and contributed.  The assertion that ex-prez Ken simply picked up the recyclables he had partied with the night before is not supported by any witnesses.

Michele hosted a celebration/happy hour in Keith's memory at her lovely house overlooking Kelly Lake.  About 25 folks attended.  The weather and locale were perfect.  In addition to fabulous company and the beautiful grounds and view, guests enjoyed reminisces about Keith, cocktails, wine and beer-and of course a Corona toast led by Michele in his honor.  Keith was clearly there enjoying it all in spirit.
Mardi was the detective.  She gave a very informative discussion on social media security.  She warned of the importance of having anti virus software on your electronic devices.  She summarized the ways in which Facebook/Meta creates and uses algorithms to learn about its customers and sells that information advertisers.  Mardi also explained that friending people can exponentially spread your personal information.  She emphasized  how important it is to get and keep protection against your personal information being shared without your approval.  Mardi is available for information and advice on how to do that.

Mardi also warned about the myriad of scams that victimize the unwary online.

Laura asked if personal information could be obtained by others via the Rotary Facebook page.  Mardi said  business pages are more secure.

Mardi concluded by celebrating National Coffee day and showing the recipe for Licor 43 and espresso.

Dr. Art  was going to be the speaker but deferred because we ran out of time. 
He did recommend the use of Avast for online protection.

Nelson stepped up and ad libbed with an impromptu presentation about his spontaneous visit to the Penny Bar in the oil town of McKittrick.  The bar closed for good 2 days after he and his wife visited- correlation is not causation.
All surfaces in the bar are covered with pennies and there are dollar bills on ceiling.  A lawyer's feng shui. Many of the pennies are rare.  There are many funny signs on the walls, for example, "Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder."  Graham pointed out Rotary buttons on the walls.  A shame it is closing.
The raffle once again was unclaimed.

We will see everyone Thursday at Seascape!